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Question sleep problems

Hi, second week on Atkins (for the third time) and I'm wondering if my recent sleeping problems can be related. Due to work and kids, I've been on a weird schedule. Two days a week, I'm up at five, three days at 6:30 and no particular time on weekends. I've been good on induction and managed to out last the Induction Flu (headaches and muscle cramps), but I haven't given up caffeine. I havn't increased it either. I have 2-3 cups of coffee (with splendor and half and half) in the morning and one diet coke in the afternoon. I don't think I can do the 5 a.m. thing without caffeine.

I try to get to bed earlier on the night before the early morning, but it never works. My husband doesn't seem to "get it". He's always in and out of the bedroom, asking me dumb questions and then "surprised" when he discovers I'm trying to sleep. Then there are barking dogs and noisy teenagers. But even on my later nights, I can't seem to really get to sleep. I feel like I've had too much caffeine or something. I can kind of doze, but I don't really sleep. Then there are two or three bathroom breaks to interrupt the dozing.

It's frustrating because I know I should be sleeping! I've had no alcohol and no decongestants or other medication. No caffeine after dinner and only the one diet coke after lunch. The only thing I've changed lately is the food and it's not anything new. Just more meat and less carbs. I've been to the gym almost every day. I'm not particularly worried about anything. It seems like I should be sleeping real well. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. Actually, venting like this is probably pretty helpful. Lynn
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I'v also noticed I have more sleepless nights when on plan.

I can kind of doze, but I don't really sleep. Then there are two or three bathroom breaks to interrupt the dozing.
Thats pretty much how I sleep. ( with a few bad dreams thrown in) I feel so tired but once I lay down I can't fall asleep, I feel like a zombie. My body is tired but my brain won't shut off. And I only have caffeine in the morning.

Have you noticed any change since you posted this? I'm hoping it will pass.
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I tend to get insomnia while I'm on plan as well. It seems that what I've figured out is that I simply don't need as much sleep when I'm following Atkins. I seem to get by okay with only 6 hours, where normally I get 8-9 hours.

I do have more trouble getting up in the morning when I'm up late. But I wonder if it's all in my head, since I don't feel tired once I'm up and at work.
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I'm sorry I definitely don't have a solution for you -- but I have been noticing that I don't need as much sleep on the plan either.

Atkins DEFINITELY messes with your biological clock. Anybody who says otherwise is both uninformed and/or lying to you!!

I have had my period all 3 weeks on the plan, it was brought on by the plan, and my sleeping has changed as well. I think my body is adjusting to it's new fat burning regime and thats a GOOD thing. When I say atkins messes with your biological clock I don't mean it to sound negative, after you get thru the toughest weeks it will even out and everything will be NORMAL!!

Or so I am hoping... Do you feel more tired during the day as opposed to when you were not on atkins? Do you feel sleep-deprived?? Cause that wouldnt be good at all!!
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I've never had any biological change (that I've noticed) on Atkins. In fact, the ONLY time I've had trouble sleeping on Atkins is after I've been on Atkins, on plan, and then I've cheated. Especially if the carb-cheat is right before bed. THEN I'm up all night, tossing and turning. A lot of caffeine can do it to me, too.
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I have the same problem too. I know at first with me it was during induction, I got really tired, then after about the 3rd or 4th week, my sleep became a little more normal.

But recently I have been restless and I come to realize I know what my problem is. I keep anticipating my weight loss. It's like I can't wait to get up and see if I lost any weight. I was becoming obsessed with this.
I would wake up to go to the bathroom too and, then I'd lie awake, not being able to sleep. And it's all due to my anxiety on losing weight. Before I got my scale, I wasn't worried if I lost. I could tell by my clothes.
But now I have this darn scale, I'd keep thinking if I had lost anything and getting restless as to why I wasn't losing and then I would think I lost some weight and right after I pee I'd go weigh myself.

I was stressing myself out!
That was my problem. Now I'm trying to chill myself out.

But I hope you be able to sleep good. The way you were talking about where you live, I thought you lived in my neighborhood! LOL

Maybe take a hot bath or listen to some soothing music. Relaxing your mind is the key. I know it's hard, but just hang in there! Your sleepy time will come.
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Hi, I forgot about posting this after I started sleeping better. It's good to know that I'm not the only one and I do beleive it has something to do with my "biological clock" changing. A day or two after I posted this, the problem pretty much disappeared. Today I'm really tired, but I think it's because I was up late working. I think I slept O.K. once I got to bed. I was up before the alarm because I had to pee but didn't want to get out of bed because I knew the alarm was getting ready to go off. One of those games I play with myself even though I know it's impossible to win!! Thanks for the input. Lynn
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Bad sleep is not so bad, because when your metabolic rate is high and running, so this way you burn calories.
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And by burning calories, you go through ketozis a bit, because you burn fat in partial when not sleep.
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I take a magnesium supplement before I go to bed. I get deeper sleep; though the dreams are more intense.
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