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Default Exhausted

So last week I had a major depression spell and I just couldn't figure out why. I just didn't want to do anything. I wanted to lay around and sleep all day long. All week long I just didn't understand why. So today I finally have a ton of energy and I think I totally figured it all out - I wasn't eating near enough!!

So I started classes again last week and am on campus from 8am until 8pm. It's a long day, I know, but it's only two days a week. I have three breaks during the day - only two that are long enough to actually get something decent to eat. Last week I brought yogurt, cottage cheese, and a large chicken salad with me (I typically have eggs/bacon for breakfast). Now I am trying to think of other things that I can take with me to class that I can snack on. The only things I can think of are veggies and nuts. Anybody have any other suggestions?

I also should mention that I can't have anything with wheat, oat, barley or rye due to a gluten allergy... Any suggestions would be great...
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I'm a little confused...are you doing Atkins Induction??
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I agree - when I don't eat enough I feel like crap! Have you tried string cheese? Very portable. I've been taking the Frigo "light" cheese heads to work. I take a little baggie of crackers to eat with it, and that satisfies me for a small snack. They are only 60 calories and you're getting calcium and protein. Since you can't have wheat, maybe you could take a small baggie of rice crackers- I love those. That is, unless you are doing Atkins or something low carb (I'm not). Good luck.
p.s. Don't forget fruit - a banana would be easy to eat in class.
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S/C/G: 150/147/115

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Definately not on Atkins induction. I am eating low carb though and have been for the past 2 years. I stay under 70g carbs a day. I lost over 30 pounds when I first started and recently decided to drop some more weight, hence the drop in carbs.
"I hold the key to my own success... "
- Kid Rock (Prodigal Son)


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With your higher allowed carbs you have a lot of options for snacks. I'm brain storming a list of my own faves:
Portable Snack Suggestions:
Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt Smoothies
Nuts in a baggie - peanuts, walnuts, almonds, mixed nuts, macadamias
Boiled eggs (or deviled eggs sandwiched together to keep them tidy)
EAS Advantedge Shakes (watch out - they have regular and low carb shakes)
South Beach Meal Bars (about 3 net carbs if you can do sugar alcohols)
Bags of cut up veggies (celery, bell pepper strips, a few baby carrots, wedge of crunchy lettuce or cabbage, few cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower... any low enough in carbs for your particular plan)
Leftover pieces of meat cut into bites - chicken, that steak you carried out in a doggie bag
Premade salad bowls - they have them at walmart where I go in the produce, some are lower carb than others, but you should be able to afford most of them carb wise
Tuna salad and lettuce leaf to wrap it in or veggies to dip in it
Leftover chicken leg!
Cheese sticks
Beef jerkey (beware all that extra salt may swell you up - do in moderation)
Pork skins (easy to burn out on!)
Some low carb fruits in a baggie (berries, melon, whatever you can afford)
Jello sugar free pudding cups (5-6 carbs each - I love 'em)
Jello sugar free gelatin cups (0 net carbs and help with a sugar craving)
Sugar free yogurt tubs
Summer sausage and cheese cubes in a baggie (my most popular choice of late)
Few pieces of sugar free gum and candy (love the dove chocolate ones!)
Can of meat or leftover meat, bag of salad, small tupperware bowl of dressing, cheese cubes and a big plastic portable bowl and plastic fork - yum. Throw in a few nuts - more yum. Bit of bacon - even more yum. I put the meat, cheese and dressing in the big bowl then just dump in the bag of salad and mix. Fast to fix, takes a while to eat it all though.
Swiss Miss diet hot cocoa if hot water is available and cups.
Pork skins and bags of plain dry roasted peanuts from vending machines!
Leftovers in a tight plastic bowl if you can microwave or leftovers you like cold.
I bet more folks can come up with even more ideas for you. Hang in there. I have the same problem. I work 12 hour night shifts - spend the night fending off pushy "OH come on, you can have this, it's all about moderation" coworkers and trying not to make eye contact with the vending machines. I pack a load of stuff, then bring home what I didn't want - that way I have several choices in case one thing doesn't interest me.

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