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Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Default Question about losing breast mass...

I started my diet and working out today, I have an image in my head of what I want my figure to be like but the one thing that will always be a kind of blur to that image is what will happen with my boobs!

I'm a very large 38JJ on a 5'2" size 16 frame, I want to reduce the size of my bust of course but I'm curious as to what the appearance would be after a great amount of weight is taken from the rest of me.

I know they will never be perfect DD's - all perky and saying hello to the world, but what becomes of the tissue when fat is lost from gigantatits? Should I begin saving for corrective surgery? For a reduction/lift?

Probably not the greatest question to jump in with on my first day of posting but curiosity often gets me into all sorts of trouble ._.
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Welcome FatalKiwi!
No advice here, just wanting to say hi and good luck.
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I think the outcome will depend on age and genetics. Lately, mine were in a hurry to reach goal. My chest went down from about 45-46" to 36". 4" happened just the last 6-8 weeks. At my age gravity is taking over more than I like unfortunately. I have been working out regularly, so there is supporting muscle around, but boobs consist of fat and are definitely not immune to weight loss. I think it is hard to predict what size and shape you will end up with. I am now a 36D and used to be a 34B or C. So, I may still shrink a bit. My skin is not loose elsewhere and I hope everything will readjust with time. I would just go with the flow. You will want to be at goal for a while to see how your body changes before making any decisions. Strength training will help to keep you toned in the meantime.
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I've lost a lot of weight before and I have large breasts (pretty much the same size as yours) and my breasts ended up being shriveled. It really depends on how much weight you are going to lose, age, genetics etc. You can't predict what your skin is going to end up looking like.
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I don't know what will happen, but this is something I wonder about as well!
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I went from a 42HH to a current 32F or G with an 87 pound loss. My bust is still ample, but my skin is not the greatest. As every one is saying. Your results will drpend on age and genetics. I feel healthier and look better in clothing so the change is worth it.
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I'm going to go out on a limb here because I'm probably not normal.

The last time I went down to what was my lowest weight, my boobs "grew" as in I went from a 38C (170 lbs) to a 34D (135 lbs.). A few years later and about 20 pounds heavier, I went up to a 34DD and it wasn't until my weight got up to what it is now that I went to a 36DD or 36DDD, depending on bra style. My gain this time around was different then before - my butt, hips and thighs are bigger then they were at any other previous weight gain. I can only attribute that to my age and genetics catching up to me - larger bottom halves run in my family.

I've notice mine sag a bit now as compared to then (I was also 20, I'm now 28). I'm prepared for them to appear more droopy so I'm doing everything in my power to build muscle in my upper body so I can hopefully keep it minimal. Only time will tell and since I'm trying to be healthy, I hope there is a better look to me overall. I do think it really does depend on genetics. I personally want mine to go down as finding bras is a massive headache (seriously, how do you find them in your size?!). I like wearing cute underwear and hate that I tend to find my size in "full coverage" or "reduction" bras which feel like I'm strapping them down. I'm a tad scared they will increase or rather have the fat redistribute and I'll be stuck looking for huge cups and a small band size.

I wouldn't say "don't worry about them" but just wait until you start seeing your body change. Surgery is personal and I would absolutely support anyone who does it - a friend of mine did it and it was the best thing she ever did for herself. She does the gym, she has 2 active huskies and she eats well but her body didn't change the way she wanted. Surgery gave her a shape she didn't have but it also gave her a relaxed confidence - she is more comfortable in her own skin.

Just give yourself some time - you are already making a big change.
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