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RobinW 01-01-2008 09:57 AM

NewYear Chat Jan 1/08 ~ Jan 6/08
Good Morning Ladies!

The first day of the new year, and Im going to make it a great one!

Happy New Year!

beach bum 01-01-2008 12:53 PM

Hi Ladies:)

Yes Robin its a new year and new month. You & me both are going to make a new & fresh start. Have to get my exercising up to par,by having some kind of activity every day,even its just for 10 m.Thanks for starting us up on this New Year.

Just had dinner and before that we watched the Rose Parade the colors of those roses were so beautiful,and I can image the fragrant smell of those blooms.

Now I can't wait til Spring to start seeing the flowers again.

Have a great day

Hugs :) BB

mothermavis 01-01-2008 12:56 PM

I'm also starting over, eating OP, exercise done. Now need to go to the lake.
YS jumps in with the rest of the silly folk for New Years. It is 31 degrees and snowing, perfect day for a swim?? NOT for me, but I'll take the pictures.

lilybelle 01-01-2008 03:55 PM

Happy New Years everyone,

I started my day today with a nice salad. I'm again going LowCarb. My new gym membership starts tomorrow and I can't wait to get started . My goals this year are to finish writing my book and to get in better physical shape. I want to have some muscle, not just get thinner. I also hope the new gym machines will make my butt rounder, LOL.

SunChick 01-01-2008 07:44 PM

Can't wait to take on this new year. Lots has happened since I last posted. had a tubal ligation in November, got a motorcycle for christmas, got a "B" in both of my classes last semester but i gained back the 15 pounds that i had lost over the summer.

So....goals for 2008:
1) continue classes towards degree
2) eat healthy
3) exercise daily
4) keep a positive attitude & think thin
5) help jerry get my bike done & on the road
6) water, water, water
7) floss :-)

I'm hoping to lose 100lbs this year. I wish everyone blessings and a great 2008!!

RobinW 01-02-2008 08:40 AM

Good Morning :coffee:

Yesterday was a good one. Increased my walking up to 40min :cb:

Food is good, and Im keeping it below 20grams of carbs, and I finally got all my water in yesterday. I was having some issues with heartburn the first 4-5 days of induction. But Im doing good now. I think because I didnt get enough water in, that is why my headaches were so bad, and why I didnt loose as much as I usually do the first week of induction.

I am aiming to put in another 100% day! :cb:

Have a great day ladies!

beach bum 01-02-2008 10:41 AM

Hi Ladies:)

Still have a some kind of infection and none of the over the counter meds are working.

W-I this morning and :carrot:I dropped 1 lb :carrot:Yipee. Have to change my ticker. I couldn't believe when I got on the scale.Hope this is the year I hit my goal,as last year wasn't a good year for my DH & I.

mothermavis-Heres to all our goals met this year. I wouldn't swim in this kind of weather,but I know that there a group of people[polar bears]that jump into the water on New Years day.

Lily-Good luck using your new member ship.I don't like going to a gym.I rather workout at home. Our com cast cable tv is proving us with an exercise channel where they have lots of shows to for working out. Going to take advantage and use them along with my tapes.

SunChick-A Motor Cycle thats a unusual gift. Do your ride????????My SIL had one but my DD made him get rid of it.Sorry about your 15 lbs,but its a New Year with new goals set,you'll get rid of it fast.

ROBIN-That a great idea to increase your exercising,I'm going to doing something like that also. You're really brave to go down that low on the carbs. I don't think I could do that again.I'm going to hang around the 50-100 per day,and see how I do.I use fit day to calculate my food intake.

Have a nice one, will post after the visit to the doctor.

Hugs :) BB

RobinW 01-02-2008 11:05 AM

Well, Im going to try it with magnesium and potassium supplements this time, and see if that is what the issue was. From reading I was doing, that may be what my issue was. I'll let you know in another week or so.

lynnar 01-02-2008 01:29 PM

I'm back like the proverbial bad penny. I've been very bad over the holidays and of course gained back every little bit I had lost and then some, but that's not a surprise. I'm ready to try again, but this time I'm going to journal everything and stop guessing about the carb intake. I'll go from here to Fitday and get that going. I'm also planning on buying some new keystiks (the ones I had were old-way past the "sell by" date). I want to be able to make sure I'm in ketosis when I start adding back carbs after two weeks on induction. I'm pretty sure I wasn't in ketosis last time and I didn't lose the weight, so... But for the next two weeks, it's induction for me! I'm looking forward to the cravings and unreasonable hunger stopping. That's the best thing about Atkins.
I go to a step aerobics class MWF, but I need to figure out some exercise for T, Th, Sat. I've been wrestling with that problem right along. I have some time constraints to consider. There are classes I could do those days, but I can't go into work late every single day and I just can't make myself go to the 5:30 classes after being at work all day. Sometimes I go do the elipitical on my lunch hour. That works all right. I have a broken tread mill at home, but if I insist on getting it fixed and then don't use it, I'll be hearing about that forever. I could walk the dogs more, but it's always cold and dark when I get home so I let DH do it. I don't even like going with him when it's cold and dark. On weekends he likes to take them on a hiking trail and set them loose, but I get so nervous I just don't enjoy it. I'm afraid 1.) we'll get caught breaking the rules 2.) the dogs won't come back 3.) the dogs will run into another hiker and bite them or have a dog fight. Sometimes I can convine DH to walk in a park with the dogs on a leash, but only sometimes. And then I feel bad for the dogs who do truly love running around in the woods.
So that's my plan for the new year. I'd love to lose 50 pounds by swimming suit season, but that's ten pounds a month so maybe that's too ambitous? I'll have to see how that goes!
Happy New Year everyone! Lynn

aud 01-02-2008 03:06 PM

Hiya LC'ers!:hug: It's been a great morning catching up with everyone (AND meeting some NEW faces) over coffee!:carrot: I've been progressively sicker since the day after Christmas with some kind of bug - just totally BLAH . . . OffP and no exercise to speak of - STILL feel like warmed over CRUD but headed back to work tonight and determined to get back OP/lifestyle change for '08.

