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Default How many carbs are you eating?

I'm just curious to see how many carbs people are consuming a day. And how long have you been low carbing.
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Originally Posted by jitterfish View Post
I'm just curious to see how many carbs people are consuming a day. And how long have you been low carbing.
I've been low carbing (Atkins) for a little over 8 years now. I keep my carbs on the low end, typically 30-40 a day. The bulk of my carbs come from veggies & salads. That being said, what works for some does not work for everyone...we are all different
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About 15-20% of my calories come from carbs. Usually between 90-120.

I have a very physical job and do intense exercise 6 days a week so I find that any lower and I feel rundown.

All of my carbs come from whole grains, veggies, beans, raw nuts/seeds, very little fruit (one serving/day), raw honey and the occasional frozen yogurt!

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I usually eat between 50-80 grams of carbs per day mostly at breakfast.
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I'm on induction level carbs so less then or equal to 20 grams.
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50-150g per day. Typically less than 40% each day. I'm not super strict anymore but it works for me.
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I typically stay below 60-70. Nearly all my carbs come from fruit/veg with the occasional small serving of quinoa or honey.
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I no longer count, but I eat the same foods I use to count meticulously (weighing on a food scale and entering in a nutritional software). My carbs stay under 10% of my calories, which is about 10-30 carbs a day without deducting for fibre.

What I do is try and balance the foods I know that are higher in carbs (sausages, tomatoes, onions, cheese, nuts, etc) with the ultra low/no carb like plain meats and fats. I sprinkle a few nuts in a meal rather than eat them as a snack. Same with fruit, I may only use 1/4 of an apple cooked with shredded cabbage, rather than eat a whole piece of fruit. I never get tired of finding new combinations of the same old foods. It can be amazing to discover that enhancing a a bowl curry with just 4 currants! I use carby foods as a condiment these day, rather than a meal.
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I try to stay under 100....Under 50 on a really good day.
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Interesting thread! I'm just now on induction so I'm only around 20. It's interesting to see how high people can go once they move into phase 2-4.
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I just started three months ago, but I try and stay under 20g a day
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60 is a good number for me.
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I'm trying under 60 a day. If I go under that I don't get enough variety from vegetables and not enough fiber. I also stay under 2,000 calories a day. Been using counting software. I'm also trying to go Paleo - no no grains or sugars. had a couple of days where I felt pretty awful. Also, sleep is not as good as it use to be. But now things are better. I am new at this. I have lost 7 pounds in a couple of weeks. I have to take a natural supplement (colon tone by Swanson) to things keep moving.

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bagel in the morning, bread with a sandwich for lunch, then brown rice at dinner most days. seems like a lot but most is wheat bread, and i eat small size meals.

Also to be clear i eat fruit, and other carbless snacks thought out the day.
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