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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies Walked, CREDIT moi, to a bike store to buy a Thule roof rack for our trip to the Adirondacks. Car roof racks used to be simple - back in the days of rain gutters like the Thule roof rack in my basement. Now, with aerodynamic car bodies, there's a tailored rack for each car. Starting from scratch one has to order four separate components. Fortunately, I can reuse the cross bars and the locks but the expensive parts must be new. The only good news is that I like giving business to this local bike shop. Local businesses struggle to keep the doors open.

Eating was only so so. I'm still fighting tension with a string of to-do items that had accumulated and need attention. I'm still acting as if snacking should be a part of that.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Ouch for discovered surprises when working a project - BTDT. [Thanks for "we'll go again" - that's just what I need to remember that it's to be fun, not a military drill.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) Congrats on dropping two-thirds of your fuel costs for a drive over the hill - that's impressive. That's also an impressive list of ingredients in your morning smoothie.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) Kudos for deploying "Oh well - you will survive" to ward off 'hunger,' and then using "oh well" again the next day. Of course I had to google Fish Pie, "a traditional British dish," and now want me some.

maryann - Have a happy last day of Un-Frugal July in prep for your "Frugal August." I do love cactus prickly pears when I can get them.

nationalparker Waving back toward the long road up from Florida. May you find acceptable food choices.

Readers -
day 20 Get Back on Track

Get Back on Your Diet Now

If you're tempted to keep on eating when you know you shouldn't, do the following: . . .

Give yourself credit for stopping - at any point. If you want to keep eating but you don't, you deserve credit! It's important not to let yourself become demoralized. You need to give yourself some slack for being human and making a mistake.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 167.
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Good Morning, Coaches.

GosfordGirl: Yeah for "Oh Well." It is such good practice and useful in so many areas of my life. I have made an advantage card about hunger. I went back into the book and wrote down the three types:
belly empty = hungry
belly full = desire to eat
sensation in the mouth, tension, specific want = craving
This has been helpful for me to identify which hungry I am. I only have to take action on the first. The other two are "No Choice."

BBE: Trip planning fun. I spent all of May and most of June doing it and Oh the memories we have made.

Weighed in one pound below ticker. Great news if I can hold on till tomorrow when I change it. I would like to enter August back in the 150s.

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I'm going to use oh well, too. Eating had not been stellar on the road, but combined lunch and dinner at Moe's and the flavor was nonexistent. ..wasted calories. Bug breakfast today and will skip lunch and get dinner at home, hopefully.

Still another full day...dh is at a rest stop and i wanted to check on to day the dinner will be healthy and hopefully will adhere to that.

Do NOT like driving the moving truck at all. Getting buffeted by trucks and wind. On the other hand, my adrenaline has gotten a workout. No old adrenaline left in whatever it's in.

Get to see my kitties today and pooch tomorrow...ahhhhh

So close ... now so far!
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Hi Coaches,

Yesterday was a good day because I had the energy to do the kind of exercise that stretches and strengthens many of my muscles. I always feel super flexible after that particular workout. The other days I usually do cardio, which I like doing because I can read during. Credit Moi!

We had a whole day of rain yesterday, and the evening before. So odd for this time of year in Colorado! The sun is back today, and all the plants are such a rich green color now.

I used "oh well" at dinner last night when DH portioned the meal and I didn't think I had enough. It was enough once I stopped dwelling on it.

Enjoying all your posts
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Not having a good week. Ds 2 has shared his stomach/intestinal bug with ds3... and I'm off track.
Tricia in AZ
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Exclamation Welcome Sprinter

Hi Coaches

Well not really - I would much rather a lot more winter before spring is upon us.

A quick check in because dinner has arrived - I am trying food from a new Malaysian restaurant nearby and from the quick try I had then it is delicious. I am celebrating that my house settled today and monies will arrive on Monday (hopefully because they messed up the redraw account and pulled out all my living money - no matter)

Walked today and did things to get my life and work organised. Food was on plan and on the light side. Unfortunately my desk chair at home also died and given it is actually the only chair in the apartment I need to replace it

BillBE - getting ready for your trip seems fun - a fine distraction. Hopefully it will distract you from snacking

Maryann - Good to be reminded of different types of desire for food. I use no choice a lot for all sorts of things. Yay for one pound lower

Nationalparker - feeling your pain driving that truck

Woodland - Send some of that rain our way. Credit for keeping up that exercise

Tricia - Hope the week gets better! 2 kidos with the bug would not be nice

Short Term Goal

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