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Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Default A promise is a promise, my dear

Okay, my wonderful husband has made a deal with me. He said that once I reach my goal weight and if I feel as though I still need it, he will pay for me to get a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation. Yay, me! Birthing three babies has done its damage. And when you add in - nursing all three, giving birth to a 10 pounder, and having the last two within 15 months of each other - well, it ain't pretty.

Anyone else done this or is anyone considering this when they reach their goal?
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Oh, wow, lucky you! (about your husband paying I mean)

When I get to my final goal I most definitely want to get a tummy tuck and brachioplasty(arm lift). Some people might discourage me because I'm young, but that's exactly why I want the procedures.. I've never had children and don't want any but my abdomen looks like I've given birth to twins and I'm just too young to have upper arms that resemble my late grandmother's. I worked very hard to get where I am as far as weight loss goes but some days I feel as though all my hard work went to waste looking at what I'm left with, how much obesity ravaged my skin. (of course I know the health benefits completely outweigh any residual issues I have with vanity and I wouldn't go back to where I was for anything)

It's also been over 3 years since I lost the majority of the weight and though age should apparently have been on my side, my skin absolutely did not "bounce back". The tightening of my skin post-loss has been minimal at best, and because I feel I deserve to be content with my body in the mirror, I think seeking plastic surgery is the right decision for me.

Best of luck to anyone else considering it.

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I'm definitely considering it I'd like a lower body lift, arm lift and a breast lift.. though I shall have to fund it all myself, which could be tricky, hehe. Though I'm far from goal so I shall have to see how I turn out.. but I'm betting it's not pretty.

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I love my muscles!
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I was planning on it. I've had 2 c/s babies, and always said I'd do the tummy tuck/breast lift/reduction after I was done with children and met my goal. I've reached my goal, and have been maintaining/with a goal of maybe a few lbs more, but now I'm not sure I'm gonna go through with it. I was excited and daydreaming about it. I even said so many times I'd go in and to it tomorrow, I'm ready! But when it was time to pick a surgeon and meet them, I narrowed it down to 3 to interview and even got friend's recommendations and now I'm not sure it's worth it. So I don't know if I'm going to do it or not. Maybe someday, but I"m in no rush any more. weird! Good luck to you, you sound so excited!

CC'ing/IF back to maintenance weight

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I get a trip to Italy!

We were watching a weightloss show, I think it was Heavy and the trainer promised the lady a trip to Greece if she dropped 80lbs and I joked that no one ever offered me my dream trip if I lost 80lbs and my BF told me that when I make goal I can have 3 weeks in Italy!

Best motivation in the world for me!

Current mini goal - 210

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My husband told me that after we have children he will pay for a breast lift, he knows I'm really insecure about my tatas which are saggy but at least full (I doubt that will be the case after nursing). I want to breast feed so it would be silly to do it now. Hope you find a good doctor and everything goes smoothly for you!
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I haven't had any kids, I was just obese. But I have decided if my body looks grody after I get down to my goal, I will consider getting a tummy tuck and boob lift / implants.
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tummy boobs and arms are all on the table for me. Boobs are almost certian as theyve always been tiny, barely between a C and D at my hgihest weight of 317 and saggy. Now a solid C and still saggy. If they stay in the B/C range i may just get a lift. If they get smaller getting implants to a full C. Arms and tummy will depend on how much the skin tightens up, i figure ill give it a year or two and if its still gross and im still holding fast maintaining at that point ill look into them... Now just to get to maintenance! Lol
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in desperate need of I had hoped just a TT and BL but as I keep losing more wrinkles and crinkles show up in other locations ie below my butt so I am now considering a BL and lower body lift. Yikes. I am a healthy weight but still want to lose another 15 lbs
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I waited till I was done having babies, then after rapid weight loss (from illness) and my last baby totally draining my boobs I had a boob job just 4 mths ago.

I do have some saggy belly, not bad, but won't even consider a TT - the scar is not worth it for me.

As it is, I am actually going in to get my boobs done again in 3 mths due to complications. Urg.
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Breast lift/reduction was on the table for me even before I got heavy. I've been C or larger since 8th grade. Right now I'm 34/32 DDD and saggy as heck. They've always been downward pointing but now they're a bit deflated as well. I'm young enough to want to know what going bra-less is supposed to feel like.

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I wish a could afford to get my breast done!
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I have promised myself a super duper, top of the range road bike. This may not sound like much but they can cost the same as a car.

I feel slightly negative about the arm wings and the apron but unless I can see a medical reason to lose them I am going to place them a clear second or third on the list of things. I reckon, though, were I younger I they would be more important.

I do want those nasty blue vein spiders in my legs blotted though. Come next summer and weight lost I want to be able to wear dresses and the veins are so darned ugly that I cannot see me doing it. Think that is a quick and cheap process though!
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Awww >_< so thoughtful of him. A good support system is so motivating.
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This time, it's forever..
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What an awesome reward!! It's really something to work for

Keep us posted!

"My body is God's temple. I will be a good steward of what He gave me. "

Gained 30 pounds in 2013. Time to lose it again for 2014!
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