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This is not a test.
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Amy- im sorry to hear about your losses too


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Originally Posted by JoyfulVegGirl View Post
I'm sitting here with a carrot and I'm going to keep eating carrots until my brain understands that it can't have any more sandwiches or I turn orange.
OK, so this is kind of irrelevant to weight loss, but did you know that that can actually happen?! My mom's favorite story about my older sister is how she refused to eat any other of those little baby food jars except the carrot ones and her skin literally became tinted orange. Of course, my mom freaked out and took her to the doctor, and the doctor was like, um, does she eat a lot of carrots?

Originally Posted by bjeweled View Post
down 3 this morning to 200!!!! onederland is looming!

swim - WAY TO GO!!! staying OP through the Bday that is an NSV i have never achieved!!! commendable!!
First of all, congrats on being so close to onederland! Also, thanks! I almost couldn't believe it myself. Now, the real challenge is going to be the upcoming holiday season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, ahh!

I really don't want to post a gain this week, so I worked out extra hard today and will do so again tomorrow. I've been having a bit of a salt-fest this week, so that could explain it...
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Today marks the second week of breaking my toe, but I can tell it's better. According to the doctor, the break could heal in as little as four weeks, so I am really pumped that it may be half-way to the end.

My exercise is sort of feeble though. I pulled out my old Gazelle, which I stopped using because it didn't get my heart rate up as much as I thought it should. It's been a life saver with the toe, though. I have these big boat shoes with plenty of sole, so I can do it for short stretches and at least get some exercise in.
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Jessica - I'm doing the whole low sodium thing this wknd too. I swear I've lost weight this week, but when I got on the scale this morning I was the same. Then AF started about 2 hours later, so I think I can show a good loss by Monday!!

JoyfulVegGirl - I like to put my plan down for the week. I basically have to schedule trips to the bathroom I'm so busy right now, so it does help to have a plan! I'm challenging myself to an extra 60 min of cardio this coming week. Going to 10 hours total.
there is no miracle fix. eat less. move more. repeat. the end.

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Hi Blue Team,

Amy, sorry to hear about your loss! Hugs.

Well, I bought a Wii fit today!! :-)

I think it will be fun, though it weighed my 5lbs heavier than the gym scale does! I'm excited to see how I make out.

I was scanning thru the exercise thread today and I'm amazed at how much exercise you all get done in a week! Way to go!

Well, gotta run.........I'll post again soon and hopefully I can figure out the multi-quote thing so my msgs can be a bit more personal.

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The scale isn't showing what I want it to either.. I have exercised over double of the amount I did last week. Although, I have added a lot of weigh training stuff.. We will see what Monday morning brings..
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hi bluesers!!

rhonda, thanks for the suggestion to look into south beach regarding my carb munchies.

i seem to have gotten things mostly under control again however i still may pull out my south beach book tomorrow for a recipe or two.

speaking of south beach - one or two of my grocery stores used to carry the south beach pizzas (individual size) but now no one has them. i'm really bummed. they had low carbs (especially for pizza) and high protein. i'm bummed about that. i loooooove pizza and this was a good substitution for me and if i wanted, i could have it everyday for lunch. humpf!~

i put the brakes on my long cardio workouts and have been sticking to yoga. i've had some great yoga workouts. mmmmmmm - scrumptious!!
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I like to make my own pizzas for SB. - I just use a whole wheat pita bread or even a ww tortilla. - spread out my tomato sauce, add my toppings, and pop it in the oven - I just watch it on broil. Maybe you could do that?

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Emily, that's a great idea! thank you!!

My main reason for preferring south beach pizzas is that they have 30 grams of protein - that's a lotta of protein. i'm working to keep my carbs to protein ration 1.5 : 1 grams. i've found when i can keep my protein higher and my carbs lower, i stay full longer.

i've found amy's single margherita pizzas for around the same calories as south beach however amy's has about 16 grams of protein compared to south beach.
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Hello, Friends!
I've been reading the posts, and trying to remember everything for personals, but I can't. So, mostly: Amy, I'm sorry about your Aunties.

I'm excited about the Facebook page. I went and looked at it, and I want to join, but how?

I think meeting is a great idea! What fun! How bout we meet in, say... Newfoundland? Around iceberg time? I know someone who can show us around! We can watch those giant fishes eating the iceburgs! Yay!

I'm at 151.6. No good excuse, I've been eating fried food, but I have been exercising.
*~ Kori ~*
Going on a cruise in March!

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I think you friend'd me on Facebook the other day and I'm sure I said "yes" but I can't find you on my list. If it was you can you kindly friend me again?
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Good morning bluesers!
Today is weigh in day for me...Lost 2.6 lbs.. I'm really happy with that since it seemed like such a slow weightloss week. Maybe because I was trying so hard to cross out of that 200 range this week.
It is a beaustiful morning here. The boys are staring at me in anticipation as I lazily sit here listening to the birds and drinking my second cup of coffee. I know I should go get their leashes and head out for a brisk morning walk in the park. I just havn't worked up the energy to do anything this morning...Maybe later.
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Good Morning!

Amy--I am so very sorry for your losses. You and your family will be in my thoughts.

I woke up w/ an icky sinus headache this am and my knee hurts....I kinda feel like I am falling apart! LOL! The dogs and I are going to have kind of a 'lazy' day...watch some chick flicks and rest. It's a rainy, gloomy day today--so a good day to watch some movies! I finally made another appt w/ my ortho to see what's up w/ my knee, so I'll see what he has to say on Thurs.

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I have pumpkin muffins in the oven baking away - they smell wonderful. Two points a piece, I can grab two for a breakfast and be happy! It really is starting to feel like fall - except for yesterday which was unseasonably warm - but it's nice and cool outside again today. Which made me want pumpkin. Good thing I had some in the cupboard or I'd have no idea what to do with myself!

Hope everyone has peaceful Sundays
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Morning Blue! How're you?!

I am anticipating a very sunny day with lots of outdoor chores later. We are painting the front porch on this last, guaranteed sunny weekend day while we have the chance.

I got out for a beautiful jog in the park yesterday afternoon and did have some moments of grudging appreciation for the beauties of the cusp of autumn, though I will miss the sun this winter.

My husband made a fire in our outdoor chiminea last night and we sat outside under cozy blankets till midnight and enjoyed the fire and the stars. It felt like camping in our own backyard!

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