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Blue Team Summer Meltdown Chat Week 3 (06/13-06/19)

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Default Blue Team Summer Meltdown Chat Week 3 (06/13-06/19)

Hi and Welcome to Week 3

We had some great losses this week and a lot of Freebies used as well.

We have 9 people with 1 Freebie left and we have 9 people with no Freebies left. Please watch that you are weighing in on time = 10pm AST

Our top 2 losers did not post in the chat thread so they are moved down the list. As the rules state you must post in the chat threads to be the biggest loser.

I still put everyone in the top 4 as it is a great accomplishment however chatting is all part of the challenges.


Biggest Loser:
Somni, -5lbs, -1.91%

Honorable Mentions:
Beck, -3.6lbs, -1.64%
ILRPinkGirl, -11lbs, -4.72%
CaitLA, -5.4lbs, -2.79%

Team Loss of -32.2lbs, -.42%
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Congrats Somni on being our biggest loser! To the runners up those are some impressive numbers! Keep up the hard work blue team.

First half marathon completed: 9/4/11
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Congrats to all of you who lost weight this week, fantastic job!! And those who didn't manage to lose, just remember today is a brand new day and there's no point in looking back! You are awesome and you will kill it this week!

Congrats to the whole blue team! 32 lbs! Yes!!!


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Congrats Somni on being Biggest Loser this week and on your 5lb loss! To IRLPinkGirl and CaitLA- congratulations on your losses- 11lbs and 5.4lbs- WoW!!! Everyone else- congrats on your losses, and if you didn't lose or gained- jump right back up on that horse. You can do it!!

Good luck to everyone this week; stay focused, keep on track, eat well, and exercise!

One of my boys and I did the charity walk yesterday (7 miles) and completed it in 1 hr. 50 mins. I thought that was a pretty good time; I was counting on it taking longer because my son isn't the fastest walker, but he held his own. It was overcast, and it had rained early in the morning, but the rain held off for us. I preferred that weather to heat, so it worked out well. According to an online calculator, I burned approx. 855 calories on the walk.

TOM has come and gone this week, so I hope I get a whoosh in the next couple of days.

Have a great week, Blue Team!

(restart 3/10/11, 262.8lbs)
250lbs by 4/18/11 (met 4/6/11)
220lbs by7/17/11 (met 6/5/11)
199lbs by 9/15/11 (met 7/18/11) (no longer obese at 202lbs; met 7/12/11)
175lbs by 12/5/11 (met 9/13/11)
169lbs- normal BMI (met 10/7/11)
162lbs by 1/23/12 (100lb loss since restart) met 11/4/11
150lbs by 3/01/12
met 12/15/11

Walk to Mordor Challenge: 250 out of 1779 miles done
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Go Blue!
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Woo congrats to all the losers last week (woooo 32 lbs!), and good luck everyone this week!!

Beck I just noticed in your sig how much you've lost since you restarted earlier this year. WOW! What amazing progress. And congrats on a great walk!

I don't know how this week will turn out. I am getting 3 wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Not sure how that will affect this week, when I'll be up for activity again, etc. I'll do my best (while avoiding anything foolish hehe).


~ Started 3/5/11 ~
Goal #1: 5% (-14) - 4/16/11 * Goal #2: 10% (-28.7) - 6/11/11 * Goal #3: 236.8 (-50) - 8/6/11
Goal #4: 211.8 (-75) - 10/29/11 * Goal #5: Onederland! - 12/17/11 * Goal #6: 186.8 (-100) - 4/28/12

Goal #7: 175
Goal #8: 161.8 (-125)
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Morning team,

I just posted the results and the red team took it again this week. We have some catching up to do now. Let's show them what we are made of

Well just heading off to work so have a great OP day everyone.

I challenge everyone to write in the nutritution and exercise threads this week.

To start your exercise journal I also want you to do 25 push-ups and 25 sit-ups everyday. Of course you can modify these if needed.
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Good morning Blue Team!
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and is feeling in top form for our new week! I had a weekend camping trip and managed to stay POP! It was a huge NSV for me, since I had packed all kinds of junk food for DH and DD to munch on. - Well, ok, maybe not perfectly on plan, since my 2 yr old dd shoved (literally shoved) a cheesie in my mouth, and I couldn't spit it out and hurt her feelings. So I counted the carbs as part of my day's allowance, and still came in on budget. That was the best tasting cheesie in the world. She's so cute with wanting to share with mommy!
So, off to kick some red team butt! Hope everyone has a great day!
Laura G
Started: June 12, 2007


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Good Morning All!

