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I know this is kind of an old thread, but I have always wondered the same thing. I quit drinking all carbonated beverages years ago because a diet doctor told me to. I drank nothing but tea, coffee and water for well over a year and it didn't seem to make any difference at all for me. I enjoy carbonation so eventually I went back to it. I have been dieting off and on since mid 2011 and I have diet pop every single day. I've lost 100 pounds so far, so I guess I can say it doesn't seem to hinder my weight loss. Although I have never tried cutting it out since I've been dieting to see if I would lose any faster without it. It's nice to know that others have reached their goals while drinking it daily. I quit smoking years ago and don't plan on going back to it, but I feel better since I stopped. When I quit drinking carbonated beverages I never noticed a difference in how I felt, so I guess that's why I don't see a reason to quit again since I really do enjoy it. I know the chemicals aren't good for me, but there are lots of natural foods that have poisons in them (don't ever eat apple or cherry seeds). I think it's all in the quantity and I drink more water than I do anything else. Some days I only have one can of pop, but other days I might have 3 or 4, just depends on what's going on.

I was on the Atkins diet from July 2011 to October 2012 and I lost 73 pounds. October 15, 2012 started WW's and got down to 255. Gained 25 pounds through the holidays, but got back on track June 2013. Got off track through the holidays again and gained back 10+ pounds

I will continue my journey to the end, no matter how long that takes.
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Yes, I have a can a day. It's one of my two vices, along with dark chocolate.
I do want to cut it out of my diet eventually but I'm not prepared to do it yet. It ties me over in the afternoons.
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Originally Posted by Paisleymama View Post
Yes, I have a can a day. It's one of my two vices, along with dark chocolate.
I do want to cut it out of my diet eventually but I'm not prepared to do it yet. It ties me over in the afternoons.
I don't think that moderate consumption of dark chocolate (specifically dark chocolate) is a vice.

I go back and forth on the diet soft drink thing. Right now I drink two cherry coke zeroes a day most day. I sometimes have a caffeine free coke zero in the evening (I don't drink caffeine containing drinks in the evening).

I do try not to eat/drink too much artificial sweeteners (just because...not because of any specific proof they are bad for you). But, I can't give up the caffeine. I keep trying to find a drink with caffeine and no calories but no artificial sweeteners. I hate coffee. Tea I am more neutral about. I don't love the taste but don't hate it. But, it seems sort of like a pain to make tea for one person. I would want it iced, not hot. Usually when I see it made it is for a large quantity which is fine for a group but not for just one.
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I drink it all the time. I always have--since I was a small child. Might be why I am not taller.

I don't think it makes me crave things, because my body is very acclimated to it. I can see that it might be different if you are using it instead of nondiet soda though.
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Originally Posted by Lyn77 View Post
The only problem I have is that if I drink anything "flavored" even if it is Crystal Light, then water never tastes good to me after. So I like to get in a good bit of water first or I wont want water the rest of the day. When I dont get enough water my skin seems weird. It may be all in my mind. LOL
I agree completely with this!

I had been a Diet Dr Pepper (ddp) fanatic for as long as I can remember. My life revolved around keeping enough in stock and when traveling had to find it. I drank about 6 cans (but many days a lot more) per day for probably 30+ years. I never liked diet coke or diet pepsi. (Note, with both of my pregnancies I did quit cold turkey and didn't drink it while pregnant or nursing - which resulted in a massive 2 day headache).

So... in July when I started calorie counting I knew I needed to start adding water (which I NEVER drank). So I bought limes and had crushed ice and starting drinking water. It was really good! One day I realized "hey, I only had 3 ddps today!" So then the next day I had 2, and then the next day 1. And that was it. I haven't had any since! I had not planned to quit ddp - I didn't even think it was possible! Now I love water. I don't bother with lime any more.

The funny part is, I teach HS and I quit in the summer. So when school got back in, I come rolling into school with a 12 pack of waters in my little rolling cart. Everyone was used to me bringing in 12 packs of ddp (at least 3 12 packs a week). And then people noticed me carrying water! No one could believe it. Most of all, some of my students! I taught this one boy who had bugged me all last year about quitting and how bad it is for me. He is taking a different class from me this year and he couldn't believe it. I couldn't wait to tell him! LOL He likes to take credit for it, and I told him that his persistent pestering did contribute to me quitting. But like I said, I had not planned to quit at all.

