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Default Lean Cuisines or any frozen meals!

Does anyone eat these daily or did during your weight loss?

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I eat frozen dinners almost daily for lunch while I'm at work. I usually go for the Healthy Choice meals, but I do have a love for the Lean Cuisine Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli and the Lean Cuisine Deep Dish Spinach & Mushroom Pizza.

Lean cuisine aren't very filling to me. I can get Healthy Choice for the same price or less and they contain more food. Depending on your calorie allowance for the day, a 300-400 calorie meal is usually good. Watch the sodium and shoot for ones that contain veggies.

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Default re:

Yes, I've done this the entire time for those meals I eat at home. It worked pretty well for me and taught me a lot about portion sizes. Lean cuisine pizzas are pretty good and make a great substitute when the rest of my family is eating take out. I also found the healthy choice "baked" line to be pretty good.

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I do and have. Calories all counted for you and helps you to learn portion sizes. If you live alone or are the only one in your family dieting, they are very convenient.
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I stopped eating them because I liked them so much and had binge eating disorder from my medications. But my doctor put me on another medication to counter act so now I don't have an out of my control binge eating problem. I have some out in the fridge in the garage. I think I'll have one today. MAC AND CHEESE (It's not a lean a lean cuisine though-we are gonna have to buy some this weekend)! YES! I know it's the healthiest. But hey for dinner I am having all sorts of veggies and fruits-one portioned low cal mac and cheese for lunch won't hurt.

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I do occassionally for work, but I try not to eat them all the time because there's so much sodium in there. I try to get the all natural Healthy Choice when I do because I can pronounce most of the ingredients.

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3 out of 5 days for lunch (work) I eat the Smart Ones or Healthy Choice. Both of these have the ww points listed on the box so it's easy for me to stay On Plan. The calories for the amount you get in these I think is worth it, yummy AND filling! I love eating them and have been so far fairly successful in my weight loss journey. The Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers are also great, since you don't need to freeze them. One thing I noticed when comparing brands, is that the Lean Cuisines tended to be higher in sodium. Not sure if it is that way in all of them, though. Good luck in your weight loss!
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Yup, I go in stages (eat them everyday, eat them not at all, etc)

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Ech, I guess I'm the odd one out then because I tried a lot of the microwaveable meals out there and I hated the vast majority of them. Most of them were bland and didn't have much flavor to them. You'll want to make sure you don't have it all the time or else you'll get burnt out on them quick. I mostly go with buying soups in a can (as those in microwaveable containers are only broth....don't really have much in them), put the soups into a container, and then heat it up at work for my lunch. Works for me.
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I like Amy's... And I just tried a few from LYFE Kitchen that were pretty good... I like to keep a few around... They come in handy for me... I find that if I "dress them up" a bit and have a nice salad with them that they're pretty good... Keeps my calories in check and I've even been able to find ones lower in sodium now and I can make the carbs fit into my budget too... I know for me at least, there are a lot of worse things that I could be eating... So I'm OK with them...
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I like to keep a few on hand for those mornings when I just don't have time to make a lunch. It saves me from eating in our cafeteria or going out for lunch. I usually buy the Lean Cuisine pizzas, and I like the chicken parmesan too. Personally, I wouldn't want to eat them every day, but they can be a life saver when I need them to be!
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I've been eating Lean Cuisine for about a month now when at work (Monday - Friday) For me it helps because I always forget to pack a healthy lunch and then end up eating too many calories, I like the convenience.

I grocery shop every two weeks and buy 10 of them for my lunches, where I live they are $4 each = $40. Ends up saving me money too, I used to spend alot more than $4 per lunch eating out.
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I eat them multiple times a week. In an ideal world, I'd make something healthier each day, but I don't live in an ideal world!

I search for the ones that have a decent quantity of protein and not as much carbs, although I'm not consistent about that. If there isn't a reasonable veggie portion in the one I bring on a given day I also bring celery and carrots with hummus. I almost always add in a piece of fruit, which makes my lunch end up about 400 calories. I've found that I don't do well with less than that for lunch.

Everyone who says that frozen meals usually have unpronouncable ingredients and too much sodium is right :-). But they're still better for me than pizza from the cafeteria!
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I generally buy a few and keep them on hand for days when I dont take my lunch...or quick dinners. I used to eat them all the time but have found I can eat "healthier" making stuff myself...most seem to have a lot of sodium and I have to watch blood pressure. I like the Weigh Watcher Smart Ones, the Healthy Choice, Lean Cousine...basically I will buy 5 or 6 of whatever is on sale and keep them on standby for when needed.
Sometimes though I find they aren't very filling so end up supplementing extra veggies or a salad or some fruit.
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Count me in! I buy a variety as well and do enjoy the convenience. Like others have mentioned, if I have one for dinner I'll often make a green salad or fix another vegetable to make it a more robust meal. And admittedly, some are more filling and satisfying than others

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