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Wind came up today and it's cramping my style of enjoying the outdoors. The garden is doing well though, so I guess it can do without me beyond watering it. Today I'm going to focus on doing more in the indoor exercise area. I have an elliptical machine, and I want to walk on it longer than I've been doing lately.

Love the talk about everyone's gardens. I've learned a few things!
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Relevation today as I realized exactly HOW MUCH I want to snack while at work. At least it wasn't how much I actually snacked but that was only because I was surprised by how often I looked for something to eat today. This cannot continue. I ran home at lunch and ate this and that and no plan and while I managed to do okay calorie-wise, I kept opening the fridge to keep looking for something else. Not sure what I'm doing. Afraid to weigh in this morning because I know it'll be higher. I need to get back on track here. Argh. I was so pleased to be fitting into things. Discussion with DH about weight loss. Then I self-sabotage. I don't know that they're connected, but I've disappointed myself this past weekend. I'm worried that I won't be able to continue to work remotely when I head back to Florida to help care for my father. Why worry now when I don't even KNOW. But it's going through my mind.

Would like to post a positive note this evening saying I did well at dinner. DH was planning to pick up salads from a local pizza place and NO PIZZA we love the salads. Updated: Yay - stayed on track and had the full salad.

So close ... now so far!

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Smile the outdoors


It was, and still is, a glorious summer day with high heat and humidity. May it last forever. 30C+ with humidity making it feel 40C. I LOVED it. I sat out back effortlessly printing my last lino series from my Key West residency. The heat makes the lino soft and warm, so it accepts the ink aqnd allows it to pool on the surface. Then, my slightly-swollen-from-the-humidity-in-the-air-machine-made-but-still-very-fine-Japanese-paper presses onto the ink and the ink just grabs it as the fibres soak it up and I press down with the back of my baren and the print transfers with little effort. It is so *satisfying*. The difference between 8C and my studio with three heaters on and overhead lighting vs my backyard glass table and a planter full of parsley next to me as I sit in the shade making print after print, well the difference is so vast it cannot be measured, it can only be experienced. I do not want this summer to end so thank goodness we have only just begun.

Tomorrow we are celebrating DH's birthday 2 days early. Since his birthday falls on a workday I didn't want to wait until next weekend to do the thing I've arranged for him to do on his birthday: encounter raptors. We are driving to a conservation area about an hour away and he and I will have 45min privately with one of the raptor caretakers and DH will be allowed to hold a raptor on his arm and have it fly away and back. I am hoping the weather co-operates. Icons on the weather network indicate every kind of weather: sun rain cloud lightning. Who knows?
Not sure what happens if it's a rainstorm?

I *credit* weighed in this morning to see a 2.5lb drop. Good. Tired of lugging this around. Food today was ok until DH ticked me off royally and I ate out of anger then ate out of solidarity. Ugh.

Back on track again. Need to stay on track most of the time though. Will move toward that more and more. I want change and I want to change.

Finally finished all my planting. Three beefsteak tomatoes and six hot peppers of unknown variety were planted in this fancy self-watering vermiculite based planter purchased for my very first studio space and intended to sit outside my studio's window on the roof. The box was never opened. I had to give up that fabulous studio (it had a full size tub in the entry way) because we just couldn't afford it. I did make great progress at my summer shows that year because of it and from there forward I was convinced of the value of a work space outside the home. This was about 15-20 years ago. I just could not give up the dream of that fancy planter though. I saw a $15 sticker on it when I was puting it together today so I must have tried to sell it at one point. Glad I hung onto it. I shoved it to the side of the driveway at the back really taking advantage of a nothing kind of space. I have plants ALL OVER. It feels good.

Going now. Have a great evening.
Going to 150 5lbs at a time

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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OP today even though my head has been achy all day. I have not lost a pound this week, so a bit disappointed...but I was only off plan once and not by much, so I'm hoping the scale will cooperate soon.

onebyone Wishing your dh a Happy B-day and you both a great time celebrating.

nationalparker Sending for a plan and stick-to-it-ness

Hope your elliptical time went well and that tomorrow is a nicer day for outdoors.

6crowsgold Kudos for OP and down a pound.

silverbirch I'll have to look for cress

gardenerjoy I agree with find what actually works for you! Awesome for analyzing your days and determining that you are doing better than you expect - CREDIT!

I always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for checking in and sharing.

BillBlueEyes I'm envious of your garden, especially fresh tomatoes.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Kudos for gym time and steps. Wishing you the best in the sale of your home.
Tricia in AZ
Weight loss Plan: Track food in Diet Power, Exercise Plan: walk dog + TTapp DVD 3X/wk
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