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Default Calorie Counters... help me understand...

I recently decided to start calorie counting since I have already lost 45 lbs and now I want something a bit more structured. I am stalling and I need to figure out why.

I recently made an account at myfitnesspal and put in my food items however it is showing that I am going over my recomendations for protein, sugar and fat. Are we actually looking at the macros (carbs, fat, protein) or just the overall calorie number? Are we taking both into account because I prefer a higher protein/ less carb diet.

I did see that I am eating too little especially since I am doing high intensity interval workouts so I found out that I need to bump up the calories a little but I am never hungry nowadays.

Thanks in advance.

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Some people focus ONLY on calories where as others pay attention to macros as well. My main goal is always calories, but I do keep an eye on my marcos as I do like to ensure I am getting enough protein and fat.

The most important this is staying inside your calorie range and if you do not find it to stressful, I also recommend keeping an eye on your macros.

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I focus on calories above all, but I look at my daily and weekly macros, and if they seem off I try to adjust what I'm eating for a better overall balance. I especially care if the weekly average is balanced. Any oddity in your eating can throw off a single day.
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I never look at the subcategories but after reading this discussion I just did. I didn't even know you could look at the weekly totals! After looking it over I guess I am doing well. Some days the carbs are too high and the fat too low but I'm happy with my progress so I will keep it going like I have for a while.

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MFP goes off a preset macros percentages, i think it comes from the fda but im not 1005 sure on that. their macros are set to 55% carbs, 15% protien, and 30% fat. For many people this balance may work. But for others they do better with different percentages. personally if I ate the recommended level of carbs, I would be craving carbs all day long and starving. Instead I changed mine to 40/30/30. sometimes my fat is a little low and my carbs are a little high but it doesn't matter very much as long as my protein is on track.

Figure out what works for your body and stick to that. MFP doesn't know your body, you do.
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MFP's default macros are really low for the 3 items that you listed and quite high for carbs. You can change them by going to goals and setting up your own. I think I have it set to 50-30-20 for carbs-protien-fat. I also got rid of the sugar because whenever I had any piece of fruit I'd go over. For me staying within my calorie limit and hitting my protein and fiber goals are the most important things!
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I only count and watch my calories but when making decisions, I try to make a concerted effort to lean more towards higher protein and fiber.
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Originally Posted by MAK247 View Post
I only count and watch my calories but when making decisions, I try to make a concerted effort to lean more towards higher protein and fiber.
This is pretty much what I do. I try to stay under my fat, sugar, cholesterol, etc but if I go over I'm not bothered by it. I also try and eat things with more protein and fiber since they keep me full longer.
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It's an individual decision. Personally I like to keep my fiber and protein high, and my fat low but I don't worry too much about the specifics as long as I'm near my target and not getting too hungry. I also watch my calcium and sodium. I use the Calorie King desktop app and that lets me set the goal numbers where I want them.
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