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Default Counting calories in Receipes???

How do I calculate calories per serving in a my husband's lasagna?? I added all the calories in each item he put in it now how do I determine how much is in a serving. He made enough for us to divide in squares that are about a two cups a serving. I don't know how many servings it will make as he is just putting it in the oven.
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How many servings can you get out of a pan? 8 squares? 10 squares? I would take the number of calories and divide by the number of squares you deem a serving. If the whole recipe is 2000 calories and you can get 10 squares then each square would be 200 calories.

Oh and I realize your hubby might want a bigger square so make sure you cut your square accordingly.

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Hmmm I actually normally do the opposite (I use TheDailyPlate). I'll input all of the ingredients as a "meal" and then tell it the amount of that "meal" I ate.

So the pan of lasagna for me would be (1) serving and I would then just estimate the amount of the pan that I ate and input that as a fraction. So I ate one row of the pan and there were about 4 equal rows so I would input 0.25 and viola! I have all my counts.

I find this to be simpler and nets out to the same result.

I don't think it really matters, just whatever is easiest for you. If you wanted to hit a specific target # of calories in your meal it is tougher. You would have to add up all the ingredients, then divide by the number of calories you are targeting and cut a piece that small. I personally find that way to obsessive (are you really going to cut your lasagna into exactly 17 100 calorie pieces or whatever)
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My fitness software has a recipe builder. I use their online subscription service, FitWatch. I found them after an extensive Google search for recipe builders, but realized they have amazing calculators and journals etc. too. It's $5 a month and I love it.
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