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The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing For discussion of the NBC tv show The Biggest Loser and the book Winning by Losing, by Jillian Michaels

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Yea, Rebecca was one of my favorites because we have the same start weights and such...and I loved her old hair! haha I think she may have been trying to get a different look than that other girl on the other season. SHe definitely seemed manic and weird though. Im sure her and Tracy will gain back a few pounds and get a more stable weight. Im sure glad Rebecca won the home-prize instead of Tracy! Oh and it was weird that Rebecca didnt hug Daniel after she won and went off putting her legs around everyone else. I thought for sure they had broken up or something...

Danny and Rudy looked so amazing! They are so little! lol Ive thought Rudy has been hot since the beginning. Oh la la. haha Im really glad Danny won though...he really seems like a good guy!

I cant wait to see Shay next season finale! I think she is soooo pretty!
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I did notice, with Rebecca and Daniel, that when they were all standing there in the group, after they'd changed to "weigh in," she was caressing his neck when they talked about him. At least I think it was her....

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Here is REBECCA'S interview...she talks w/o breathing AND about her romance with Daniel....

As long as I live I will TESTIFY HIS LOVE!
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Ok, I feel better about Recbecca, Daniel seems like such a sweet guy!

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Still thinking about the show...

Danny and Rudy both looked wonderful! I am so happy that Danny won. He seems like such a nice guy and family man and will inspire soo many others.

Rebecca-Ewww that hair!! I loved her hair after the makeovers. It was so beautiful. And what was with the jumping in Bob's arms? Bob seemed to have a closer bond with Amanda.

Tracey-OMG she looked so sickly. She definately needs to gain some back and add some much needed nutrition.

Shay-I thought she looked beautiful. When we met her back on week one she looked so defeated and beaten down. At the finale she just looked so vibrant and radiant of life. Did she need a challange like that to keep her going, no I think she's motivated on her own. I do wonder though if the challange was a way BL's fear she would gain it back as Eric had?
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Check out Danny's website. Hard to believe this is the same guy we saw on the show! It's got clips of interviews and Danny singing his song.


His wife is gonna hafta beat them off with a stick now.

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Default Special w/ Erik form Season 3

i saw on another board I visit: there is a speical jan 6th on Discovery health Channel w/ Erik from Season 3. It's called Confessions of a Reality Show Loser. I'm trying to find separate confirmation on this.

EDIT: here's an article that mentions it.


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See if this works... I was going through pics of the finale and saw this one... look at Danny and Rebecca in the background... top, left... very cute!


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I'm also still thinkhing about the show. I'm not satisfied with the Finale. I want another Finale, six months down the road, and then another Finale, 12 months out. In fact, I think they need another show, called "The Biggest Maintainer," and I want NBC's cameras to follow around these people while they're going about their daily routines, at work & with their families & while socializing. I think I might even learn more from that than from the gym sessions with Bob & Jillian interspersed with Jennie-O, Subway & Extra Sugarfree Gum product placement.

I admired what Tracy and Rebecca had accomplished as far as their musculature and upper bodies. It's a relief to me that they still have slight batwings & some skin sag in addition to their muscles. That tells me I'm not a freak. I'm not the only one who can flex & show off my guns but also deal with a droop in the lower part of my arm that no amount of tricep exercises seems to tighten up. Also, I related extremely well to the look of Amanda's stomach & the overhang above her navel. I want to know what's going to happen with that.

As for the guys, I turn all superficial when I look at them, and think about their physical attractiveness. Danny suddenly acquired an extremely handsome, turn-to-look-at-him face, long & chiseled, with cheekbones, like a matinee idol. His emotionality was also appealing to me. I wish him well & I was glad he won.

For some reason, Rudy just never did it for me. (Just not into strong, silent bears.) But he also did a fine job. His demanding job sounds similar to mine, and I work in CT, where he lives, so I really feel like I want to know what his fate is. I'd follow him in my hypothetical Biggest Maintainer show.

None of the women really appealed to me this season the way Tara did last season. That's funny because, in the beginning, I did not care for her. But as each episode passed, she grew on me until she became a heroine to me. I was hoping Rebecca would turn into another Tara, but she never did. I found Abby incredibly impelling, and lovable, incredibly personable, but her tragedy set her apart a little, and she wasn't into competition like Tara -- Abby was just there to lose weight & be healthy & regain her equilibrium, and in fact, stepped back a few times when she could have competed. A different personality entirely.

I'm convinced that Tracey is going to keep being gung-ho about this. I see her becoming some kind of female bodybuilder. She already looked as though she might be following the lifestyle.

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