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Default Blue Team NYNY 2011 Chat Thread Week 1 (01/10-01/16)

Hello Blue Team,

Welcome back to all of our returning challangers and a big hello and welcome to all of the new Blue Team members

I am posting the chat thread early today this gives us a chance to start talking and getting to know one another. In the future the new threads won't be posted until after cut off on Sunday nights.

My name is Jacky (bigmid) and I am your blue team leader, I think this is my 5th challange. The first one I lost 20lbs, next two I lost 15lbs, and the last one I gained 2lbs and now over Christmas I have gained another 10 on top of that.
Here I was 2lbs from goal and 12 from my altimate goal and now I can't even see those numbers anymore and it will take me at least 2 challanges to get there. The most important thing is I have not given up. It was a slip in the road that is now being fixed.
I have been a yo-yo dieter from since I can remember and I am one of those that just looks or thinks about food and I gain weight. I have been following the WW plan and may try the new pro points or just stick with the old way. I do think of all of this as a lifestyle change now though and not a diet. I also give myself 1 cheat day a week and find this very successful. (too many cheat days over the holidays) oh well back on track now.
I am a firm believer in slow and steady not a fan of the loss it fast method unless it is totally approved by a doctor.

You can call me Jacky or bigmid which ever you prefer, please let me know if you would like me to call you by your screen names or your real name.

I am 44, single, no kids, same job for 19 years (well same company) I am a photolab manager and really enjoy what I do. Has it's moments but then again so does everything else. I took up running in the late spring and loved it supriseingly (sp) but now with winter I had to give it up for now. So I do DVD workouts in the basement along with the Wii, I also have an elliptical but hate it.

Enough about me lets here about all of you,

P.S. - I usually do personals to everyone but in the first couple weeks everyone is very chatty (which is awesome) but I can't always keep up with it. So don't feel bad if I miss you or don't even do personals in the first couple weeks while we are still getting to know everyone.
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My name is Liz and this is my 5th challenge.I have lost 20 pounds and gained back 10,so I still have some weight loss issues to with.I am 49 and happily divorced and take care of my 83rd old mother.I work in retail in accounting.

I love sports and fitness,am a Jillian Michaels fanatic and I hope to work off these last 10 pounds by dieting and exercising and increasing my fitness.

Jackie,thanks again for being our leader and motivator.I know that we can both meet our goals this challenge,if not.........I'll kick our asses
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Hi everyone!!! So glad we are starting again. Started my second round of the protocol I am on today. So excited to see how much I will lose by weigh in.

I am a 45 yo wife(been marrried 23 yrs.) & mother of 3 (ds-27, dd-21, dd-19) and grandmother to Olivia who is 3. I live in South Jersey no too far from Atlantic City. I am a elementary school counselor, absolutely love my job and hoping for a snow day this week. We are suppose to get socked with anywhere from 12-25 inches depending on the track of the storm.

Good Luck to all of us. Can't wait to meet you all and work this together!

Mini Goal: 155

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Go Blue Team!
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Hi everyone! My name is Elise and this is I think my 3rd or 4th challenge. I lost a lot of weight during my second challenge, then gained it back during my last pregnancy so now I'm back again.

I'm 28, happily married, a stay at home mom of 5 kids (11, 9, 7, 3 and 5 months) and in my spare time, I'm somewhat of an artist and a terrible writer working on my first novel.

I've been trying to convince myself to get in shape for years. Heart disease, strokes and diabetes run in my family, so that's a motivating factor. But I also miss who I used to be when I was fit and able to do more things.

Here's to a year of running, dancing and lifting those pounds away.

Geaux Blue Team!
~ elise
starting another weight loss journey after having a baby

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Hi Jacky, you can call me Bobbi. DH and I live out in the country with our faithful English Setter 'Charlie'. (We're both retired) In the summer we tend a large vegetable garden, 4 flower beds and a large shade garden that's heavenly to sit in. We both cross country ski and shovel snow in the winter. We live in Minnesota where there is plenty of snow to work or play in. I love reading mystery novels and playing Spider Solitaire on the computer.
I have been in denial about by shrinking height for many years and decided to measure myself. After checking the weight/height chart I decided to drop 10 more pounds. I know I can do it here because I'm very competitive. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone, I see we have 60 people signed up on the Blue team. I certainly hope everyone stays with the program after all the hard work you Jacky and the red team leader did to even out the teams. '
Good luck everyone.

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Hi everyone. I am so excited that the challenge is starting! Thank you Jacky for all the hard work you do for us!
A bit about me - I am 40 years old and a stay at home mom to my 3 children, who are 12, 9, 7. I am currently taking a few college courses and I am loving it. I eventually want to get into the health care field, but I am unsure what avenue I want to pursue right now.

