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Smile Hello All! Advice Appriciated =)

The holidays are over and I am ready to get back on track! However, I am curious as to what my fellow low carbers favorite excersises are. What do you find compliments a low carb diet as far as cardio workouts etc.. I don't know much at all about excercise. I could really use some advice.

Also, I need some advice on something else. My boyfriend really *really* hates that I am doing a low carb diet. He says that it's great that I have lost weight on it, but that its unhealthy and unsafe. He does research all the time and lots of websites claim that low carbing is unhealthy and can cause long term effects. Do any of you face this kind of frustration from anyone in your lives? It has even caused us to argue. I get so frustrated with him sometimes, I wish he would just trust my judgement!
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I'm not sure how long you've been on here, but since I haven't seen you before, I'd like to say - Welcome to 3FC! We're very glad to have you

Congratulations on your 45 lb weight loss! That's huge!

Is it an option to talk to a dietician? IMO, that is anyone's best bet to get advice regarding dieting, etc. The internet is full of information, but for every website that gives you one opinion, there is going to be another that contradicts it, and countless cautionary notices to take health advice from the internet with a grain of salt.

Oops - completely forgot about the exercise part

I'm not on a specific low carb diet - I just try to get more of my calories from fruit, vegetables and lean protein, and I stick to complex carbs. For exercise, I basically try to be as active as possible (walk instead of other modes of transporation, dance while I clean the house). I also used to go to the gym one day a week, but I mostly just went on the elliptical machine for an hour or two. I've never really had an exercise plan, but when I'm more active, my eating is better, I have more energy, I'm happier, and I just feel better, overall.

I'm looking forward to my walk tonight

Best wishes to you!
Always working on my healthy lifestyle!

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Walking and dancing are good ways to lose weight. That's all the exercise that I did when I lost 80lbs in 5 months.

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low carbin' it
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I walk and then walk again, hee. I am going to look into strength exercise soon.
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Hi Rikku

First as for the Atkins issues with your boyfriend. Give him the book to read, he will see that it is full of vegetables. You are doing great!! Congrats on your loss so far, and do what works for you.....not what others think you should do.

As for exercise...I really hate it But what has worked best for me has been walking. Lots of it.
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Hmm, seems your boyfriend has a need to control you and make you conform to his way of seeing things. There are just as many pro low carb experts as anti low carb experts.
Instead of the Atkins book which he would probably poo poo since its Atkins diet he is objecting to, see if you can find a copy of Living the Low Carb Life by Johny Bowden. He just analyzes low carb eating and explains why it's good for you. But he's not trying to sell a diet to anyone.
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For exercise, I do a lot of walking just getting my kids and myself around. However, I have a gym buddy now and plan on starting the Bill Phillips Body for Life 20 minute cardio routine. This was really successful the last time I lost weight. I started out walking but I was eventually running. Me, running! I have never in my life been a runner but I did during this time. This program works really great for someone with limited time to workout too.

As for your boyfriend, you cannot do anything to change him or make him accept what you are doing. Either he accepts it or not. That is a choice he has to make. And you should not spend any time trying to make him, or anyone else for that matter, understand what and why you do what you do. Your results are your proof of success and health. You should not place any additional stress on yourself. Just look him in his eyes and say, "Okay, thanks for that information," and walk away.

As for low carb being unhealthy, there have not been any studies that proved this. There is a lot of talk about how unhelathy it is but no proof. All the various studies proved was that within a years time, the low fat groups lost almost as much weight as the low carb groups. If you do not have kidney problems, the added protein is not a problem. Also, you are eating more veggies than most people. This is actually a very natural way to eat. What IS unnatural is a diet loaded with process grains and sugars. And not just process but totally stripped of all natural nutrients and have artifical nutrients added back. That is not natural. Compare the make up of natural fruits and veggies to processed grains. One slice of bread has 26 grams of carbs. You need like 20 cups of lettuce to get that many carbs. How long will it take you to eat one slice of bread? How long will it take you to eat 20 cups of lettuce? How hungry will you be in an hour of eating a slice of bread? Will you be finished eating the lettuce in an hour? Processed grains and sugar are just as addictive as alcohol or cigarettes.
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lc lifestyle
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Lots of great advice here rikku! Hang in there with the BF - there's an exercise "Sticky" at the top of the forum - join in or read along?

Here's the link to this weeks LC Chat - everyone welcome to join in: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=130510

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See my blog for details, but I workout 5-7 days a week for 1hr -2hrs a day. I train 3x a week, do a boot camp and abs class, (much of my work is on weights and core) and compliment it with cardio, but cardio should not be the bulk of your efforts. Weight training compliments low carb well as the protein builds the muscle you need to improve your metabolism and tone.
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BS on unhealthy and safe. What is unhealthy is the interpretation many do of low carb (like thinking Atkins is all about bacon and steaks and butter) or that all low carb equals Atkins.

I know there are Atkins folks here, but I'm not one of them. I eat all fruits and veggies, plus all proteins, just do not take in breads, pastas, rice, potatoes, etc as they 100% stall my weight loss.

It is 100% healthy.

A lack of knowledge on your BF's part is not ; /

BTW, yes, I hear this about low carb, but it's just from folks who don't know. For instance, low carb is supported by most trainers at my gym, but the one's who don't get it, don't understand how the obese body differs from fit bodies. My mildly elevated blood sugar (which could one day be Type II Diabetes) makes me react to many carbs in such a way that the weight sticks. Example, my trainer and I had tried having me have just one serving of a starch (bread) in the morning post or pre workout and my weight stalled. Doesn't take much for me.

So which is better? Stay overweight or lose it? Ignorance or knowledge?

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