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Has anyone watched Fathead movie on YouTube? What did you think?

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Default Has anyone watched Fathead movie on YouTube? What did you think?

Finished watching it. Interesting. I didn't know that McDonalds used to fry their fries in beef tallow and movie theaters pop popcorn in coconut oil. People complained and they switched to MUCH worse partially hydrogenated soy oil.

He has some great interviews and info. Whole wheat breads glycemic index is higher than sugar or soft drinks for instance. I highly recommend it for families and friends still scared of fat.

Where I do differ with the producer, a lot, is his government government government rant. Someone much wiser than me once said look at who builds the largest buildings to see who has the most power. First it was churches, than castles, than possibly government buildings. But it sure isn't now. Corporations build the largest buildings. So he just ignores when he is saying government, to me, he should really be saying corporations.

And that is a huge important distinction. In other video he says Sen. Udall wanted to do the grain heavy food pyramid. He was wrong. Udall did NOT want to. But agriculture and food industry pretty much forced him to. But all in all highly recommended.
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I honestly don't like his style but his message is okay. When he was sitting outside of the McDonald's saying that no one had forced him inside to eat I thought it was a pretty glib interpretation of what people are saying about fast food's addictive properties.

Corporations have labs all over the country developing products that people will want to consume again and again and again. I think it is important to stress personal responsibility but at the same time human beings are vulnerable to substances like salt and sugar.

I'm of the view that corporations have changed the American food landscape to a great degree in the past sixty years. Americans have farmed out most of the cooking that they used to do to factories. Instead of making a bit of meat, potatoes, and greens for dinner nowadays mom just dumps some frozen chicken nuggets on a tray for the oven and microwaves mac n' cheese.

People also eat out at restaurants much more often and the portion sizes at restaurants have skewed our understanding of portions at home. I have antique plates that my great grandmother owned- a dinner plate back in those days had about an 8 inch diameter. Nowadays plates are the size of platters that used to serve the whole family. People would fill their plate and if they were hungry for more they would opt for seconds. Now we let plate size, portion size, etc determine how much we eat.

I think it's disingenuous to pin the obesity epidemic on one thing. It's the result of a confluence of factors.

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Had similar reactions. Not a huge fan of his style or everything he is saying. But wow is it loaded with a lot of good information and good interviews nonetheless.
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