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Default What are your "go to" foods?

I've lost 23 pounds since February limiting carbs. I'm not super low carb, just shooting for around 100 g of carbs a day or so, and that seems to do the trick. I'm getting into a bit of a rut, so wanted to get some ideas from some other low carbers out there to see what your go to foods - for either meals or snacks - are so I can mix it up a bit.

Some of my staples over the last few months:
- mashed cauliflower with cream cheese and/or butter
- cottage cheese
- carrots and hummus (homemade or store-bought)
- nut butters right off the spoon
- raw almonds and sunflower seeds (I keep them in my desk drawer)
- cold lentil salad with lots of veggies
- beans with salsa and avocado
- omelette with whatever veggies are on hand
- egg salad either on its own or over greens
- greek yogurt with berries and flax seed, chia seed and cacao nibs
- apple slices and nut butter
- grilled or baked salmon
- canned tuna

A pretty good list, and tasty stuff, but I'd like to branch out. Ideas?
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Starting over sucks.
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salmon fillets
aged cheddar cheese sticks
portabello mushrooms (as replacements for buns)

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Hard boiled eggs
Egg scrambles
String cheese
Tortilla-less taco: ground beef or chorizo, lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream avocado
Cucumber salad: Sliced cucumbers and red onion with dressing (sour cream, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper)
buffalo chicken thighs: Chicken cooked in buffalo sauce with celery and ranch/blue cheese dressing on the side
Mashed cauliflower OR mashed turnips with butter/sour cream etc.

1. Drink 144 or more oz. of water per day (6 water bottles or more)
2. 20/20/80 carbs/protein/fat
3. Push-up challenge
4. Squat challenge
5. Run at least 3 times a week.

Goal: 133 by October 8
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for snacks:
cheese sticks
turkey bacon

for a quick mini pizza:
a low carb tortilla topped with a simple marinara sauce (no added sugar), mozerella cheese, and turkey peperoni (and sometimes onion, green peppers).

for an easy dessert:
ricotta cheese with splenda and either almond extract or natural peanut butter

I really want to do that cucumber salad!
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I love:

cheddar cheese
beef jerky
all nuts
apples - - I know not super low carb but I just love them!

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CouponDiva Extroardinaire
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Feta cheese
Chia pudding
Big train low carb vanilla frappuccino
Spinach dip with celery
Hummus with vegetables
Eta: I am also loving Liberty 5carb yogurt with a bit of vanilla and a drop of liquid Splenda

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This is my second time around, and from what I remember I always kept Beef Sausage (the kind you get on a party tray) in my locker at work, or in my car during the winter, for random cravings.
I love metRX protein bars, the carb conscious ones are full of hidden sugar, but the regular ones with advertised 1-2g sugar are acceptable.
Bacon wrapped chicken with homemade Alfredo and spaghetti squash.
Tuna, lots of tuna. can be made many different ways, and the ONLY fish I can stand.
I also made sugar free chocolate peanut butter pudding pie, with coconut crust, for the times I absolutely had to have something sweet.
Experiment! If you are any good at cooking, start throwing together different combinations and see which you like!
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I've been eating wheat-free low-carb since January and basically my diet is "normal" except I have almost entirely eliminated pasta/bread/rice/potatoes etc. and I calorie count to control my portions. It really makes my weekly food planning simple - whatever I want but not the carby stuff. And I've discovered some great substitutes for the things I've eliminated - mashed cauliflower, cauliflower "rice", z'oodles (zucchini noodles), etc.
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I like to mix foods a lot. I'll put fruit such as sliced apples or peaches or cucumbers mixed in to my cottage cheese. I eat a lot of soup (now that it's getting cold outside) and lettuce wraps.
If I'm feeling a little hungry I'll have a slice or two of turkey.
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*roasted salted almonds
*boiled eggs
*water with fresh lemon juice
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nut butters
pepperoni and cream cheese
pickled herring
hard cooked eggs
cottage cheese
cream (especially nice in diet A&W root beer)
~~ Synger ~~

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This thread is a good idea - one thing that helps me is focusing on the low-carb foods I really enjoy.

Staples of my diet :
- avocado
- salad w homemade blue cheese dressing (I love it on crunchy iceberg but I try to eat organic and organic iceberg is hard to find)
- eggs
- bacon
- raw grass-fed butter
- cream (grass fed small producer) - but I'm trying to moderate my consumption a bit it's very high calorie
- cream cheese - same, trying to cut back consumption
- cheese - I live in France and one of the great treats here is cheese! (Again, trying to limit consumption)
- steak

I'd like to revisit this thread with a list of the main dishes I make all the time - will try to remember to do that.
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Chia Seed pudding made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 2 tbsp frozen blueberries
Hard cheeses (Gruyere, Dubliner, Emmentaler)
Eggs, especially fritattas
Bel gioioso fresh mozzarella
raw almonds
green and black 85% dark chocolate
macadamia nuts

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My Favorites are Cottage Cheese with chive,uncooked broccolli,salad or cantaloupe
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