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Default Quick Breakfast Ideas?

Hello, ladies!

I'm going grocery shopping this Friday and every morning for the past two weeks I've been stumped on what to eat at breakfast. So far, I've been sticking to a bowl of Honey nut cheerios with ff milk but that gets old fast...what I need is some breakfast ideas that doesn't take long to put together (I'm a college student with classes in the morning) I prefer something that would be under 250 calories. I also find that cereals doesn't really fullfill me.

My friend does Jenny Craig and they have this breakfast with 7 little dollar pancakes and 1 sausage equivalent to 190 calories and I'm not overly fond of syrup so I only use a tablespoon of the light ones (comes up to 220 cal w/ syrup). THAT kind of breakfast makes me feel satisfied--not a bowl of cereal. I'd do Jenny Craig but it is WAY too expensive for me. So pretty please can somebody give me some ideas? No CEREALS please lol.

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I like soyogurt with sliced strawberries, ground flax and chopped walnuts.

A sprouted grains English muffin with a tiny bit of avocado and a veggie "sausage" takes only a few minutes in the toaster oven when you thaw the veggie sausage overnight.

A nice mug of hearty soup such as split pea is a lovely morning meal.
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Mmm - the pancakes sounds yummy! Maybe you can find something like that in the frozen section, pop them in the toaster? I am a HUGE fan of Eggo Plus Blueberry Waffles - fast, filling, and 160 calories - for two!

I also like toast with PB - I get light Caraway Rye bread which is 130 calories for two slices. Coupled with the peanut butter, it is a VERY satisfying breakfast and makes me feel like I've really indulged

I also eat Kashi Go Lean and add fruit - for under 300 calories, on days I eat this, I can go until 1:30 or 2pm before lunch (if I have to!)

Good luck!
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Even after all these years, I have trouble making myself eat breakfast.
I think I learned this one from Ilene ... I'm soaking oatmeal in ff soy milk and will eat it when I get back from my walk.
... Susan
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a filling breakfast for about 250 cals?

erm...2 slices of toast without butter, (use the low calorie bread, 60 cals per slice) 2 slices of turkey bacon (25 cals each) and a meduim poached egg (80 calories)
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Kashi waffles, topped with lowfat yogurt and sliced strawberries.
Also, weight watchers english muffin topped with fat free american cheese and sliced tomato.. toss it under the broiler... YUM
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I hard-boil a bunch of eggs and have one every morning with breakfast.

The famous weight-watchers pumpkin muffins (1 can of canned pumpkin + 1 package of spice cake mix, mixed, and baked per directions) are a great breakfast, I think one muffin is under 200 calories.

I also have baked a frittata on a weekend, and eat a piece every morning.
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This has been my standard morning meal and I don't get sick of it b/c I can change up what I put in but here is the basic idea:

* 1/3c rolled oats (so cheap to buy in bulk at the store)= 80 calories

* 1 scoop of whey protein powder (I love the brand designer whey in both vanilla and strawberry)= 90 calories

* 1/2c unsweetened almond milk= 20 calories (if you can't find it then just you a little milk with water or just water)

* Your choice of frozen or fresh fruit= 80 calories

* Dash of splenda= 0 calories

* Mix all together and nuke for about 3 min.

So as you can see this is a very filling and nutritional powerhouse of a breakfast which takes less than 5 min to make. I hope this helps!
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I have to be at work at 7:30 am - so breakfast must be quick and easy.

Zone Perfect Bar - 210 calories and 15 gms of protein. Grab & go!

My current fav is Chocolate Coconut Crunch, but the Mint is also very good.

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I just got this in my e-mail box from SP, maybe this could give you a few ideas and help as well? (I'm copying the article, since the website address is blocked here.)

Members Share Their Favorite Breakfasts

Think you've seen it all when it comes to healthy breakfasts? Think again! If your mornings are filled with oatmeal and cold cereal because you're short on time, try some of these breakfast ideas from SP members like you. They're simple, quick and healthy—breakfast will never be boring again!

* "I enjoy cottage cheese with fresh fruit and some kind of whole-wheat bread. I also like to make a parfait with yogurt, fresh/dried fruit, granola and honey."

* "I like plain fat-free yogurt (Greek Style from Trader Joe's), sugar-free jam and 1/4 cup of grape nuts. It has only around 170-190 calories and it keeps me full until lunchtime."

* "I eat sandwiches for breakfast with a glass of fat free milk. I always pack it and eat it when I get to work. I use sprouted grain bread and any of the following combos: 1) Peanut butter, honey and banana, 2) Sprouts, avocado and tomato, 3) Bacon, egg and tomato, 4) Hummus, turkey, lettuce and tomato, 5) Tomato sauce, part skim mozzarella cheese and veggies, 6) Roasted veggies and mozzarella, or 7) Avocado, lettuce, Parmesan cheese and chicken breast."

