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Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

Breast augmentation/lift?

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Default Breast augmentation/lift?

When did you get one or how long are you planning to wait before getting surgery? Did you wait until you reached your goal before getting 'the girls' fixed, or did you do it 15-20 lbs from goal? Six months or a year after maintaining?

I have come to realize that the areas I am most self conscious about are my breasts and my dreaded muffin top. I know the muffin top will go away with more weight loss, toning, and time, but there is no hope for my breasts whatsoever.
It's something that has bothered me my entire life and I have always wanted fixed. TMI alert: My breasts have always looked saggy despite my weight. The weight loss didn't cause the sag, they literally just came in that way and have been saggy my entire life. I'm young, in my early twenties, have never had kids, but if you saw my breasts alone you would think otherwise. I feel like this is really what is holding back having confidence in myself more so than the weight itself.

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I'm also curious about this subject. *listening*
Back in August 2013, I convinced myself to give my plan a shot until October 31, 2013. I told myself then that, when that date came, I would be grateful I had committed myself to losing weight. Sure enough, when October 31, 2013 came, I was deeply grateful and pleased with my progress. It's been 19 months and over 115 lbs lost, and I remain deeply grateful every day. There are no words to explain how worth it the hard work is.
Reached onederland 31.12.2013!
Became 'overweight' (BMI of 29.7) on July 29, 2014!

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I received this message from one member who wanted to share her story and experience but remain anonymous.
Here is what she told me:

I am past my fifties and have some of the world's oldest saline implants. Like you, I was young (17). Unlike you, my breasts never developed - AAA pancake chest. Go figure.
For you - I wouldn't wait for the weight loss unless your Dr says to. I know about the crippling lack of confidence. If it would make you feel better, go for it.
I have some of the world's oldest saline implants (it was all silicon at that time, my Dr. didn't want to use that). They've been WONDERFUL. I was careful to manipulate them frequently after surgery (not fun, but not bad) to ensure that they never got hard from scar tissue formation. They feel wonderfully natural, and I even had almost no breast fat to cover them. All these years later, I love them, and they DO NOT SAG. OK - maybe a teeny-weeny bit but they look great; unchanged from years ago.

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The same member was kind enough to answer some of my questions. These are the questions I asked and her answer:

Do you mind if I ask a few questions? I'm curious to know what your weight was when you were in your teens or if weight is something you have struggled with before? Or have you noticed any gaining/losing weight or inches off of your breasts throughout your gain/loss?
I was thin in my teens, which is why they could stretch the skin only so far.
Was size 8-10 all through my 20s - 30s, but had eating problems (separate story). Gained weight in my 40s, and past 50. Got up to the high end of size 16. Back down to a 12.
In all that time, there was almost no variation in my breasts because I did not have much fat cells up there to begin with. And implants stay put.
So, for you, the fat cells that are there aren't going anywhere. As you gain or lose, those cells will plump up or flatten out, but they will be encasing your implants. Your fat won't behave any differently --- but -- it will have structure to it. Namely, your implants will be against your chest wall, and that is what will keep you perky. The fat you have will simply be spread over that "structure".
Just make sure if you do it, that you follow all the post-surgical instructions to a T. I wanted to let you know how well my saline insets worked because they push silicon. But if implants ever break, as in an accident, it is just salt water, and will cause you no harm at all. And, noone ever said they didn't feel real!
Hope that helps.

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I am 49 years old. I lost 55 lbs. starting in July of 2012. In April of 2013, I was still 10 lbs. above goal weight, but I had a breast lift procedure done. I went from a saggy 38 DD to a perky 36 D. I did not need implants. Insurance paid for the entire operation. By mid May of 2013, I hit my goal weight. My breasts look great now, but I do have one scar that is thickened or hypertrophic. It may need treatment.

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One of my best friends got implants and a lift about a yr and a half ago at 29. She had lost 85 of the 105 pounds when she did. It did wonders for her self-esteem. It is something that I personally will look into once I finally lose-mine for a lift that I already forsee needing. Your best bet is to talk to a dr to make that decision. That's what she did. Good luck!

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I'm definitely going to need a breast lift. Having a rapid weight gain at such a young age did not do my "ta-tas" any favors. I'm not even that close to my ultimate weight loss goal, but as soon as I get the money, I'm getting it done.
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I haven't had it done, nor am i ever going to. However i have had one friend who got hers done after three children and she was thrilled with them. Also i met one woman when i was in my early 20s who had a similar problem to you though she was skinny. Actually both these friends were skinny so my advice doesn't really respond to your actual question. I also worked in a cosmetic surgery centre for a few months and learnt a lot about all this stuff. We had a plastic surgeon there. He gave us some talks with slides and stuff of how it is done and what can go wrong.

I think you should go and have a consultation with a plastic surgeon about them to determine when is the right time for you. Avoid cosmetic surgeons! Make sure he's a plastic because its not a simple operation and many doctors with inadequate training muck them up, or at least have done so. Get someone who has done a lot of this operation. Ask them how many they've done. Ask to meet one of their former patients if possible and take a look at their tits. Don't be shy. Make yourself ask the hard questions of the doctor and any former patients. Don't be intimidated. Do lots of research. The surgeons tend to come across really optimistic and positive. That's because they are salesmen. Try to see past that.

Don't just pick your surgeon from any advertising, get a referral from a gp who hopefully has seen the operation on their patients before and after and/or a referral from a former patient.

I know that because the first consultation is not a cheap event, most people tend not to have face to face interviews with more than one or two surgeons. So you have to try to find a surgeon who is good before you get to meet them.
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