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Mandey - Unoffical RED
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Smile TBL "Just Beachy" RED TEAM Chat #3

Good Morning Ladies (and Gents) -
Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy's out there

I am soooo looking forward to tomorrow so I can start workout out again. I was good on my eating this weekend and ate mostly healthy yesterday (that mac n cheese got me) but all my snacks were good (grapes or low fast sherbet).....and the scale is being nicer as the days pass by.....may have to change weigh ins to sundays if this keeps up i was just so excited about my new scale i got friday night that i just couldnt wait any longer LOL who'da thought?! me excited over a scale and new workout clothes and weights i got lots for my mom's day gifts and annv gifts from the store (all for workouts).....and now time to figure out what to get hubby for our annv next saturday....

off to have a healthy breakfast
Mandey ~ Army Wife & Mom of 2
2010 Challenge! SW 149.8 lbs ~ GW 130 lbs
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~One Day At A Time~
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Good Morning Red Team


I weighed in and I lost 3lbs :c arrot:

Thank god I finally got rid of that stupid bumper number (280) I don't ever want to see that number again in any shape or form...LOL!

I'm on vacation in the Pennsylvania Mountains. We've decided to stay an extra day so I'll be coming home on Tuesday. We rented a villa...It is so beautiful here! I Nature and the Woods! Anywho...What does everyone have planned for Mother's Day? Gotta run. I'll hop back on here tonight, and catch up with everyone. Enjoy your day and be good to yourselves!!!!!!!!

Memorial Day Challenge Weight

Believe In Yourself, Trust The Process, Change Forever
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Mandey - Unoffical RED
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S/C/G: Year 2010: 149.8/145/130

Height: 5'6"


I'm busy washed hubby;s uniforms and all the laundry - it's laundry day....and need to fix us some breakfast still...been playing online while waiting on the clothes LOL
but probably just some cleaning and the laundry for today. hubby wants to try to fix his boat himself and maybe take me out on it (for the first time) on saturday (which will be our 6 yr annv)....fun fun
have a great day everyone
Mandey ~ Army Wife & Mom of 2
2010 Challenge! SW 149.8 lbs ~ GW 130 lbs
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The Dyslexic Typo Queen
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I'll put this here too! I forgot we are doing this now.

BTW, Mandy, Hubby needs to be making YOU breakfast! it's Mother's Day!!!!

Good morning!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO sore this morning from all that walking yesterday! Woooo! Maybe that's a good thing. Even my tummy muscles hurt because there were times I was holding it in when we were climbing hills, hehe. I will use any excuse to exercise anymore, lol!

Anywho, to all you mommies!


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Good morning all!! Happy Mother's Day to the Mom's (both fur and real :-))

Not lost any over the weekend but maintained. Gotta kick myself in the booty and get going again today. I'm going to my Mom's later on for dinner. My sister is in charge of the lasagna and me the bread and salad. Since I'm a veg I have to bring my own pasta!! Oh well helps with the calories :-)
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Shairing her ESH...
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Happy Mother's Day, y'all! Am doing laundry and catching up on here. I've had a great weekend so far, although my body is holding onto my weight! I know it's water, so I am just flushing it out!

Going to do a TBL Cardio workout in a bit!
One day at a time is more than just a saying.....
First goal: Back under 300!
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a work in progress...
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Happy Mother's Day to all! I had a good week, lost 2.5 lbs... I believe I can attribute some of that to participation here. While I may not have kept up with the challenge demands each day, I DID do something...especially the balance exercises. And have seen vast improvement there already...apparently I was somewhat right side unbalanced! Not as much now.

I decided that my exercise needed to be bumped up a notch and have started some strength training exercises and actually did some jogging yesterday as I took my walk in the woods. (where no one except the woodland creatures could witness my feeble attempts!) I would walk a bit, then jog for a minute--yes I counted! Recover by walking, then another minute. I got 5 one minute jogs in my 30 minute walk...that will be my starting point. My one knee is feeling it a little, so I'm not going to do that every day, but overall, it did feel good!

Question: I'm finding that it's extremely hard for me to keep up with posting on more than one thread, so I'm going to stick with this one for sure, and at least try to follow along on the others. Is this OK?

Wishing all continued success, I'm sending a virtual pat on the back and a "keep up the good work" to my fellow RED TEAM mates! Thanks for the help and inspiration!

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Happy Mother's Day!!!

