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Lumpy breasts and rib/abdomen?

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Default Lumpy breasts and rib/abdomen?

From March '13-March '14 I lost 60 lbs and have since maintained my weight within a few pounds. I exercise as much as I can and while not eating the best I eat better than I ever have. June '14 I found a lump at the very top of my right breast and had an exam and an ultrasound. The US did not show anything where the lumps were. My doctor, the tech who did the US and the doctor that read it all felt the lumps themselves. He wanted me to see a surgeon but we never went that far. He did not do a mammogram because of my age (26, female). I have found if I avoid caffeine and don't touch them they're fine. I have the same lumps in my left breast so that makes me feel better. Now, a few weeks ago I ran a mud run and injured my left breast. Because of that I was poking around and noticed some small lumps under my left breast along my ribs. I also found a couple on my right side and the more I feel the more I find some of them are in identical places. I'm worried because the US was just of my right breast and not my left. I've came to the conclusion I've always had the places in my breasts but never noticed them. When you're almost 300 pounds you miss a lot of things. In June I was also diagnosed with an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. I have not been diagnosed with PCOS but I'm beginning to wonder. They took blood to check for infections and diabetes in June but all came back clear.

After looking around here I've noticed people mentioning they have found lumps after losing weight and from what I can tell they seem similar. Anyone have lumps in their breasts or rib area after losing weight? I'm trying to narrow down what they could be. Fatty deposits, lipomas, normal lumps, etc. They're not visible to the naked eye. The only way to know they're there is if you press kind of hard and even then my mom thought it was nothing. There's no pain other than slight discomfort if I sit angled to the left. I'm also worried about my birth control messing me up. Since I've been losing weight I've had to switch three times. The last put me in what seemed like early menopause. Now I'm on Loestrin FE 1.5. I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor for another breast exam and to have my lumps checked out asap.

Anyone with anything similar? Sorry for the long post!

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Get them checked by a doctor. They could be cysts or maybe you just have lumpy breasts. I have naturally lumpy feeling breasts but I've had them checked multiple times and the doctor has said that they're normal. Mine aren't visible either. Usually breast cancer is very painful, at least that's what my mum told me because she had it recently. My mum had multiple lumps like that for many years in the past and they were cysts, although not cancerous. She didn't get breast cancer until her late 60s.
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