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What would you do?

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Default What would you do?

Hi calorie counters!

Okay today I burned over 500 calories on my bike this afternoon (per www.caloriesperhour.com) and I have only consumed about 450 so I'm under creating a -500 deficit. Not good since I keep my calories around 1500. What would you ladies do? Have a higher calorie dinner or try to eat my calories spreading out through the whole day, on only good food of course. I can't remember this ever happening to me before...LOL. I have read that eating too many calories at one sitting can be bad for your heart (example thanksgiving being a huge day for heart attacks). Did I just answer my own question?

Thanks! Like to hear your opinion on this.

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it just depends on what you really want to do!

do you feel like a major dinner? or many snacks?

i think thanksgiving dinner is a bit ott, as people can consume really huge amounts of calories-nothing close to 1500- on that day!

if i was you, i would have something between the two! have a really decent dinner that would also give leeway for some snacking! teehee!

well done!
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Don't know what time it is where you are but I'd probably eat a 200 calorie snack, a 600 cal dinner, then another 200 calorie snack if I felt I needed it.

Pb and celery is a good snack with a decent amount of calories.
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I'm not sure I understand the question.

I think you are saying you normally try to keep calories eaten at 1500 to lose.

And you had a -500 workout.

What would I do? I'd eat something between 1500-2000 total calories for the day spread out. Like eat every 4 hrs or so.

Since you've eaten 450 so far,

that gives you 1000-1500 to play with.

So that's another 2-3 meals at 500 ish each.

Started Jan 2016:
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I'm not sure I understand the question either. Is 450 what you've actually eaten or is 450 your net (what you've eaten minus exercise). If it's your net, I'd do nothing, exercise is a bonus and I personally do not eat back my exercise calories. If it is what you've actually eaten today then I personally would probably spread it out or add lots of extra veggies to dinner.
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I'd just stay within your normal parameters. 1500 calories is a nice amount of food and nutrients.
... Susan
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Thanks everyone for your advice and sorry for the confusion but you figured it out.

I had eaten 450 then excersized burning 500 so I had a -50 consumed (my math was wrong there).

I decided to say I had 450 by afternoon and ignored the excersize so I stayed a tad over 1500.

Thanks again!!! You guys rock!
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