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Unhappy I can't give up pop corn~

If I give up potatoes, rice, pasta, corn, and bread, but keep eating pop corn, will I see any improvement in my weight at all? I eat popcorn as a snack at night sometimes, I used to eat it every night. If I only eat it a few times a week is that okay? Like 1/4cup-1cup? I'm trying to lower my carb intake, but... if I can't have popcorn in the evenings, I don't know what I'll do.

Livestrong says I need about 187 carbs. Today I've only had around 72g. Should I be eating more?

I was thinking of allowing myself to still eat popcorn and pasta, in moderation, because otherwise it's too hard to get enough carbs. I just don't want to keep getting fat.

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Errr, 187 is still quite a lot of carbs. Are you on a low-carb diet or just trying to keep your carbs from skyrocketing? What's your protein-fat-carb ratio?

Corn is a starchy carb, and so is pasta. You should really try to get your carbs from fruit and veggies. Sweet potatoes and other veggie carbs are good carbs for your muscles, and fruits are good for your brain.

HOWEVER! If popcorn is what you crave, and you aren't trying to go low-carb, just watching your carbs--then go ahead, have popcorn. Just track your carbs and try to avoid processed flours and grains.
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It really depends on which low carb diet you are following. Some do not advocate corn of any kind, some allow you to choose the carb that you want as long as it stays within your target range. Not all low carb diets are as low in carbs as Atkins is during induction. There are so many health benefits to low carb, but you have to do the research and find the answer that suits you, your body and your lifestyle.

If you are just starting out with low carb and the popcorn becomes a make or break the diet deal, certainly have it and keep track of the number of carbs you eat in a day. Remember that you can subtract the fiber in any food listing from the carbs listed, fiber is counted as a carb, when in fact it is indigestible. Lucky for popcorn, it has fiber.

As an idea, perhaps diets that you feel you can't give up certain foods may not really work for you. Have you considered calorie counting alone.....then there would be no food restrictions. I did this for my first year of dieting and it really helped not have any restrictions beyond the total intake.
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