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Default What do you do to make air popcorn edible?

Is it just me, or is plain air popped popcorn totally gross?

I'm so used to my Extra Movie Butter mini bags, in the microwave, I may just go back to them, and 140 calories be damned. I won't eat it as much, that's all.

But there's got to be tricks to make the air popped stuff taste great, right? Right??
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Um, I like red curry powder and a spritz of olive-oil Pam.

You could also try garlic and onion powder with said spray, and a small sprinkle of salt.

Yep, air-popped is gross, and needs a little fat, but the spray will take care of it.

(Edit: Just spray popcorn lightly, sprinkle with seasonings, toss in a bag and shake) (other edit: someone on another thread said a sprits of oil is 4 cal, so add that, I guess)

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cinnamon and splenda is nice for a kettle corn-ish taste.
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I don't like the texture of air-popped popcorn, but I also don't like the trans fats in the microwave popcorn.

Instead, hubby and I have been eating old-fashioned, pop-on-the-stove-top-in-a-covered-kettle popcorn. Hubby weighs the popcorn and measures the oil so we have an accurate calorie/carb count, and we figure it into our respective food plans (a lot easier than it sounds, because you only have to do the math once).
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I do the same thing as kaplods. It doesn't take much oil at all to make MUCH better tasting popcorn.

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Yeah the olive oil sprays work well. Also - parmesan and pecorino romano cheeses do not have many calories per tbspn full - and pack a lot of flavor. I sprinkle some of that on. There's Molly McButter Cheddar Sprinkles too - they're pretty tasty.


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A little melted butter (like 1 tsp) and a lot of fresh ground pepper + a little ground salt = mmmmmmmmmmm!
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I am not a huge fan either, I usually opt for the 100 calorie bags since the time that I eat popcorn is when I am snacky. It is fast and I am more likely to eat it and not "try" something else.
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I also opt for the 100 calorie bags because you get a ton of popcorn!!

For air popped popcorn though, I put either seasoning salt or a small shake of popcorn flavouring (20 cals for a teaspoon)
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I do the little 100 calories Orville Reddenbacher bags. They're delicious, and you get a pretty decent serving for low calories.

When I want a little something special (this may sound weird!), I add some McCormick Gourmet Seasoning salt - which is just garlic, salt, and celrey seed. Just a little bit is a lot of flavor. And sometimes, I'll even add a little fresh grated parmesan. Its great if I want a quick, light snacky food. :-)
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