* "Egg beaters and fresh veggies! Put 1/2 a cup of Egg Beaters in the microwave (directions are on the container) and about halfway through, when you're told to stir, just add some fresh veggies and low-fat cheese. The great thing about it is that you can add different things to it every day. Since I started eating it in the mornings, I am not hungry until lunchtime! It takes about 3 minutes max to make."

* "Here is an odd one I eat: two Kavali 5-grain crackers and one tablespoon Saba roasted eggplant. I also like one Babybel cheese on two of those Kavali crackers."

* "If you like smoothies, you can try making one with protein powder (or soy milk), skim milk and frozen strawberries/blueberries. Only takes a few seconds to blend one up."

* "I like having soup for breakfast in the winter."

* "My personal favorite: banana milk. I am not sure if you can make it ahead of time, I guess you could try that, but it takes me less than a minute to make: use a mixer to blend half a cup of milk and a banana, and ta-da!"

* "Not sure if this works for you, but around here we eat sandwiches for breakfast often. My boys LOVE peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast. You could try that. Whole grain bread, lean meat, maybe some tomato & lettuce, cheese, etc."

* "I'm kind of a fruit and yogurt with a handful of granola gal right now. I also like Luna bars and a piece of fruit."

* "There is no rule saying that you have to eat 'breakfast' foods for breakfast. Soups are good, sandwiches, even salads. If it's a matter of just wanting something quick and easy, try a couple of pieces of fruit with some peanut butter or other nut butter or maybe a peanut butter and banana/apple sandwich."

* "I'm not vegetarian but I love a BLT made with Morningstar veggie bacon strips, a large spinach leaf, sliced tomato on a toasted light Thomas' English muffin. You could add a little hummus or light mayonnaise to that as well, or more vegetables, onion, etc. Also both Trader Joe's and Morningstar make veggie corn dogs that I could eat for any meal including breakfast!"

* "A bowl of fresh berries topped with yogurt and slivered almonds and a half a toasted whole wheat bagel with fat-free cream cheese or goat cheese."

* "Make your favorite quiche filling (use veggies, meats or cheeses, in any combo you like—I like broccoli and onion or ham and broccoli) and grease a mini muffin pan. Fill the cups 3/4 full of the filling and bake until done. Pop them out into a Tupperware or put into Ziploc bags to grab on-the-go. You can heat them in the microwave for a few seconds or I even enjoy them cold!"
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I love a Kashi waffle with peanut butter and a bit of honey on it. Yum! It's fast, easy, and has enough protein to get you through the morning.
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mmmmmm.....I soooo want a BLT sandwich now!! lol.

I too am a non-traditional kind of girl. I've been known to come in first thing in the morning and have tuna and pickles for breakfast. I drain a whole can and just add a couple of spoon fulls of pickles (the ones without calories) and eat the whole can for breakfast. Not more than about 150 calories and packed full of protein.

But for the most part, i make egg white omelets for breakfast. I use about 1/4 cup of egg whites, cut up a peice of ham or a peice of turkey sausage and use low fat shredded cheese. usually not over 120 calories...and lots of protein. I throw it in the frying pan, takes about 3 minutes to cook, put it in a tupperware dish, bring it to work, throw it in the microwave and eat at my desk. I choose to eat at work so i don't have so long to wait until lunch time!! lol. I'm too busy getting myself and the kids ready for school to be hungry before work at 8:30am. This and a yogurt or banana for snack at about 11am hold me over until lunch at 1pm.
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This is what I have for breakfast most mornings:


1 c skim milk
1 scoop protein powder (I like the Whey Gourmet brand, especially the chocolate peanut butter flavor)
2 tbs unsweetened dark cocoa powder (I use Hershey's Special Dark brand)
Few sprinkles of cinnamon (about 1/2 tsp)
1/2 frozen ripe banana
1 ice cube

Blend and enjoy! (300 calories)



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What about those south beach Refrigerated Wrap Kits? it only takes 1-2 minutes to microwave... they are soo good. or at least i think.

I'm not really doing the Southbeach Diet, but I love some of their food... here's some of em, http://www.kraftfoods.com/esi.net/so...name=sbdpub&d=


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I'm usually an oatmeal & yogurt girl, but when I want to switch it up I'll have 2 whole grain waffles (180 cals) & top w/ a table spoon of grape jelly I microwave w/ a splash of water to thin it to a more syrup like consistancy (50 cals).
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