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Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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I have had this too. Even when I was bigger. I get a lot of attention because of my accent. But now that I am slim and I carry myself better and dress better the attention is crazy! And they do it in front of my husband!

I won't ever do anything because I am very much in love with my husband, but I like the attention. It's a confidence boost.

But my husband HATES it! He is paranoid someone is going to steal me away!

I think as long as it's harmless it's ok. But there is a line and sometimes they come pretty darn close to it.
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Originally Posted by msrubi46 View Post
plenty of guys I speak with have indicated," it matters. " It's one thing when you're with someone for years and they change physically, (and even then some of these guys aren't happy, they just don't tell), but when it's someone new????
Mattering and being a dealbreaker are completely different things, and it's easy to say things without actually applying them to your life (of these plenty of guys, were they just talking about hypothetical situations? real life is different!). Few people are wildly attracted to 100% of every single body part in their partners. Congrats on losing 97 lbs and getting strong.
Push on some more!

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Originally Posted by k8yk View Post

I think a lot of that is in people's heads. They make it seem that way on TV, but it has been my experience that men like WOMEN. They like boobs- whether they're big, small, perky or saggy. They like butts- big ones, small ones, wide ones and bubble
Or maybe it's just that I wouldn't bother talking to anyone who's such an *** they think women should look like the pictures in the magazines.
You hit the nail on the head.

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Default Married, attention from other men

Hello! I just so happened to stumble upon this thread when searching for "attention after weight loss" and I haven't read the entire thing, but was hoping for help, or guidance or just a "yeah, that's normal" kind of thing...

I had weightloss surgery in late December of last year and have since lost 63 lbs! I feel great, confidence is amazing and my sex drive is out of this world (I'm 35).

I too was the big girl growing up. I never got attention in high school as the "pretty girl" or guys being attracted to me at all. I was liked, just never got the attention I am now.

I am happily married and adore my husband, but I have to say the attention from the other men is actually refreshing and at times, appreciated. I do struggle with "why wasn't I good enough before" mentality, but I think what I'm struggling with the most now is being addicted to the attention. I crave it. Maybe it will pass, but right now I feel like it could effect my marriage because I enjoy the attention so much.

What do I do? Has anyone else felt this way? Am I wrong to want it?

I feel like a bad person for wanting the attention and enjoying it.

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