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Turning Into A New Woman
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I drink 2 Cherry Coke Zero's and 2 Cherry Diet Rite's a day and I've lost 8 pounds while still drinking those. The only reason Im back up to 300 is because I havent been walking like I should.
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I actually mix half diet coke, and half regular coke and it's the perfect mix for me. I drink my concoction probably 1-2 times a month -- not often. And then I track the calories from the regular coke. It's my own quirky way of having soda now and again...
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Starting over sucks.
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I had about two sips of diet Pepsi last night & all I could taste was salt.

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I drink diet soda. I feel like I will eventually phase it out but for now having this small indulgence is what keeps me on track with all my other choices.
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I know it is bad for my teeth among other things but...I read the title as I sit with a Coke Zero in my right hand. Guilty.
I will tell you that I went on a strict clean eating diet for 8 months. I ate almost no sugar and I was and still am crazy about brushing my teeth/flossing every night. It had been years since I had a cavity. I drank a lot of diet soda (I mean A LOT) and lost like 65 lbs in 6 months...however, I had a cavity that turned into a root canal after 8 months. I think it was from the acid in the diet soda. But I still drink it. How foolish.
Have you ever tried coke zero and bacardi? Lol.
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I used to be a serious cola drinker (mostly coke,but any cola would do). When Coke Zero came out I transitioned to that, but would still have a regular cola when I went out to eat or something like that. When I got pregnant I switched to Caffeine free coke zero. Now I'm back to regular coke zero. I don't have one everyday necessarily. Some weeks I might, some I might not. Usually only one a day though. I still indulge in a regular coke here and there for fun. Can't beat that classic coke taste! Drinking coke zero helps me in my weight loss. I can still have a pop, it doesn't cost me calories.
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Originally Posted by beecurrency View Post
Okay, okay, I would first like to say that I know the dangers of diet soda on health, etc. But every once in awhile I drink one. Like today. Give me credit, though, this was only my third one in 2013. =)

My question is, though, does anyone drink diet (zero-cal) soda regularly? I have no intention of taking up that hobby, however I would like to know if anyone has seen any impact (negative or not) from drinking it regularly while calorie counting.

I've drank diet soda for over 2 decades now, and have had no ill effects from it. I also use sugar substitutes for coffee, etc. Lately I like this zero calorie tea--that I drink a lot of. Granted, I should be drinking more water--but the tea tastes a lot better.
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Finding my mind :)
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I didn't read all the pages but wanted to chime in since I am the biggest (Diet) Cokeaholic I know! I drink 6-8 cans per DAY. It's horrible for teeth and bones and such, I know. At least as far as teeth since I tend to "gulp"- I don't sip on it, usually drink it in big swigs- my teeth aren't bad actually.

As far as weight loss goes, diet soda has no effect either way for me. It doesn't make me hungrier or fuller than any other drink. I just don't like plain water. I've tried the flavor packets from Crystal Light, etc, and don't like 'em. I've tried cutting it out and as you can imagine, I suffered a massive withdrawal! Sounds funny but it was a three day pulsating migraine and achiness all over, I could barely get out of bed. You'd think I was coming down from something a bit more hardcore. Anyways the only thing I notice it to effect is my stomach obviously is more bloated once I've gulped down a couple cans.

As a side note. I used to smoke many years ago when I was a young'un (ok I am not old at 28, but this was my late teens) and thankfully haven't done so in many years. Especially when dieting, Diet Coke was kind of my naughty vice to pull me through tough moments. I wouldn't smoke, and maybe wouldn't drink alcohol as much to cut down calories, but I could always have a diet soda. I'm no longer "dieting" but trying to make better choices and living a healthier, more active life. I feel like Diet Coke won't have a place in my life as I get further and further into my healthy living journey, but I am taking it one step at a time.
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That is my one vice. I love diet soda. I drink the soda stream variety, 1 liter a day. It absolutely does not make me hungrier or anything.

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My long ago evening treat was A & W diet root beer & creme sodas. Once they quietly added caffeine, I had to give them up. I would still drink those if they were caffeine-free. Sometimes in a restaurant, I will get a strong desire for diet pepsi. It's weird because i don't usually care for it at all. But at those times, it hits the spot. Since my recent/current big diet, I use Mio as a crutch to gt my water in. I do think it contributes to sweet cravings, but it also satisfies that itch. All in all I would rather that I didn't use artificially colored chemical concoctions, but anything that helps me control my weight is on the table, no pun intended!

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I like sprite zero and/or 7 up free

I know the sugar substitute isn't good for me (tonic water/soda water isn't widely available here else i'd switch to that)

But i love the bubbles. And it helps sublimate sugar cravings etc. I've drunk an entire 1.5 litre bottle in one day.

I'm getting better now, i try not to have more than a glass a day. I can't give up this coping mechanism
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Yes I do, but more then anything else I drink Seltzer Water. It helps my stomach, as I think I have an Ulcer. My oldest Grandson got me back on Coke Zero. Not that it's bad, but I kicked it once so I'll have to do it again.
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