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The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing For discussion of the NBC tv show The Biggest Loser and the book Winning by Losing, by Jillian Michaels

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I am a BL newbie watcher (1st season) so it is actually quite interesting to see that everybody (watcher and contestants) are so hung up on Bob. He would actually be my last choice. One, Dolvett is HOTTTT!!! and two, I am an Anna fan (watched her play tennis a lot). So I would probably pick Dolvett just because I want to look at him A LOT or Anna because I want her body and learn how to play tennis like her. Bob is nice though.

Anyways, I wanted to comment on Bonnie. I agree she is whiny but I also think she loses slowly because of her age. I would give her a chance. I think she got a bit hung up on hating Anna too. So maybe Dolvett will work for her. Maybe she will get it. Being older and quite set in her ways doesn't help.

About Anna, I think she is tough and she knows about distractions from her own career as she said. I actually agree with her assessment especially considering Ramon and Jess are younger. At least it can't hurt to point it out. Ramon I think kind of proved her point with his reaction this week. It was childish how he was pouting after he found out he is going to be on Anna's team. Anna is hardcore and I am sure it is a bad idea to mess with her. She looks like a doll but being a successful athlete should tell you she is not messing around.

I am glad they mixed up the teams because lots of people just got too focused on team politics and "I love/hate my trainer". Never a good idea. You got to focus on losing and working hard only. Don't lean on your buddies or trainers. It is all about you and only you can do it. John proved it, after his meltdown about losing Bob he pulled off a massive 15 lbs loss. Impressive. I think he can make it to the end if he keeps his head in the game.

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I just watched on Hulu. I was rooting for Jess, so disappointed that they chose to keep Bonnie. Strategically, though, that was the right decision for the black and blue team members.

I guess I'll root for Sunny. Maybe John.
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I am so glad Anna was able to work with someone besides people my age!

I 'spose I would want Bob too..(nah..I would want Anna!!)....but Bob has the experience...

Maybe Bonnie isn't as bad as the show does "show"...I can't stand her but the folks seemed to talk better about her than we do...

yep, she doesn't look like a threat...but omg what if!!? she goes all the way...

I can understand Ramone being po'd....and Jessica too.
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First wanted to point out that Sunny actually lost 14lbs this week April. Last week she gained the 5 taking her back up to 232. Her starting weight this week was her actual lowest weight from the previous week of 227. So she really did lose those 9lbs plus the 5 she'd gained the previous week.

It probably was longer then a week this time because they did all have great numbers, but most of them had low numbers last week so it's expected that they'll be much better ones this week.

I thought it kind of sucked that the blue team didn't help Ramon out, but they were probably right that Jess is most likely going to be a big competitor for the marathon. And while we're all annoyed with the way Bonnie acts we have no clue how they all feel about her. Maybe in the footage they don't show she's like a grandma to everyone. Who knows. Not to say I want her there anymore than anyone else. I'm so sick of hearing, "Oh gracious, Oh my!"

So perhaps Ana is a decent trainer, but seriously her people skills suck. That talk she had with them when they became the new blue team was awful. I wouldn't have wanted her for a trainer either.
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Originally Posted by April Snow View Post
And all the kudos to Sunny for a 9 lb loss? Nope. She GAINED 5 last week, so she's at a net of 4 lbs loss spread over 2 weeks. In Biggest Loser terms, that's terrible!
No, when you gain on TBL the next week you go back to the previous starting week. So it is 9 over 2 weeks and 23 over 3

Bonnie is irritating.
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Originally Posted by juliemama View Post
Okay it is now officially driving me crazy... when Ramon weighs in, his tattoo on his right shoulder (deltoid) looks to me like it is something in the shape of a crest, but I keep thinking that the producers are blurring it - it looks like it is solid black. In the water slide challenge, he had that tat covered with a bandage! I am dying to know what BL doesn't want us to see... anyone have any ideas?
One of the NFL teams has that emblem on their helmets - Oakland maybe??? That's what I've been thinking it was, and they don't want to give any team that doesn't pay for advertising have their emblems shown.
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I am happy for Sonny for hanging in there and working her plan.
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Does anyone know how tall Jessica is? I was kind of startled when she said she weighs 185 and wears a size 10. I'm almost 30 lbs. lighter, and I wear a size 12. Of course, I'm 32 years older than she is, but I lift weights and work out. Just a little envious, I guess. I hope she does win the marathon and gets to come back as a finalist, though.

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I like Bonnie, though. I also always root for the underdog and the oldest person each season is the automatic underdog. In a year in which a 100-year-old man ran a marathon in Toronto (nothing to do with BL lol, sorry, my mind wanders), I love the new rules of aging, e.g., we are living longer than ever and need to realize we can be as active and fit as anyone else. Bonnie is maybe just finding that out.

That said, she certainly IS lol a whiner and seems terrified of getting hurt. I think that may be because she has gone through a lot of crisis situations in her life ... the flood in Louisiana, cancer, etc. She is like a person with post traumatic stress disorder, she is just frightened. But she is trying. I was glad they didn't send her home.

Bob is my favorite trainer but also love Dolvett and Anna is growing on me.
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Bonnie seemed to loosen up once she got with Dolvett. I bet Anna felt bad hearing Bonnie thanking Joe (I think it was him?) for letting her go with Dolvett and not Anna again, lol.. and saying she just began her journey now.. seems like Bonnie's relationship with Anna was even worse than they showed on camera.

And Anna is growing on me a bit too, not sure if Bob gave her some advice or she just works better with a younger team but she's improving.
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Originally Posted by Sheila53 View Post
Does anyone know how tall Jessica is? I was kind of startled when she said she weighs 185 and wears a size 10. I'm almost 30 lbs. lighter, and I wear a size 12. Of course, I'm 32 years older than she is, but I lift weights and work out. Just a little envious, I guess. I hope she does win the marathon and gets to come back as a finalist, though.
It looks like she's 5'8". FWIW, I was about a size 10-12 (pants) at that weight. It's probably just how you carry your weight. I have a large bust and big arms whereas I lost a lot in my thighs/butt ever since I got under 200lbs so now I can fit into a size 8-10 pants (I normally but tops made specifically for larger busts or get dresses altered so that size would be non-typical). I also have a large frame so I think that it helps me to be able to wear smaller clothes at higher weights.

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Default Excited for tonight's episode

I am late joining this thread, but I am super excited to see tonight's episode! Sad that Jessica got the boot, and hopeful that Bonnie will get it tonight!
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Last night was kind of weird. I love that they did a challenge where the trainers were involved too. Sometimes, it seems like they are a little bit removed if they are not in the gym or doing product placement.

Antone's response/reasoning to voting Joe off seemed out of the blue, like everything else. Maybe they all have stopped thinking like Patrick did at the beginning and really taking on more of the "this is a compitition" mentality and making decisions based on that.

Ramone was equally confusing to me. One minute he is angry with his teammates and not hanging with them at all, and the next he his seeming to work with them without a problem. Perhaps he is a "bigger person" than I. I have a hard time putting anger aside and acting like things are fine between me and "you" when they aren't.

How in the world did Dolvette pull 9 pounds off Bonnie?
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I am enjoying the season but I just keep thinking "what would these people have lost if Jillian where still there?" kwim?

What is it with Vinnie? I keep thinking he is going to start really losing those lbs. but week after week (except last week) his numbers have been really dismal for a guy his size.

I felt Antone's vote for Joe really showed his character. Out for himself. Didn't ever really like him but now can't stand him. I am def rooting for John. He is the one to beat.

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well they had to vote for someone
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