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Default Seasonings and Calorie Counting

Do you count the calories in the seasonings that you use on/in your foods? The trouble I have is that we are huge seasoning fans and have hundreds of different seasonings from all over. Almost none of them have the nutrition facts on the jars, so how would I even know?



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I would skip the seasonings and use fresh or dried herbs and things like garlic, ginger, peppers... Most pre-packed seasoning mixes are like, salt licks for very salt-craving salt fanatics. Although, I seem to see things like Mrs. Dash with no salt - or sodium? - and those you could probably just not count. Liquid seasoning, like a Lawry's marinade - ugh. I think I recall seeing a calorie count similar to salad dressing for one of those, once, and I really just use what I mentioned - oil, dried or fresh herbs and spices, garlic, onion, peppers...

Just my $.02.
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If you don't care about sodium, then you probably don't need to worry about counting any of them. I don't. For an example, it takes 5 fresh basil leaves to get just ONE calorie. Herbs, spices, salts, etc are all incredibly low in calories.

If you do care about sodium, then plain herbs/spices still don't need to be counted... but you'd want to be keeping track of things like garlic salt or celery salt or a mix with salt in it.

The only exceptions I can think of would be things like taco or chili seasoning packets, which probably contain some sort of thickener like cornstarch, liquid seasonings/pastes that may have oil, bouillon or soup bases, or any mix that contains sugar. But most of those things DO have nutrition labels on them.

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Hm. I don't usually count and spices and seasonings--unless they are the highly processed things like popcorn cheese sprinkles or something. Mrs. Dash, cinnamon, ginger, etc. Nope, I don't count.

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I've never counted seasonings. I get enough of a headache counting FOOD..and I'm a season junkie just like you. I'd go mad! LOL
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I never count seasonings either.
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I also do not count any of the dried seasonings or spices I use. Too much hassle, especially when seasoning to taste!

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Nope I don't count seasoning, and we love to use seasoning on our steak.
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I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! My husband is cooking his delicious lasagna today and I was wondering about the calorie count on seasoning. I sat down at the computer and here is my answer!!

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I don't count dry seasonings, but soy sauce and condiments, yes. And I do measure!
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