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one more time...
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Default low enough?

Is 150 grams of carbs or less a day too high to be considered "Low carb"? Here's a little background...

I've been a calorie counter for years, but my weight loss stalled out in December and hasn't moved since. Mostly because I was HUNGRY and started eating a lot of extras and "Forgetting" to count them. As if not counting them made them disappear, LOL.

I was up late one night with a sick baby and watched "Fathead" on Hulu. LOVED it and now I'm trying to eat lower carb. Right now I'm eating 150 grams of carbs or less a day. I was originally trying for 100 but it was too sudden of a drop for me, since I was used to around 250 grams a day, and my milk supply also suffered (I'm nursing).

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Well for me low carb is anything under 100 grams but it also depends on calories I believe.

I'd say gradually decreasing would be better than going all at once. I think for now aiming for 150 is fine since you are breastfeeding.

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In my experience, there's a difference between eating lower-carb and official "low-carb." It's my understanding that an official low-carb diet aims to put your body into ketosis for the purpose of burning energy from different sources. I eat "lower" carb. I aim for 150g of carbs per day in an effort to regulate my blood sugar levels more effectively. I'm not diabetic, but there are instances in my family. I also feel more "fueled" with lower carb and higher protein. No carb comas/slumps anymore! Just my 2 cents...

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one more time...
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 306

S/C/G: 183/157.8/133

Height: 5'4" no, 5'5"! I grew!


Thanks for the reassurance. @Jen I'm noticing the same thing. Less cravings, more satisfaction.

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Yes and no.

Yes, it is wonderful to reduce your carbs and that is a very healthy choice to make. Yes, it can be very workable to slowly reduce them over time.

No, 150 is not low carb. Low carb is generally under 100g per day. The lowest type of low carb is the ketogenic diet which is under 30g per day. No, merely choosing ANY food and keeping it at 150g does not mean you will be getting all the health benefits of a low carb diet, especially if those carbs are coming from sugar and grains.

But by all means, take your time with it, explore the different types of low carb, Atkins, Protein Power, Carb Addicts Diet, Paleo, there are so many out there, there is bound to be one you will enjoy. Most low carbers get most of their carbs from veggies, with smaller amounts from eggs, cheese, cream and so on. Remember that all foods and drinks have carbs except pure fats, water and unprocessed meats, fish (exception: shell fish) and poultry.

Hope you find the low carb method that you feel terrific on!

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Have you ever looked into something like the Zone or primal? I do a zone type of diet. I have done the Atkins and low ketogenic ones but for some reason they make me feel really crappy and weak. I know most people feel more energized but for me its more about the "type" of carbs. I find if I stick to vegetables and some fruit as my carbs and stay between 50-80 grams a day I lose weight, feel energized and focused and I don't have the boredom. It took me a loooong time to figure out what worked best for losing weight and feeling good. There is nothing worse than feeling crappy while trying to be healthy.

There are so many different diets out there and some good ones mentioned on this thread. You will find something that will click with your own personal needs!

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