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cestlavie22 05-08-2012 09:45 AM

low carbing and running, anyone have experience?
I am usually a lurker...

Is anyone a on a low carb diet and a runner? How long did it take you to adapt?

do you feel it necessary to increase your carbs pre or post run?

I usually run between 15-45km a week depending on what i have signed up for. The longest distance i run is the half marathon.

thanks for your help!

autodidact 05-13-2012 05:40 PM

I am not as experienced a runner as you by any means, but I do run, and I run zero carb. I ran 10k yesterday, and although I ate a little more (I had a boiled egg extra) I was fine.

I run fasted, I drink only water during and after my runs, and after I have cooled down and showered I have a cup of tea with heavy cream. That is it.

I blog about running and zero carb if you are interested.

nads84 05-13-2012 09:37 PM

i run between 25 and 45km per week right now on a calorie deficit of about 350 - 500 cals/day (1,500/1,600). I also do Bikram(hot) yoga 3x/week, lift have 2x week and cycle 2 or 3x/week.

...I have reduced my carbs to less than 200g per day and seem to be doing quite well actually. no crazy appetite rearing its head...(knock on wood!!). I've been at it now since the beginning of April or so. What seems to work great, is to eat my carb heavy meals or snack pre run (usually fruit if running in the morning or something that is quick and easy to digest (pancakes, toast) or pasta/startch at night) and follow my runs with a fulll protein heavy/carb light meal like a shake with 40g plain whey protein + 1/2 a banana + spinach and berries or an english muffin with a couple eggs and avocado.

a couple things I've noticed this season is that I run better on a empty stomach. I run my fast runs (10k or less) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or on a piece of fruit (1/2 an apple or pear) and find my performance kick*ss. for my long weekend runs i'll have a piece of toast with some banana and less than 2 hours later I'll go bang out 12 to 17km.

...I try to follow all my runs by a full meal (less than 500 cals, mostly protein) and seem good to go.

last summer, i ended up eating too many carbs and couldn't seem to get my appetite in check and ended up binging a few times. I guess its a matter of keeping things in balance. For me too many carbs (sugar) and I get a rabid appetite. 200g or less coupled with at least 100g of protein/day and I feel like I could conquer the world.

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