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Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Running for my life
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Default Gross Stomach Pictures

Ok, got your attention.

Seriously though, this is probably the hardest thing I've ever done. I don't let anyone see my tummy because I have hated it for years.

Well, after reading many, many threads about people who are contemplating weight loss and not wanting to start because they are fearful of loose skin, I decided to take the plunge and post these pics. I am here to tell you, my stomach was THE WORST! I couldn't see below it and it hung down in a horrible way when I was at 235. Now at 142, it is, I'd say, 85% better.

I have lost 93 lbs. in 10 months. I am 47. I was very obese for more than 15 years. I have had 3 large babies, one being more than 10 lbs.

As you can see by the pics, my belly button has "sunk" for lack of a better term. I have stretch marks, which I consider battle scars. They are mainly from my huge babies though, and not my obesity. However, take heart ladies and gents. I don't know how well you can see these strange pics, but I can clearly see the outline of abs that have been buried under mounds of fat for years. This all after only 10 months! I can't wait to see how they'll look in another year.

Please, be kind. This is a huge step for me. Also, please ignore the messy bedroom in the one pic.
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I see the abs too!!!

I've been told loose skin and "pooch" is pretty common for mothers as well as those that have lost a lot of weight quickly. One of my good friends is probably 120lbs and she has the baby "pooch" too. I've seen it with my own eyes! It's not only found on the previously overweight!

I would say keep doing what you're doing and you'll definitely see more improvements over time! You're doing great!

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is super awesome.
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Ah, you give me hope. So much hope. I'm baby free, for now (trying to get healthier first, lol... sigh.). Hopefully I will have the same great results you have (and will)!!
From 6/2011 - 8/2012 I lost 116lbs with 3FC help! Now I'm restarting post April 2014 baby!

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I have about the same as you do, maybe a few more wrinkles. I haven't had large babies but I know my pregnancies have contributed...anyhow you're right who knows what time will bring. I've lost the weight in about 10 months too. Thank you so much for posting these pics, I don't have the courage to do it...yet.
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I can definitely see abs! I look like that minus the abs, ha.

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I got this
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Honestly, I think you look great! Keep doing whatever you are doing because I do see the abs/definition! You have given me hope because I have been worried about loose skin!

Thank you SO much for sharing your pictures with us.
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I've also lost about 110 in 9 months with diet and exercise. I haven't even started to tone or do any strength training.

I was 200+lbs for about 3-5 years and before that about 170-190. Now I'm 135 and wanting to be 110. I'm 29 yrs old, never smoked, never drink. I drink about 1-1.5 gallons of water everyday.

I've never had children and don't plan on it either.

My stomach looks flabbier than yours and so do my thighs. Since I have 25lbs to go will some of this go away/tighten up? I know I'll have some loose skin/flab I just can't stop thinking that I have 25lbs of loose skin and that I'll stop losing. I know, not likely but I get scared.

This month I'm changing up my routine this is something I will do every month until I hit my goal. I'm adding push ups every day and 2 days of work out videos. I already do the elliptical (HITT) 4 times a week for 30min, I also walk every single day for an hour and do 40 flights of stairs during this our in intervals.

I eat many vegetables, fruit (only berries), nuts, and I get a lot of lean protein, and I'm very low carb. I also don't eat anything processed. I eat about 1200 calories a day with 40 carbs a day.
I really hope I get there!
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My stomach looks about like that too, except my abs are still hidden lol. It's also from having babies. I don't really let anyone see my tummy cause of all the terrible stretch marks. Way to go on the abs though!

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Congratulations, girl -- I'd say you have developed a definite two-pack. (Might even be a four-pack, but I've been squinting at my screen all day & am feeling a headache behind my eyeballs & those photos are kind of small to someone of my advanced age.) That says so much about the work you've put in. We who frequent these boards all know you don't get your stomach to look like that by sleeping in late or sitting on a sofa all night long eating junk.
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You look awesome girl! Your tummy looks FABULOUS! This is great motivation for those of us who are worried about what our skin will look like once we work our butts off and get to goal! thanks for your bravery in posting (although I would have been PROUD to post these pics)

You totally rocked it!

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-Martha Washington

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Thank you so much for posting this! I have been so worried about loose skin as well. I have three children...all c-section births. I don't have stretch marks...but I do have a very big pouch, that hangs down over my scar. Hopefully this will improve as I lose weight.
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Not gross at all! You look fabulous Great work, I know it must have taken a lot of effort. And after kids?? WOOHOO! You should be super proud.
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Milmin.....not gross at all! You look absolutely amazing. In fact, our stats are very similar and my tummy looks worse. I had a set of twins so my belly will never ever look as good as yours. The skin on my tummy is shriveling up as I am loosing fat. Deflated elongated boobs and chicken skin belly....I'm soooooo sexy!!!! NOT. LOL
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It was so brave of you to post these pics Thank you! I hope my belly looks half that good when I lose weight.
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Your stomach doesn't look gross. I've had 2 kids so I completely understand how you feel. I think you look great and I can definitely see abs.
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