I look forward to getting to know everyone better

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Hi everyone! Welcome to all those old and new!! My name is Bridgette and this is my 4th challenge. I'm 33 years old, I've been married for 11yrs with two children (DD 7, DS turns 2 Wed). I'm a calorie counter and love to exercise. Currently I have a set exercise routine I do throughout the week, but my work schedule maybe changing, which means coming up with a whole new game plan. I tend to struggle with my eating, even though I know what I should and shouldn't be having. I've set two goals for this challenge, first to get my evening binges under control, and secondly a loss of 20lbs. Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

First half marathon completed: 9/4/11
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Hello everyone!

I am Spryng, real name btw, it's pronounced spring like the season. I am 30 years old, mother of 4 (11, 10, 7 and 4) my husband is an over the road truck driver and usually only home on the weekends, so it's just me and the kiddos during the week. I work out of my home for a large medical insurance company. I put in long days (10-12 hrs a day) so I'm super busy and usually super exausted but the good news is tomorrow starts some training on a new position I just got so my days will be more normal and shouldn't be longer than 8 hrs, I forget what that feels like, LOL But I will also have hour long lunches so that is perfect for working out everyday so I plan to do just that, no excuses
anyhoo.. this is my first challenge and I'm super excited about it! I'm hoping it will put me pretty close to my goal by the time it's over and just in time for spring clothes, can't wait! Can't wait to get to know each of you and good luck!!!

5'3" Mother to 4

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Hi all!

I'm Lily and, like everyone else here, I'm super excited for this challenge. I actually have a similar challenge going with my two roommates (ours is to see who can lose the best % by 3/1), so I'm hoping participating here will give me the edge to beat them =D The winner gets a sushi dinner, paid for by the losers, so I have to beat them!

I started South Beach Diet last Monday, and I've had some good success and actually been eating tastier food than I was before, so I'm pretty happy there. For exercise, I've mostly just been trying to take my dog on good, lengthy walks at least once a day. This past week we've managed to do at least 1 mile long walk a day, and maybe another /14 or 1/2 mile later.

Well, I think that's me, I look forward to being part of this team and to meeting all our goals!
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Hey everyone! My name is Page. I am 23 and a single mom to 2 wonderful little boys ( 3 years old & 3 months old). I am a full time college student. Currently not working but hope to find something soon. I am hoping this challenge will help me stay on track for my birthday goal. (April 29th, goal of 170).

Mini Goals:
1: 174 (No longer obese)
2: 145 (No longer overweight)
3: 125-135? (healthy weight, not sure of goal weight)
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Hi everyone!
My name is Kelsey and this is my first challenge. Ever since about 3rd grade I had always felt fat. Ever since then my weight has always been on my mind. I remember in fifth grade I was 130 lbs and felt enormous. Now I wish I could be that now! The weight I normally am before I got pregnant and had my daughter was around 170. The lightest I have been was around 165 and that never lasted long. That is a mini goal of mine- to reach the 160's. So right now I am focusing on getting my baby weight off, then getting the rest off. I am looking forward to this challenge and shedding some lbs!

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Hey everyone! Mercy and Jacky, Mary and dream and all the returning members.. I've missed you all!! And welcome to all of our new team members.. I did not participate in the fall challenge and have gained everything back... its been a long hard few months.
I am the Director and Preschool teacher at a daycare and have just taken over all of the accounting.. which is stressful to say the least.. lol but I love my job.
I am planning on doing the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program, I am just waiting for the materials to come int he mail.. I will not be doing it online or going to meetings, just on my own with lots of exercise and of course coming here for encouragement and support, and to give same to everyone else! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and getting started with this challenge... lol
"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." - Proverbs 3:5-6

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Hi everyone! I'm Kim, first Challenge for me. I'm 27, my husband is in the Army so we currently live in Frederick, Maryland. We have a 4 year old little girl named Gwendolyn. I've always been a stay at home, but now that she's going to school I'd like to find something part time.

I've been overweight for most of my life. I hit my high of 275 Christmas of 2006. Since then I've yoyo-ed between 260 and 240 for years. I hit my newest low of 234 right before this past Christmas and then got a bit off track.

I'm looking forward to doing this challenge with everyone. I hope it helps light a bit of a spark in me and helps to keep me accountable.
2018 Mini Goals
250 lbs
225 lbs
199 lbs
175 lbs
150 lbs
My "If it's even possible" Goal ~ 135 lbs
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hi everyone.....so happy to see all the people posting here....sorry....i am on the red team...but am just itching to get started....and there is no red thread yet...kudos jacky for getting your team going early!!! i sure hope everyone reaches their goals for this challenge...this is my first challenge
i am excited....can't u tell !!! hahaha

good luck from a red team member!!! bring it on chickadoodles!!!
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