My weekend has been great so far - even though that darn scale isn't budging. I went to a Pilates class this morning and loved, loved, loved it! I'm really enjoying my new workout strategy. I usually go at it full force and burn out by Week 3 - this time I started off small and am gradually building up. It started with walking and then last week I added a couple of Yoga classes and this week I've added a Pilates class.

Anyway off to celebrate Mother's Day with my family - hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend!
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since 10/23/07
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Happy Mom's Day all!

I had a good week of exercise with Jillian and walking. Haven't lost any weight even though I've been OP most every day -- we'll see how it goes by Tuesday which is my weigh in day. Could be TOM water retention (ugh).
New Year's Goal

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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, aunts, god parents, babysitters and furry friend's moms!!!

Lonnie – Great job on the weight loss!!! Her’s to never seeing that bumper number again!!

Mandey – Sounds like a busy day at your house – I actually stayed up last night to get all my chores done so I could blow today off!! Hope you get out on the boat for your anniversary.

Kat – Look at you, dropping all the weight!!

Woke up to breakfast in bed, some Bath and bodyworks baskets, a black lab lawn ornament and the best part - some cash to spend anyway I want!!

The kids and I took a 2 mile hike to get Christopher some stuff to build a house at school and we played in the stream. Very nice day!!

Hope everyone has an awesome day!

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint.
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Starting Over
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Hello Red Team! I somehow managed to squeeze out a 1 pound loss haha. Not complaining though because I thought I wouldn't be able to lose anything this week. I was sick this week and missed a few days of exercise, but I am feeling better now.

My old computer died, so I went out yesterday and got a new one and I am in love! I got an iMac! It's awesome but I am still figuring it all out

This week my goal is to lose 2+ pounds. I am sure I can do it, no problem. I am 8 pounds away from my mini goal and that feels good.

I'm going to have to skip reading all this posts from this past week and just focus on this thread because I am so far behind. I hope everyone is doing awesome - I spied and saw a lot of losses for this week - congrats!!!
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Hope all the moms had a great day. My husband made french toast this morning. Thankfully for my waistline he's a horrendous cook and one tiny piece was PLENTY.

I posted a small loss this week - 1.5lbs - and this next week hope to do better and get back into the swing of exercising. My husband has a crazy schedule and so I've not been carving out enough time for myself to exercise. I feel so crummy when I don't work out, that regardless of weight loss or gain, I just want to do it to feel good!

Goal/Reward: 240/Pedicure 230/Swimsuit 220/Dress
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Mandey - Unoffical RED
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lol...Well so far today, I have done most fo the laundry, including hubby's uniforms; unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, washed the big items they wont fit in the dishwasher, vacuumed the rugs downstairs (and got up all the kids' crumbs and the dog's hair), and cleaned the toilets and sinks/counters in all three bathrooms...still need to clean the tub. and i have taken all the trash and recycling out this morning while hubby left to get his hair cut.
and fed the dog...well, need to go and finish my laundry. mom called and me and abigail have talked to her, now she's talking to hubby for a few minutes....

no breakfast in bed for me...i got up at about 8am with the kids and hubby woke up and came down stairs by 930am to get dressed and go get his hair cut. (he's pulling 24 hr duty tomorrow and needed a clean cut) lol
Mandey ~ Army Wife & Mom of 2
2010 Challenge! SW 149.8 lbs ~ GW 130 lbs
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Maintaining :)
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Happy Mother's Day All!

I am down another 1.6 this week (1.13&#37 so I am thrilled (that is 4.6 (3.0%) for the challenge )

I talked to my Mom for 3 hours on the phone and I expect the kids to call later tonight. I love Mother's Day! It makes me sad that I am not able to visit with everyone in person, but I AM thankful that we can still spend time together via the cell phone.

Hope everyone is having a fun day! Enjoy it and give an extra hug to those that you love

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God, and that you are not your own? ICor 6:19
My Pictorial Journey " " My Goal Story

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Hey Red Team!
Here we are, beginning week three! How exciting. One pound down, I am happy with that. I have to say that the Beach Hopping exercise challenge has been great so far! I don't normally track exercise and it has been fun to see how much I am doing. The Pushing-It challenge is proving....challenging...I have been really happy to see the push-up number increasing. I need to start focusing more on the other exercises now so that I hit my goals with them as well.

Hope everyone had a great mother's day and that your week is off to a great start! GO RED TEAM!
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