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Default Blue Team NYNY 2011 Chat Thread Week 3 (01/24-01/30)

Hi Blue Team,
Well I think we did pretty good this week I can't post our results yet as I need to hear back from someone about their WI so I can finish our totals. Hopefully it won't be to long.

There were some huge numbers out their again this week so

I thought I had a pretty good number but my won't even make the top 4 so WTG everyone.

Well here is to another great week for the Blue Team
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Way To Go Big Blue!!!



Restart Month 1: -18.8

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2nd goal: lose 20 pounds by Halloween MISSION COMPLETE 10/6/15 lost 20.0 total
3rd goal: lose 27 pounds by thanksgiving so I can see the number 2 at the front!
4th goal: fit back into my favorite pair of jeans by new years eve!!

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Good luck BLUE TEAM!!!

This week I am going to be extra focused. I have a PT session tomorrow night. Tomorrow morning I am going to plan out my meals, and then write out my shopping list. I go back to work on Friday, so I am also going to have to slot some exercise sessions so that I can continue my loss. Planning and tracking are this week's focus for me.

So what is your focus this week?
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Good Morning everyone. Last week was a rough week for me. Looking forward to this week being much better.

Have a Happy Monday!!

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hello everyone!!!! its good to see everyone again!!! how is everyone doing???? i had no idea the challenge had even started. I think i'm still in Holiday mode. Really need to start focusing now!!!! hope everyone has been doing well!

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Sorry, I missed the weigh-in (although I didn't have a loss anyway). I was busy assembling my new elliptical ( ) and lost track of time and then when I went to get online my internet wasn't working. Hopefully I'll have a big number this week.

Sounds like everyone did well this week. Congrats.
Mama P

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Yay!! Way to go everyone. I think we did great!

I'm drinking more water so hoping that helps me lose. Seems to when I really do drink more. I'm working here at home all day, decluttering and putting things in better places, etc. Spring cleaning. The joy! LOL.

But anyway, wanted to say hiya. Will try to come back again soon!

Hugs, Selina
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Happy Monday Blue! I need to get my hiney moving, but I'm having trouble getting started this morning. We leave for a mini vacation to Vegas on Friday, so I really need to work hard the first part of the week.

Hope everyone has a great week #3!

First half marathon completed: 9/4/11
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Originally Posted by mumtoliam View Post
So what is your focus this week?
I need to get back on track after a few days of not feeling well and leaving the cooking to hubby! I'm going to plan out all my meals for the week later this evening.

Now for my exercise this week! I am going to go all bootcamp on myself! I'll post exactly what I am doing once I have made it through today and that I know I can actually do what I have planned!

Originally Posted by MamaP View Post
Sorry, I missed the weigh-in (although I didn't have a loss anyway). I was busy assembling my new elliptical ( ) and lost track of time and then when I went to get online my internet wasn't working. Hopefully I'll have a big number this week.

Sounds like everyone did well this week. Congrats.
Congrats on the elliptical! I am trying to get hubby to let me bring mine back in from the garage. It's quite big and takes up a lot of space. I have my treadmill in the house now. DH wants to turn the garage into a workout room this spring. Rubber floor and all! It's a great idea since the garage is heated, but it's not air conditioned! I guess I'd just have to start my workout at 4am in the summer or have a very sweaty workout in the heat!

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Hi Everyone. Sorry I've been MIA the past week but life gets in the way sometimes. Started the kitchen rehab over the weekend. I knocked down a wall - swung a sledgehammer for a couple of hours and could sure feel it everywhere the next day. Oh well, at least it was a vigorous workout!!! Hopped on the scale and am down 2 pounds - that puts me in onderland. I am so excited about that number. Funny how we allow numbers affect our moods.

I'm at work so I suppose I should do something. I'll try to pop back in a little more often this week. Be good to yourselves this week.

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. ~Frank Outlaw

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Hi everyone. I am feeling so much better today, so I am ready for a great week. I've spent this morning catching up on housework, and then I'll do a workout this afternoon.

Laurie - on being in wonderland, that is awesome!

Have a great day everyone

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Well it looks as though I will be able to accomplish what I want this week! Man putting in 3 hours of working out was tough but now that it's done I feel so wonderful!

I am going to repeat this tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday I'll just do an hour of yoga, Saturday will be yoga and treadmill and Sunday will be just treadmill or a 100% rest day.

I think I might soak my feet for a bit tonight!! I think they deserve it.
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Good Afternoon blue team!
I just gorged myself on some fresh pineapple baked in the oven with cinnamon, nutmeg and a few sprinkles of brown sugar. We usually grill it but it's way below zero here in Minnesota and no way would DH fire up the grill. I've been checking all afternoon for the results of last week and don't know where to look. Where do they post it? I know bigmid said she was waiting for the last team member to post her weight but where will the results be posted?

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Ugh, so disappeared last week, perhaps in part from shame >.< Yeah, my week fell apart- after two great weeks on SB diet, I think that I ate at a certain unnamed fast food establishment four times last week. I've taken on a lot of additional responsibility at work, which translated into way less free time, and thus way less time making my own good food.

However, after seeing how disappointed I was last week my husband has agreed to get on board with South Beach, so he and I will be re-doing P1 these next two weeks. I'm confidant that with his support I'll be able to do so much better and stick with it. Especially since hopefully this means that I won't be having a certain someone whispering the words chicken nuggets in my ear whenever I don't feel like cooking...

Also, to help keep me honest, I'm going to be posting in the nutrition journal this week- guilt myself into being good ;-p
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Hi everyone I hope you all had a great start to week 3....I did a Zumba class with Nancy tonight and it was a lot of fun.

I have the results posted (Bobbi its at the top of this thread as a sticky same place you WI at) and the BLUE TEAM WON WEEK 2.......WOOHOO congratulations to everyone great job this week.

Congratulations to our biggest losers:

Biggest Loser:
Soon2BFitChick, -4.2lbs, -2.38%

Honorable Mentions:
Purplefirefly, -6.2lbs, -2.15%
babygrant, -3.8lbs, -2.13%
CapeBretonChick, -4.4lbs, -2.02%

Team Loss of -55.3lbs, -.44%
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