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amyk0202 05-17-2014 03:55 PM

Help! Plastic surgery solution for lateral thoracic laxity
** Please note that the links attached include before & after pictures from plastic surgeons so they do contain nudity. **

I've lost about 100 lbs & am in the process of finding a plastic surgeon to take care of the mess left over. One of the issues I have is lateral thoracic laxity--a roll of skin & fat that extends from the side of my breasts to under my armpit. Here is a an example (not me): http://www.drjhall.com/pages/breast_red27-ba.htm The 3rd & 4th pictures show what I'm talking about. This surgeon did an anchor lift & extended the cut around & excised the skin entirely & that is one solution I've been given.

The other solution I've been given is to do a lollipop breast lift with a big enough implant so that the skin is stretched out & the roll is mostly gone like this (also not me): http://www.zinsserplasticsurgery.com.../breast-lift-1 (go to the 2nd patient with the tattoo on her chest)

I do need a breast lift anyway & I've been told that they will have to remove a lot of my natural tissue so I will need an implant to get the correct shape & projection (kind of ironic since I'm a 34G or 36DDD right now). I guess I'm looking for anyone who has had this procedure done. I like the idea of not having a scar that goes around my side but mostly I'm scared that a scar in that area will always bother me because my bra strap will sit on it. I don't want a lifetime of irritation. But, if I have it cut away it will definitely be gone. If I go with the lollipop lift, there is a chance that I will still have a skin roll there--just smaller than I have now.

Has anyone dealt with this? What did you do?

Brandis 05-17-2014 05:14 PM

What if you did a lollipop lift first, and then had the roll removed later if it was still a problem? If you went with the excision, and ended up with a scar, it might not bother you, since scarred skin will likely be insensitive anyway. Just a thought. Congratulations on the 100 lb loss. That is amazing!

Underwater 05-31-2014 02:16 PM

I have a long scar from my tummy tuck - it goes from behind one hip, across the front, to behind the other hip. I just less than 4 months out and it does not bother me at all and my underwear and jeans rub on it all day.

If your surgeon is good - make sure you consult with a few - I wouldn't worry about scar irritation in the long term.

For the first 6 weeks it was covered with gauze & padding so while it was still in the scab phase it didn't bother me much either.

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