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Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Default Wrinkly skin from losing weight?

Does anyone have wrinkly skin from losing weight? I notice if I pinch my skin in many areas of my body, my skin seems to look wrinkly/ripply. Especially my stomach area if I suck in my tummy.
I am hoping this will sort it's self out (DISAPPEAR! lol) overtime as I continue to lose?
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Yep, I have that too. I find it kind of revolting, but then I think, I found my stomach equally revolting when it was much bigger, and at least this new revolting is a step in the right direction.

Apparently it does sort itself out over time. Factors affecting how well and how fast it sorts out include your age now, your age when you first put the weight on, how long you've been carrying it, how fast you're losing it, and whether you smoke, although I imagine there are others too. But basically it's just a waiting game. Good luck, and don't let it get you down!

Not currently trying to lose, as I'm a bit busy building a baby.
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I have a lot on my lower stomach—It's loose skin. Annoying, but I find it much better than being overweight.
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Yes, my lower stomach currently best resembles a sharpei. It did get better when I lost weight between my last 2 pregnancies, but it was never perfect. I did eventually get to stop tucking my stomach skin into my pants though. After 5 pregnancies and accompanying ups and downs in weight, I've given up on perfection though.
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I don't see it much when standing up, but when I bend over my tummy skin and the remaining subcutaneous fat sags instantly - its actually kind of fascinating

It gets better with time. I tend to lose weight and maintain in cycles and even within six or eight weeks of maintaining a new low I notice huge improvements in my shape and the skin issues. You may also consider looking into something like skin brushing to help with elasticity
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I am beginning to have this issue too. I've gone up and down a few times around this weight, but I'm just under 7 months past having my 2nd baby and have lost over 55 pounds in the time frame (plus I'm older now). I've never lost that much that fast before, hoping things will tighten up over the coming months.

I'm going to look into that skin brushing thing though!
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Yup, I have the same thing- I can only really see it if I bend over without a shirt or lay down with my tummy totally tucked in. I used to be sad and worry over it all the time at first but like others, I have grown to prefer it to being my highest weight.
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What is skin brushing?
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[QUOTE=Only Me;4393357]Yes, my lower stomach currently best resembles a sharpei. QUOTE]


this is exactly what i describe my lower tummy as.

a sharpei.

fantastic isn't it?

here's the thing though- even "getting naked-ish" around people, you can tuck it into your underwear even, or adjust your underwear to minimize it's look (Even though i wear very low cut underwear). this is the least of my concerns, and i consider it a trophy.

i like to think of it this way "i am a tiger, i have earnt my stripes".
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I have what looks like some wrinkly skin on my inner upper thighs area. If I'm in a pushup/plank potion I can see what looks like wrinkly skin hanging down on my stomach and the sides of my boobs! Also if I hold my face a certain way it looks like I have a little wrinkly skin under my chin! Hoping it's not all loose skin and could still be fat under the skin, so hoping a lower weight will make it less noticeable and firmer looking.
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Originally Posted by love2hike View Post
What is skin brushing?
I do this. I use a natural bristle brush with a long handle to brush my skin for about 10 minutes right before getting into the shower. I decided to do this after having a spa treatment where they brushed your skin as part of the process and gave me the brush to continue. I've seen some difference in tone/texture of my skin since using this technique for the past 4 months. Moisturizing vigorously and consistently also helps with the texture.
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Thank you Prim! I am excited to try this!
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Yup, kinda like a wrinkly old man butt but it's going to sticks thanks to my kids
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