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Default Induction Meal Ideas?

Hello! I am starting up Atkins Induction and I am trying to find some meal ideas. I get very confused when I try to read the labels on food items, so I am not really sure what I am really looking for. (yes, i have read the book, but i feel as though i have missed some things. For example i know i can have nitrate free bacon, but i am not sure of what brand that can be.) I cant seem to come up with any great meal ideas. I am not worlds best cook either but i really want to do this. If anyone has any ideas or can tell me what they like to eat, that would be really great.
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Try having a look here:
Lots of great low carb recipes & menu's....many suitable for Induction.
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Unfortunately, the only way to get along on this diet is learning how to read nutiriton labels of packaged food and eating as much "real food" (non-packaged food) as possible. When you are having packaged food, it's very important to read labels--because "hidden" sugars are in a LOT of different foods. Nitrite-Free Bacon is with the other bacon and it will have "nitrite-free" on the label. You may have to look closely at the packaging. It might have something like "ALL NATURAL" or "100% Natural" or something in bold, but have the "nitrite free" in smaller print--make sure to look for the smaller print.

As far as something to help you to read labels, I found a few links. They're going to tell you on these links to eat lots of carbs and keep your fat intake low--you can ignore that advice Since that's contrary to the Atkins way of eating--but you can learn about how to read the labels by looking at it. Pay attention to Serving Size, Carbohydrate and Fiber especially for Atkins. I also count calories, but it's not 100% necessary on Atkins.

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I personally go ahead and eat regular bacon, but keep it to a minimum, like once a week or so. Most mornings I have leftover steak with a couple fried eggs, or some organic chicken or turkey sausage with my eggs. I've found that some of the low carb recipes are nice, but most days I don't have much time to spend in the kitchen. I've worked out a plan for me that works with minimal preparation.

Typical day for me on atkins:
Bkfst: 4-5 oz meat/sausage and two eggs

Lunch: Big salad w/homemade olive oil vinegar dressing (just a splash of vinegar) with 8 oz meat (leftover chicken, steak, burger patty, or canned tuna) Or raw veggie slices dipped in tuna/olive oil/splash vinegar mixture.

Dinner: Small serving cooked veggies (brocolli or spinach etc.) and 5-6 oz meat (chicken, steak, baked fish, or boiled shrimp etc.) For dinners I always cook extra meat to have leftover for breakfasts and lunches throughout the week.

For snacks I have a small handful of walnuts, macadamias or pumpkin seeds. Every few days I'll have a small serving of low sugar fruit like melon or berries, usually in the evening.

Oh, and another thing, I had this leftover shrimp the other day, and mixed that in with my scrambled eggs and a teaspoon of salsa... it was delicious!!
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