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Short dresses here I come
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Unhappy Vent >_<

Sorry for this huge vent, but I really need to let it out on someone
So, over the past two months, I've lost over a stone- healthily. I do regular excercise, and as a veggie, I always eat more than my five a day, I eat when I'm hungry, and I have a fine calorie count for my height and age and all; I'm a lot happier, and a lot more confident with my new shape. However, the nasty effects have nothing to do with my body or health. But my "friends."
For the past year or two, two of my closest friends have always gone on about their weight; one is quite overweight, and the other relatively; they've both tried dieting, one ALOT, but it has never worked. Recently, one of my friends lost half a stone, but then broke their healthy eating and put it back on. Basically, for a while- since I've started losing weight- one has become snappy and distant with me, and today they both gang up against me in what's a typical girl way. I then find out that they've been... *female dog*-ing about me behind my back, saying that I'm too extreme and its obsessive and generally nasty things about my eating. It's really, really hurt my feelings. These are supposed to be my friends, so how can they be so malicious just because I CHOSE to act and stick with it when they DIDN'T.
I don't know how to act now, because it's not full blown and out in the open yet. Any advice?
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Let's face it your "friends" are jealous. Try to ignore their comments and do what is right for you.
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I generally find with women, that it hurts their feelings when they cant aspire to what those close to them do. Take for example: lets say you all are single. Then one day you meet the man of your dreams and the two of your fall madly in love and get married. You still spend time with your friends, and nothing with them or you changes. Yet, they are still single and resent you purely because you are happy.

If these are friends you care about and do not want to loose, then address the problem. If not then resentment and tension will just build on both sides until the damage is irreparable.

Offer help in the sincerest least self righteous way possible. Be their support. They are mad at them self for not being able to it themselves and are manifesting that stress on you.

If that doesn't work, then slowly let them be by themselves. Dont negate your progress by giving into them. Find other friends that value a healthy life style and offer support. Stay strong and good luck!
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That was really catty of them. Try to not take what they said to heart (easier said than done, I know). You keep on working on you. I bet they come around in the long run.

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love it or lose it
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This is why I have only one really good female friend. Most girls/women can be just downright mean. She is the only one that has and would support me in anything I do.

If they talk bad about you behind your back and say mean things about your eating better and taking care of yourself, then they aren't true friends.

I would rather be happy and healthy and not have friends, then have friends that upset me and talk trash.

I am sorry that this happened.. I would be very upset too. Its not cool to find out that people you thought cared about you would be this way
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Default This is nothing!!

About 4 years back, I put on about 50 lbs when I was sick due to different drugs. It took me 1 and half year to lose all that weight with healthy eating and lots of exercise and one day my once-up-on-a-time best friend calls me and asks me what kind of quick weight loss pills I am taking?

I was mad and hurt and then I heard that somebody has been spreading rumours about me in the town that I am trying some quick-fix and thats the reason am loosing weight.

It hurt a lot first but then I decided I had 2 choice, start emotional eating again and go back to what I was-over weight an depress and prove them right because they can say that pills back-fired ORRRRRRRRRRRRRR just make new friends who have my good at their heart. I chose the later and believe me , I am happy
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It's jealousy and rudeness plain and simple!

I agree with yomamathehun 100%, talk to them if you care to remain friends, and if not I'd find new friends.
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Short dresses here I come
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Thanks everyone
I think you're all right...I mean, If they can't be, you know, supportive...then I guess they aren't worth it. It isn't the end of the world for me, and like **** am I going to stop my progress for THEM.
So, I guess I'll see where things go, and if they don't get any better, it'll just be the end =/
Thanks alot~ Posting here realy helped
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