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Question Biggest Loser Challenges FAQ / INFO Go-To's

Q: When does the challenge start and when does it end?
A: The 2015 Winter Biggest Loser Challenge starts officially on January 19, 2015 and will end on April 19, 2015 . Sign up/Starting weights are to be submitted on or before and no later than January 12, 2015 at Midnight (Central Time). IF you do not post your weight by this appointed time you will not be eligible to be assigned to a team.

Q: Who are our team leaders?
Your team leaders are ???, who will be leading the Red Team, and LeslieB(Leslie) & Bigmid(Jacky) will be co-leading the Blue Team. We encourage anyone who has any questions or concerns to please contact ethier one of us via private message at any time! We are here to help!

Q: Do I have to follow the Biggest Loser Diet plan?
A: No, you can be on whatever nutritional and exercise plan you are currently practicing or you can start a new one. The best advice I think I could offer anyone is to not use the dreaded 4 letter word - DIET - call it a change for the better, and use whatever nutritional and exercise plan that works best for you. I will not lie, you may have to try a few different approaches before you find the perfect fit for you and your body. But patience and perserverance will be all worth it in the end.

Q: When will I know what team I'm on? Where will my team post to each other?
A: The teams for the upcoming challenge will be posted on January 16, 2015.

Q: Do I have to participate in team discussion and chats?
We obviously cannot force you to participate. But being on a team means communication and that is key for moving towards a common goal in this challenge. Remember there is no "I" in TEAM. We really are looking for individuals who will check in with their team and participate so we know how you are doing. It's also important to note that in order to be named Biggest Loser, you must participate. Please see Biggest Loser Title Information for a better clarification. You will never regret the time you take to check in and connect with your team. The encouragement and support you will receive can be matched by no one!

Q: Where do I weigh in? When do I weigh in? How do I weigh in?
There will be two threads created, one for each team for their weigh ins. You can weigh in any day of the week just as long as it's before the cut off day and time. You can keep any preexisting weigh in days that you may have already in place. For instance one person may tend to weigh in on Thursdays or Fridays. For others it may be different. There's a specific format that we use to weigh in (see below) and we ask that once you weigh in that you please do not change your weights. You'll simply be editing the same post in your team's weigh in thread every week so it's all based on the honor system. You must weigh in Sunday evenings prior to 6pm Central Time. If you do not weigh in by this time, your team leader will automatically edit your weigh in post as a freebie for that week.

Q: What is the format? How do I edit the same post?
This an example of the format we use for each challenge:

Week 1 Weigh-in (01/25):
Week 2 Weigh-in (02/01):
Week 3 Weigh-in (02/08):
Week 4 Weigh-in (02/15):
Week 5 Weigh-in (02/22):
Week 6 Weigh-in (03/01):
Week 7 Weigh-in (03/08):
Week 8 Weigh-in (03/15):
Week 9 Weigh-in (03/22):
Week 10 Weigh-in (03/29):
Week 11 Weigh-in (04/05):
Week 12 Weigh-in (04/12):
Week 13 Weigh-in (04/19):

You will edit your post each week by clicking the edit button on the lower right hand corner of your post and then add your weight for that week then press save.

Q: What is a Freebie?
A Freebie is a free pass. Each team member receives two freebies to their credit at the beginning of each challenge. These are really great to have in case of any unforseeable circumstance (computer problems, family emergencies, etc.) that may prevent you from weighing in on time. So if you can not weigh in, the leaders will use a freebie in your absence. You may also use a freebie of your own accord, for example if you see an upswing on the scale due to water weight, bloating, a slip up in nutritional habits, etc. When you weigh in during that week, you could just type Freebie beside the corresponding week instead of your weight. But use them wisely as if you use up both of your Freebies, any missed weigh-in after that will result in elimination from the competition.

Q: What is the cutoff time to weigh in?
The cutoff time is every Sunday. All weights must be recorded on your weigh in post by 6:00 pm Central Time. After 6:00 pm the team leaders will review the weights. If we don't hear from you we will automatically use one of your Freebies, and if it would so happen that you would have no Freebies left to use, you would be removed from being an official team member, meaning your weigh-ins from that point on would not count towards your teams percentages and you would no longer be eligible to earn the title of Biggest Loser.

Q: I notice that the challenge will overlap with a time when I will be out of town/on vacation. What can I do to keep from being removed?
If for any reason you are going to be absent from the challenge (ie:taking vacation, emergencies, etc.) and are unable to weigh in, you need to let your team leader know ASAP. You have the option to either weigh in early, or you can use a freebie week. Also keep in mind that this applies to anyone who may have a personal/ medical emergency. As soon as is possible, contact your team leader and we will work together to make the best decision to benefit you and your team.

Q: I noticed there are a lot of side challenges to participate in. Is it required?
No. The side challenges are not a requirement, but is strongly encouraged. Not only to help your teammates, but to help yourself stay accountable and motivated!

Q: How do you determine a winner / winning team?
We use a spreadsheet program to track our teams weights and percentages, individual and over all.

Q: How do you chose who is on what team?
Returning members from previous challenges that meet certain requirements (have been a present and participating team member, supportive and encouraging to their team members, etc.) have the opportunity to request which team they would like to be a part of. Anyone that does not meet those requirements or is new to the challenge is placed on one of the two teams at random to make sure all teams have a similar starting weight to make things as fair and even as is possible.

*** If anyone has any other questions that I have failed to address here please feel free to message one of the team leaders and we will do our very best to answer your question in a timely fashion and to the best of my knowledge and will add it to this thread. If you are a new member and do not have private messaging capabilities as of yet, please free to post your question to me in the Question and Answer thread (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/bigg...l#post3037100) if you do not mind it being public.***[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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