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Default Blue Team NYNY 2011 Chat Thread Week 6 (02/14-02/20)

Hi everyone we did great this week for those who made it to the WI thread.

We used 10 Freebies (some plannedso good for you for posting them)

and we lost 7 to eliminations (I delete the post for ease of doing totals, would love for all of you to stay on as unofficial so PM me and I will put your WI post back up)

Congratulations to our Biggest Losers for the week we even had a tie

Biggest Loser:
Kelsey21, -4.2, -2.34%

Honorable Mentions:
sandlll, -3lbs, -1.68%
Transporter, -3lbs, -1.56%
CapeBretonChick, -3.2, -1.48%
KimberleyP, -2.6, -1.48%

Team Loss of -28.2lbs, -.48%

WTG Blue Team you all did awesome
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Well I tried the Wii Zumba today and lets just say it's not great on carpet. Wow do you work hard that way. It was kind of fun and I can see it being fun once you figure out some of the steps. I didn't like the learn the steps part as I could not learn the steps. So I went right into a couple dances and at least there you could bluff your way along.
Also it was made for wide screen TV and I have it hooked up to the other TV so seeing was a bit hard for me (damn age thing) I either have to wear my glasses of contacts I think. Found the same at a real class to though. So well see if I can force myself into doing it again. I'm the type that gives up easily if I can't follow something

Well that's about it I'll post the results when I hear how the red team did.
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i'm confused. Rainbow smiles... are you with the blue team or the red team?

why do you have a red team banner in your signature like but you say * way to go Blue team? *
Blue Team - Biggest Loser Challenge 2011
Go Team Go
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YAY! i feel special im an honorable mention
On a side note, i had 6 liters of water today. holy thirsty.

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Happy Valentines day to you to Susan I hope it's a great day for you.

Tytbody - Rainbowsmiles is on the Red Team but shows great team spirit to say hello to us on the Blue side and to cheer us on,

Transporter - Wow that's a lot of water, can you even walk.....lol I'd be slosshing (sp)
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I am soooo proud of my self... since joining the Biggest Loser Challenge I have lost 11pounds! I weigh in on Mondays at my WW meeting. I need to lose 1.1kg this week so that I can make my 5% loss goal!!!!

I dont get time to make posts regulary I am a single parent who works fulltime and today was a hard day. I spent the day fighting for custody of my son. Unfortunately we havent had any resolution yet. I was hoping my ex would sign paperwork. We spent 3 1/2 hours negotiating and no end yet in sight.

On a positive I havent emotional ate this week.

I took the day off work today to go to family dispute resolution and was hoping to go see a movie or get a pedicure after to reward myself. But when I walked out I went straight to my car and started to cry. I had held myself together for soooo long and have been soooo strong, I crumbled. I am hoping my ex considers the agreement we came to and signs it. He made a statement right at the end that makes me think he is wasted my time today as he wants to go to court and fight it. I have been quoted that it will cost me $80000 to go to court, and that scares the **** out of me. When my ex walked out I was working 2 days a week, since then I have gone full time, and had two promotions. I have sacrificed so that we could have a house, go on holidays, my son could do any sport or activity he wanted. Now, I feel for a minute I would be able to do the best for my son by not working and accessing free legal. I cant afford to fight it. I need to renovate my kitchen and possiblily get a more mechanical sound car and would probably still have half left over for that amount. Please prayer for my strength and he signs. I cant keep being strong if it comes to going to court. I feel a bit battered but will not emotionally eat.... I want my 5% goal next week!!!!
Single mum to
DS - Liam 15th March 2004
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Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven't been here much, I'm really sick right now =( I should probably go to the doctor but unfortunately I have class today and can't miss another day.

Congrats to everyone!! I'm hoping to have another nice loss this week, I'm so close to that 100lb mark. This week is going to be tough because I don't feel like working out due to being sick.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
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Hey Blue Team - congrats! Looks like from the results posted in both chat threads that you won week 5....0.44% to 0.48%. WTG! Together we lost 63.6lbs on both teams....WOW!