I feel like a monkey is off my back. I don't have to look for ddps on sale every weekend! I feel much better, not bloated. I still love desserts but things don't have to be as sweet. I don't think I could have done it during the school year. I do remember I took a lot of naps those days I was quitting. I didn't have headaches - no idea why. Oh! Just remembered something. I used to get headaches all the time. Every day I would take advil or tylenol once or twice a day. I would think it was because I needed another ddp, so I'd drink another one. Since I quit drinking ddp, I have had only one headache - the day I got my new glasses which are progressive lenses.

I think if you are the type of person who can drink just a few a week, you are fine. But, obviously I had a severe addiction. I do not miss it.

Now, if I could just get DH to quit! But I don't bug/pester him because I've been there.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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I used to drink diet soda every day. I stopped for a few days because I was getting headaches and I wanted to see if maybe that was the cause. The diet soda wasn't giving me headaches, however, it was severely affecting my appetite. I had the same breakfast each day and the day that I decided to drink a diet soda in the morning again I found myself hungry 2 hours sooner than the previous days. It definitely makes me want to eat more. I was in denial for so long because in my mind I thought I would know the difference between real hunger and artificial-sweetener induced hunger. Genius, of course. If I knew how to identify true hunger/boredom/etc I probably wouldn't be as overweight as I am!
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I drink LOTS of diet soda. For me, drinking diet soda has been IMMENSELY helpful for losing weight because I used to drink just as much regular soda, and at least its zero calorie. Then again, for every can of soda I drink I probably drink 3 times that in water, so I never see the appetite issues other people have mentioned. I also don't drink coffee or tea so this is my source of caffeine, and I would NOT survive without it.

(I've also always be very skeptical of the people screaming from the rooftops about how bad diet soda is for your health--I blame years of Chem/bio courses and the realization that "CHEMICALS WILL KILL YOU" is a load of malarkey haha)
"I'm loyal to nothing...except the Dream."
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I used to drink almost a 12 pack of diet coke a day! I am now down to one a day. Some people have to have their coffee in the morning. I like to have a diet coke w/ splenda. After that one, I stick with water for the remainder of the day.
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drinking some tea
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I have decided to completely cut out soda. I tend to want to eat more when I drink even diet soda. I'm replacing it with citrus waters. ^.^
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A little off the topic of diet soda drinking, but a year ago last summer I was a size 6. I started drinking Mt. Dew, loving the caffeine. Now I am wearing a size 14 and getting upset with myself, because I did this to myself! The soda is definitely the culprit in my weight gain. At one time I weighed a little over 300 lbs and got down to 130-140 (my lowest was under 100 but I felt horrid). At 140 I am a size 6-8 and feel good so that is my goal.

Today is my first day with absolutely no soda - only water. I can't drink diet soda because the aspartame makes me feels sick and gives me a headache. My doctor told me that there are a few diet sodas that have caffeine and NO aspartame, although I have yet to find them. Anyway, just wanted to make my first post and saw the soda topic...

BTW, before giving up Mt. Dew, I was drinking more than a 2 liter bottle per day.

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Originally Posted by littlemissbee View Post
I have decided to completely cut out soda. I tend to want to eat more when I drink even diet soda. I'm replacing it with citrus waters. ^.^
LittleMissBee, can I ask you how you make your citrus water? I can't have aspartame and it's in almost all diet drinks, so I have to flavor things naturally. If you can tell me a way to spice up plain water, I'd love it!
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I don't really drink soda anymore. I don't crave it so I only drink it when my boyfriend has some and I want a sip. Otherwise I would never have it. I never saw the point in diet soda, especially after cutting regular and realizing how hooked on it I had become. Even if it didn't impact my weight loss, I still don't feel attached enough to it to bother.
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I used to drink diet soda all of the time and then ran out one long weekend about 3 or 4 years ago and just kind of stopped drinking it. No real reason other than laziness (not wanting to buy and carry in the case from the store). I occasionally drink flavored sletzer (no sweeteners in it, just essence or whatever) but don't really enjoy soda anymore. I was never a big regular soda drinker, so the diet stuff wasn't to replace anything and I don't recall there being a significant change in my appetite when I stopped.
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I don't drink anything soda-ish. I only drink water, unsweetened tea and occasionally coffee.
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About ten years ago I drank diet soda occasionally for about one year. I didn't grow up on it and haven't really ever liked it, so no soda or diet soda.

Maybe once a year I'll drink a seltzer with a splash of cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime.
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