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The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing For discussion of the NBC tv show The Biggest Loser and the book Winning by Losing, by Jillian Michaels

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While I was glad that she won, I, too, think she's too thin. I'm not sure how tall she is, but she looked really good at her final ranch weigh-in. She'll put some weight back on, however, unless she's developed an eating disorder. Sadly, when I was doing Weight Watchers, I saw that happen with several younger members. Crossing my fingers that she gets to a healthy weight and keeps it off using healthy techniques.

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Happy for Tumi. Maybe the best smile I have ever seen on TV. Rachel way too thin. As a guy I can say immediately I was like woah....way overshoot. Best case she did it to ensure she won.

Bobby was also way too thin IMO. He looks fairly tall. I am a guy. There is no way you should be 170 at his height. He'd have no muscle whatsoever. Muscle weighs a lot. David..was just about perfect weight.

But egads Rachel did not look good attractive wise or healthy.

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Tumi was gorgeous! I'm so happy for her- and that DRESS! OMG.

I was texting with my cousin who's a clinical psychologist while watching the show, and she was definitely concerned about Rachel. She looked amazing at the last week on the ranch- this was just toooo far. I'm hoping it was just for the money (although I really wanted David to win), but she just looked...gaunt!

Hopefully she'll use some of that money to get the help she needs. (If she genuinely does have a problem, and didn't just do it for the money with the intent of gaining some back after)

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I'm also hoping that Rachel lost so much to get the prize only and will level out and get to a healthier BMI later...
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I think Rachel looked FABULOUS!
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I just read she is 5'5". 105 is WAY too low. I have a daughter and I would be just as concerned for health with those stats as if she was carrying a lot of extra weight

And as a guy, well one guy, it was not attractive at all also. There is nothing healthy about that weight at all.
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I think Rachel is a perfect example of the dangers of number focused transformations. The biggest loser competition is about % lost. Not fat % or muscle tone. Not health or overall lifestyle change.

I can't say whether she is healthy or not, because I don't know what she's doing. I don't know if she's starving herself. I feel just as bad saying she's too thin, as I do telling an overweight person they are too fat.

I wish her the best, and hope that if she is experiencing disordered eating or has developed a psychological condition that she gets help and deals with it. Overall, she's in a much better place than where she started.

I'm a fan of curves. I don't tend to find women beautiful who are underweight/borderline, because I think curves look healthy. Muscle mass looks healthy and sexy. I personally, feel she would rock a weight around 120/125.

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I was so sad to see Rachel at the finale. She was my favourite and I was so excited to see how she would look but the moment she walked out, both my husband and I look at each other with our jaws on the floor. I believe she went way too far. Bob and Jillians faces pretty much confirmed that.

I am hoping she goes back up to at least 120 now that she was won the money. Also, Tumi's transformation was the biggest surprise ever. I am so happy for her!

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Maybe Rachel felt like she had no choice, since she was up against two guys who could drop some serious weight. You gotta admit, it's a lot harder for a woman to lose weight percentage wise and be able to beat the guys without going to the extremes that she did.

I hope she puts some 10 to 20 pounds back on....
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I just started watching season 15 but I have to say that if $250k were up for grabs, I'd take diuretics and go on a juice/water fast to drop the weight then go back up. I think it is sad that people are judging her when I see women that look like her all the time. I think the dehydration is really what caused the low scale weight.
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Default re:

You know, I said something like that to myself this morning, "heck if it was 250k, I'd drop it in a sec."

Then I really thought about it.....and thought about the years of my life to be gained by losing the weight. I'm sure I'd gain that much $ or more.

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And one thing to remember, temporary dehydration is just that. Body builders use methods to drop water weight prior to competitions to have their muscles 'pop' and then they drink water and gain 20 lbs.

Also, I'd bet every contestant since the start of the biggest loser has used dehydration especially at the final weigh in.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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Nelie excellent points. It is a shame a show would push her to those extremes but 250K is a lot of money. I'd probably do the same. Hopefully she lives truly healthy from now forward.
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I must admit that I am in awe of her determination (and yeah, jealous of her loss). I'm sure she'll switch to healthy maintenance now especially with the continued help of her trainer and with the BL's nutrition team at her disposal.

Kudos to her.
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I wonder too if it's just shocking to see her at this weight after seeing her in the 260s. By comparison it looks drastic but according to several weight charts, even Rush's, she's only 8 pounds shy of the normal weight range at 115. People have mentioned her maintaince and she may put on 8 pounds, especially if she starts swimming again, but even if she doesn't, I don't think she looks as skeletal as the articles decry.
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