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Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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I too battle the dreaded flap. And I don't even have a baby to show for it. In 2004-2005, I had 15-lb ovarian tumor (a thankfully-benign teratoma) which was discovered in late 2005 when it began to push against my kidneys and cause excruciating pain. Prior to that, I'd thought my increasing belly girth was merely a symptom of my increasing weight and suffered for over a year while said tumor grew and grew. Anyway, once it was taking out, my stomach collapsed and started hanging over like I'd delivered the giant baby of the universe. Not very nice.

Post-surgery, I was about 240, but over the next 3.5 years worked my way up to 275 with my hanging belly ever growing in size and my lovely vertical cesarean-style scar dividing it into two echoing ... well let's just say what was hidden below. Ok so 65lbs later, at 210, said belly was a lot improved, however, I despaired how I would ever explain it to a future partner. Like I wouldn't have believe I hadn't at some point been pregnant. Anyway, suffice to say that now 95lbs later from the beginning, things are looking MUCH MUCH MUCH better. I can clearly see what lies beneath; the overhang, while still in existence, is minimal and manageable; the dividing vertical scar that gave me 2 hanging lobes no longer has that effect and lies smoothly with the skin; the situation is totally manageable.

And I won't say the difference has all been weight-related, some of it has been time-related too. I hit the 180s back in April 2011 and I still had a lot of the same concerns with my belly that I'd had at 210 (in January 2011). 6 months later, still in the 180s but having been on plan and worked out really hard (I confess mostly cardio, not much targeted ab work), everything looks a lot better and tighter now than it did when I first hit this weight: I've lost inches, I'm more tones and especially with the boobage and belly, things have vastly improved. I think a lot of it is giving the body time to adjust and giving the mind time to adjust to the body.
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I found the hipster jeans work great because it buttons and rests right over the belly flap and so no one notices *as much?* lol.

the only thing about that though, is I'm a bit hippy and well....I guess i'd rather be hippy than see my belly fat.
yep another 10-15 for me too! Then trying to go for Surgery!
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Glad to see this post because I am in the same boat and need encouragement. My "flap" is huge and like the poster I can't see certain things in the mirror either. Pretty disgusting and even though I have lost 40 lbs already that flap is keeping me from going down a size in jeans. Really how awful is it when you have to tuck it in and squash it down to try and zip your jeans? I am hopeful it will get smaller. I liked the poster who said hers doesn't start to flap on her hip anymore just in the front. I'll take that!
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is it dumb to say im not sure what you guys mean by flap, i have stomach rolls , like two tummys, but the 2nd ones more a large roll it doesnt hide my girlie. ive never had kids. is it a roll thats large enough to hang or sag all the way down? sry im confused. is it loose skin?? if its a roll on your stomach that hangs down chances are it wont go away til youre at a healthy weight for your height, at least thats what i think cause i find stomach weight goes off last of all.

Slowly getting there one step at a time.
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I'm gonna bump this and ask if anyone's flap improve greatly close to goal weight?( I had an emergency c-section a few years ago if that makes any difference)

I can not wear ANY dresses/skirts cause of this dang disgusting flap I have! It is only NOT noticeable when I wear snug jeans and a loose shirt... but anything else and forget it!

I want to be able to wear dresses with out SHAPEWEAR dang it!

AND don't get me started on the sound it makes if I'm going down the stairs in my night gown X.X....

I'm seriously considering surgery at goal weight to remove it. It gives me a PEAR shape in stomach region..

RESTART with new goal of 120!

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I'm gutted to say that mine has barely shifted and I'm close to goal. I really thought it would and it's the one thing I totally hate about myself. The only thing that looks like it will change this is surgery and I'm not sure I want to go there. I'll give it a year after reaching goal to make a decision.

I think it differs for everyone and there's no hard and fast rule.
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My flap has become much better the more toned I've gotten my abdominal area. It wasn't so much about losing weight this close to goal, but reviving all those muscles that hid under my fat for so many years. My stomach isn't flat and there is a little loose skin as a result of the obesity, but it is light years better than what I used to deal with.
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I am so worried about having tons of stomach fat. I am younger and I haven't had kids but I carry a lot of fat in my midsection so it still could get bad.

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This I feel. In clothes it's totally fine but I bend over and BAM. But standing even it's not really noticeable if that's of any comfort to anyone but I can not get over my current level of disgust about it but this is all new to me. It's really hard (and I lost the weight a bit more quickly then planned but I've struggled w/ED issues so um....and life stress happened so while I didn't/haven't relapsed i/r/t the ED it's really really really triggering to me. my weight's been ALL over the place the last decade).

I just came back to this board to post more but I have to re-read as I just kinda wondered back in here after a long time. It's a lot better then where I was, and as I've said I have a lot to read more of but I know a lot of you all say time helps/etc. I have to really work on weights and toning and give it time and I'm not at goal yet either.

It's upsetting but I was bracing myself for it- it's just I can't imagine being intimate w/anyone but obviously I have a LOT to work through first.

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Unhappy oh this thread is soooo not encouraging!

I've only lost 12 pounds so far but I am concerned about the flappy loose skin that will likely hang off my lower abdomen because I have a huge fat belly. Which is why I want to lose weight! I better start saving up for surgery now...
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