robin - you are such an inspiration - really have been inspired by your Post! We cooked a brisket NYE too (love the soup idea lily! Plus so good to cya back here!:hug:) I'll be having briskie leftovers for the rest of this week - with lots of cabbage & salads - my bod will be in total shock to actually MEET a VEGETABLE!:dizzy:

BRUTALLY cold here in MO, mmavis - CANNOT imagine jumping in any kind of water! (But did just go splash face with cold water for a wake-up/back to the grind shock & awe effect!:D

Hope we get better soon beachie!:( I'm adding some supplements (Over 50 Multi - altho' I'm 47 - no cycle anymore) and chromium - which I took last time I lost on Atkins and remember the good doc promoting. Let us know how the potas/mag goes, won't you robin?

How about ex vid, lynnar? Or some good ole abs & push ups on T/TH? Low tech & readily available.

Need to take my own advice, eh?:dizzy::o

Gonna w/i tonight at work and again Fri - b4 I change ticker.

Thinking of some specific goals/resolutions - ttyal . .

lilybelle 01-02-2008 11:18 PM

Hi everyone,

Today was Day 2 of me being 100&#37; back on plan. I had a great workout at the gym. (too great in fact, my ribs and thighs are already sore tonite from the weight machines. I also did the elliptical, treadmill and exercise bike plus 30 min's of swimming laps in the Olympic size pool. OMG< I think I overdid it for my first visit. It sure feels good though to be back on plan with my eating and exercise both. My scale is coming down, I'm now at 149 lbs. showing a 2 lb. loss for my efforts. I can't believe I'm saying this but I was actually tired of eating junk and was ready to get my control back. Plus, my jeans dictated that my 6 lb gain would soon put me in a bigger size if I didn't get my butt back in gear.

I've gotta go wash mine and the girls swimsuits now and pack our gym bag. We're going again tomorrow after I pick them up from school. Tomorrow will be probably just treadmill and swimming for me so I can let my muscles rest a little.

beach bum 01-03-2008 10:23 AM

Hi Ladies:)

Went to the doctors yesterday & I have a bacterial infection,and he give me antibiotics and Singulair tablets for one week.The pills are making me a little druggy

Going to stay home today as its 8 degree on the Cape along with heavy winds blowing.Winter is definitely here.

Robin-Didn't know that they make magnesium and potassium supplements together. I saw cal-mag combo.I'll have to go to the my health store and check this out. Potassium is good for the heart. I get them from berries & bananas.

Lynn-Welcome back,and I'm sure you'll be able to to get down to your goal.

Aud-Thanks for the well wishes,Hope this antibiotics work this time.,so I can get better and work on my low carbing again.

Lily-Big Congrats on your:carrot:2-lb:carrot: weight loss. Your doing great,with the gym also. You'll be back to your goal in no time.

Have to go, will post alter

Hugs :) Maryann

aud 01-03-2008 11:54 AM

Where's diva?

Doesn't it feel great to get back OP & hae a great work out lilyb??:carrot: Get on up to beachie's ex Thread & log that great work out girl! The thing that makes me the most sore is SWIMMING - just didn't think that was "hard" - but boy, I always feel it the next day!

Gave in to some late night munching - which kind of ticks me off - but staying with it gals!


lilybelle 01-03-2008 02:48 PM

Hi ladies, yes it feels great to feel back in control. I really had drifted in a BIG way. It seemed so hard to get myself back in line, but I'm proud I'm here now.

I'm picking up Lacy and Shelbey from school at 3PM and we're heading back to the gym. I plan to at least do the treadmill and my swimming laps. They both like spending most of their time on the stairmasters.

DH and I ate lunch at Golden Corral. I had a hamburger pattie, brussel sprouts and cauliflower and felt totally satisfied. My carb cravings are gone now and my ravenous appetite has definitely decreased.

lynnar 01-03-2008 04:42 PM

Day Two for me. I did start a fitday log, but I haven't been back yet. It may have to wait until I get home from work and grocery shopping. I think my appetite had decreased all ready, or it never get back up to the weight watchers level. When I was doing WW I was so hungry all the time that it got to be an obsession. That's really why I'm back on Atkins instead of any of the low calorie or low fat plans. I just can't take being hungry all the time.
I went to my step class yesterday after a holiday break and today my back is killing me! I think it's just over doing crunches, not a real injury or anything. But that's how it always goes, isn't it? It's always one step backward for each two steps forward!
I'd like to try swimming like Lillybelle, but how to fit that into the schedule? How nice to be able to exercise with kids! My DD is a runner. i sometimes dream about running with her, but she's so far above my level which is: walking! Last year I was all fired up to lose enough weight to ride bikes with her, but I didn't quite reach my goal. Actually didn't lose any weight at all. We do ride bikes occasionally, but I feel like a freak on my little skinny racing bike that I've had for 30 years. I'd like to lose some of my width before I do any serious bike riding.
Aud, I did exercise videos for years when I was younger. Now even fitting that into the schedule may be challenging. I'll probably do the lunch time eliptical on Tues. and Thurs along with some good old crunches and push ups. I didn't go today because of my back, but I'll go to my step class tomorrow unless something else happens.
Take care everyone, Lynn

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