Good luck in week 6! Watch out, the Red Team is comin'!
"There's no such thing as failure. There's only feedback. Stop judging yourself & start recognizing it for what it is, an entry point for learning. The truth is, if you're not failing then you're not really reaching & really trying. If you don't like the outcome of a situation, learn from it, make corrections & reapproach wiser & stronger until you achieve your goals."
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Congrats to our biggest losers this week,hope everyone is doing well.
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Happy Valentine's Day Blue Team
Congratulations to the Blue Team for their outstanding weight loss for Week # 5. The Red team wasn't far behind and over 63 pounds total for both teams is fantastic!
Today I'm going to go to do a partial FAST. DH cooked supper last night, he made Taco's, refried beans, and all the fixin's. I'm terrible about salt retention and I didn't like the number on the scale this morning. Plus Sunday afternoons we go to two different nursing homes for coffee and treats. I need to get all that sweet junk out of my system.
I gave DH a pretty jar with red ribbon and filled with peanut M & M's this morning for Valentine's Day. I had my fingers on one only M & M, looked at it and put it back in the jar. If I had eaten it, it would have set me off to eat more. I told him yesterday what he was buying me, a red lambskin purse. It's coming in the mail, should be here today. I always get the best presents when I buy them myself
On that note, off I go. You all have a great day.

P.S. The Red team is gunning for us this week so let's show them we can lose more than them! Thanks Peanutt for the warning.
Good luck in week 6! Watch out, the Red Team is comin'!

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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Congrats to the biggest losers this week. I posted a loss (3 lbs.) for the first time since starting this challenge. I actually hit 228 on Tuesday - so my WI on Sunday was 7 lbs down from that. Unfortunately I'm still up from my (challenge) beginning weight since I was gaining steadily. I might break even by the end of the challenge - hopefully I'll be back into the 2-teens this week or next.


W - 100+
I - I can do this!
N - Low carb/High Protein & log all food
T - ???
E - Elliptical
R - Try to be in bed by 10:00.
Mama P

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip Toe if you must, but take the step.

Wiping the slate clean for 2013!

One for every 5 lbs. lost.

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Proud Bluezer 2011!!!
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! I hope you all have a great one.

I think I missed the weigh in. I was thinking it was b4 10pm cst. Oops. Need to figure out the comparison so I can be on time! Hadda use a Freebie. And then this morning im down another half pound so yay! :

Ok, so trying to drink more water still... And been exercising in small amounts but seems to be helping. We were at the baseball field the last two days so I know I burn cals just walking around for 6 or 8 hours! LOL. I love baseball season with the kids and so do they so its great.

Well, I'm gonna get back to work. Yall have a super awesome Vday!!!!


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Originally Posted by Bigmid View Post

Transporter - Wow that's a lot of water, can you even walk.....lol I'd be slosshing (sp)
I drank 4.5 liters like before 3 in the afternoon, and was like ah what am i gonna drink now?! I had a diet coke and got very thirsty, opened another 1.5 liter bottle and well it was done soon after that lol

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Good morning. Congratulations Kelsey on being our Biggest Looser for the week Congratulations to our runner-ups as well
I had to use a freebie this week as I forgot to come post my weight. I wouldn't have helped the team anyway as I didn't lose anything this week, but I wasn't planning on using a freebie. I've struggled the last 3 days and I know I just have to forget about what is done, (stress eating), and get right back on track. I am not giving up!

Rainbowsmiles - Happy Valentine's Day to you too

Vanessa - I am so sorry for all that you are going through with your ex. Great job for not giving in to emotional eating, that is awesome

Kimberly -

I told him yesterday what he was buying me, a red lambskin purse. It's coming in the mail, should be here today. I always get the best presents when I buy them myself
Love it!

Kris - 3 lbs is great

Selena - Great job with your exercise

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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