So, we did not beat the red team again. Oh well, the team still posted a 32 pound loss. Unfortunately, I did not lose last week. I posted a +0.5 pound. I would have loved to use a freebie, but am holding on to that in case I am not able to weigh in one week.

Anyhow, last week was rather disappointing. I was as high was 179 after weighing in last week at 176.5. I ended the week at 177.0. I fell and hurt my leg at home on Wednesday - have been holding ice on my leg several times a day and taking tylenol for pain and swelling. That slowed down my progress, but I am not allowing myself to make excuses.

I am back on track and hoping for a big week this week.

Somni - Great job on being the biggest loser for the week. Here's hoping all goes well for you tomorrow. You may not be able to exercise, but you probably won't be eating too much either!!!

Beck - Wow! 7 miles! I am impressed. And to do it in less than 2 hours with a child?

Bigmid - I am loving the exercise journal idea. 25 sit-ups and 25 push-ups. Done for the day! Thanks so much!

Laura G - You may have had a cheesie, but just think, you only had 1. I allow myself some treats during the week - I just limit what I eat. Instead of a medium or large, I get a small or a child's size, etc. Way to go on just 1.
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Congratulations Somni for being our BL this week - WTG
Congratulations to Beck, Pinkgirl, and CaitLa as well

I missed the weigh-in as I have been sick for the past 4 days. I feel a little better today but my stomach is still a bit queasy. I might try to do a light workout this afternoon, but I'll see how I am feeling later.

Beck - That's wonderful that you and your son completed the charity walk. Your time was great!

Somni - Good luck with getting your wisdom teeth removed.

Laura - Way to go staying on plan while camping!

Lad - I hope your leg heals quickly.
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Hi ladies!

Well, that was likely the biggest loss I'll see for the entire competition and I didn't make it in the top 4. Lol. Oh well, a loss is a loss! My eating habits were less than stellar this weekend, but not outright horrible. I kept busy, fit 3 workouts in and went to a fest yesterday where I did lots of walking! This morning the scaled reflected a minor loss so that is the good news.

I know that TOM should be coming very soon, though, so I'm preparing to see a little bit of a gain. I hate that, but about a week after TOM goes away it tends to woosh itself away. That's what the freebies are for, imo.

I've got a 3 day vacation to Boston coming up this weekend, though. I need to be really committed right now so that the scale keeps going in the right direction despite vacay! Wish me luck! Good luck to all of you.

And congrats to the big losers. I'm so jealous!

Not trying is more of a failure than trying and failing.

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Congrats, Blue losers! Good luck this week. That Red team is going to be hard to beat.

I just got an arm thingy to help me track my calories in/out. I'm so excited to use it week! It's charging right now, but I'm planning to strap it on tonight for my workout.

Total since March '11

Biggest Loser Summer Meltdown
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Hey everyone!
Well yesterday I didn't work out. Instead I spent the day with my hubby and daughter at the mall. It was really fun since he has been working like a dog lately. He's back at work today and tonight though! Yesterday I had this Cajun chicken stuff at he food court and for my side I was proud that instead of the yummy rice I chose steamed veggies ( aka 1 broccoli and cabbage lol)
I just got a work out in luckily and feel great.
The past few days have been hard since my daughter is most likely going to cut teeth soon and she's been running a fever. I can't wait wait til they come in already!
Ok well off to spend the day with my daughter and hopefully get a nice walk in!

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Great job everyone, we can so win next week =o)
Current Weight: 175 Goal Weight: 163
Challenge 20 something left

Gluten-free January 2014
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Congrats to our Biggest Loser:
Somni, -5lbs, -1.91%

and also our Honorable Mentions:
Beck, -3.6lbs, -1.64%
ILRPinkGirl, -11lbs, -4.72%
CaitLA, -5.4lbs, -2.79%

That's greeeeat!!!!!

We are doing awesome!! Let's keep it going~~~~~

Have a great Tuesday tomorrow!!!! And let's kick some Red team butt!!!


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Well, yesterday was a marvellous Monday, so here's to a terrific Tuesday!
Let's go Blue team, let's go!
Laura G
Started: June 12, 2007

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