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Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Starting over sucks.
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I have enough of a pronounced apron that without talcum in the summer, I get rashes on my crease. even if I'm clean as a whistle. Thanks for the zinc tip!
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Just one more zinc tip - the zinc shampoo does a great job (for me) of preventing rashes and sores - but for treating sores (at the first sign of a sore spot, way before they become very inflamed or infected) I use zinc oxide cream.

The cheapest form of zinc oxide is essentially diaper rash cream. Walgreens has a "skin protectant" zinc oxide and a diaper rash cream zinc oxide - and they're the exact same cream only with different labels on the tube and box. The stuff life guards use on their nose is identical to the zinc oxide diaper rash creams used on baby's bottoms.

Not all diaper rash creams are zinc oxide based though, so you have to read the label. I actually have several types of zinc creams for flares of different skin issues.

Clear zinc oxide - for rashes, pimples and irritation on my face, neck and other spots I don't want to be blotched with white paste. Face potion is one brand. Usually (at least locally) you can only find this in the summer as a sunscreen.

A "creamy" zinc oxide, such as Desitin Creamy, Johnsons No More Rash 3 in 1 (I use Target's store brand, because it's the cheapest).

This I use at the first sign of a problem. It's creamy and feels like a lotion, so it isn't tacky or greasy. This is my standby for less-visible rashes and sores.

And finally, the big guns - a greasy "old style" zinc oxide cream (Target compares their brand to either Desitin original or A&D original, I don't remember which). Often the base is cod liver oil (I don't recommend the Walgreen brand because the fragrance doesn't cover up the fishy smell. The Target brand is cheap but smells as nice as any of the expensive brands).

The greasy ointment I only use for "emergencies." Skin that is already raw and painful (but no certain signs of infection. Pink-red is ok, but dark red and puffy I use antibiotic cream). This is also for areas that get very sweaty and therefore the non-greasy zinc creams tend to be sweated away.

Because the greasy ointments can stain clothing, I only use it at night (and wear ratty jammies).

Since I've got my skin care routine down, I almost never have to big out the greasy, nasty cream, but I keep some on hand just in case. Not long ago my favorite underwear brand (Just My Size boy cut) changed their waistband elastic, and just one day of wearing the new undies, left a very sore, raw rash at my waist (I was away from home or I would have just changed my undies as soon as I noticed a problem).

When I got home I used the greasy zinc before bed. By morning, the bright red, raw skin was barely pink, and pain free.

Hubby teases me because of all the different zinc products I have, but I haven't had to see a doctor for a skin infection in several years (and I used to have at least several appointments a year related to skin infections of one kind or another).
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