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BlueHorse17 03-23-2014 07:13 PM

Discouraged with lose skin...
After about two years I have finally come to the point where I need to work on maintaining, now. While lifting weights has helped tighten some of the excessive skin, it is not to the point (especially on my arms) where it is just hanging off. And it's sagging about an inch and a half or so. I'm beginning to feel self-conscious and have been wearing a sweater often because of it. It's weird. It's almost like my overall body frame looked better when I was around 130 and not 120...

amandie 03-24-2014 04:29 PM

I've heard that nothing is to be done about loose skin other than surgery and/or time. Weight lifting will help the appearance because of the muscles underneath, but not for the skin itself.

So you just reached maintenance? Good! Congratulations. Now, try to maintain the same weight for a long time, at least a year or two. Do this before if/when you consider surgery to remove the skin since some maintainers on here say they noticed improvement with time once the body sort of "settles" at one weight.

It sucks but I'm sure you feel a lot better than you did at 245?

BlueHorse17 03-25-2014 02:35 AM

Thank you. Here I thought after losing the weight everything would be peachy. For me, personally, I feel like trying to maintain is just as hard, ha! Some times I feel like I want everything to backfire but then I have to catch myself.

MauiKai 03-25-2014 07:34 AM

Maintenance IS the hard part. Dieting is no fun usually, but maintenance is the real work. That is why so many of us here have lost the weight more than once.

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