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Beck Diet For Life/Solution – April 2014 – Support, Discussion, Buddy/Coach

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Beck FB: Tuesday Reality Check: If you think, “It’s too hard to resist this craving,” remind yourself that there is a difference between things that are hard and things that are impossible. Just because it feels really hard to resist eating something, doesn’t mean you can’t. You’ve likely done many other hard things in your life and have resisted many hard cravings. It’s not always easy but it ALWAYS worth it once the craving has passed.

I should have read that one earlier today. Went off plan this afternoon and now I'm uncomfortable and overfull. Back to better tomorrow. Will walk pup once more before bed.

Youngest had his evaluation today with the developmental doctor. He is way advanced in many areas, but as I suspected is behind in directional understanding. He also has trouble paying attention to small changes in details...like the little line that changes "o" to "a" in print. So reading is time consuming and stressful for him. She says it is an easy fix in therapy and a couple months should have him above grade level everywhere. We start after Memorial Day. Off to get kiddos into bed.
Tricia in AZ
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Hi Coaches

A quick check in to cover my bases. I had an on plan with food day so far and have dinner sorted. My weight was a new number again this morning - 188.8 after my fast day which ended up being a bit up on calories (I had two lots of soup not one but not too big a hit). Still in a holding pattern with DF - can't do D7 Indulge or D8 Eat Out because no opportunity. Tomorrow I have to do 2 graduations and there will be finger food - a weakness of mine I try to stay away from but unavoidable. Maybe I should work out a way to indulge in it sensibly. Will work on that. Steps today nearly 10000 and have hit all my goals on fitbit so credit me! I bought a second pair of walking shoes so they can get wet walking the dogs and my OTHER pair can go to gym - I am getting so organised

flnu - keep at it - you are nearly at your next goal. LOL that the "cool kids" are reading DF (nice to be considered in with the cool) - but it is interesting and it isn't too disparate. It is however at odds with the 5:2 plan I am using ATM

Tricia - ouch for off plan and overfull. Credit for your "Back to better tomorrow".

Have a good day coaches

Short Term Goal

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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating was sufficiently on plan, CREDIT moi. Only 'sufficiently' because we made dinner out of a reception in the evening - as planned. But I dawdled about talking with friends and didn't have the chicken skewers that would have served as protein, so I had chunks of cheese. Close enough.

Walked, CREDIT moi, as I do. I need to work on finding more scheduled gym classes since I've found that I do better in a class than on my own. On my own, I tend to detect that I've done enough sooner than I do in a class

onebyone – Introducing the notion "Artist Proof" sent me to discover that Rembrandt, who also used his own press to make his etchings, was a meticulous taker of proofs as he continued to re-work his plates. And that a limited number edition of a print does not count the artist proofs taken before the print run - some artists taking as many as 20. Your world never ceases to amaze. Kudos for being "careful" and "mindful" with your food choices in the midst of all this.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Yep, finger food is a challenge - Kudos for recognizing that before you get to the graduations. Sufficient dry walking shoes is such a good commitment to doing your exercise.

nationalparker – There's a lot of mileage to be had from the "hunger is not an emergency" line from Beck. It also helps me to remember that I've probably not been stomach hungry since childhood; my current hunger is longing for a different emotional state changing from the current boredom, anxiety, or tension.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Thanks for Beck's reminder of the "difference between things that are hard and things that are impossible." Your DS's challenge detecting the small differences in letters so reminds me how amazing it is that the brain can read at all.

flnu - Seems smart to stay mindful of your knees; they don't seem to get stronger with usage as do muscles. LOL at your 3 year old using a doll's hand to do the naughty. Perhaps I could convince my DW to pop a few nuts into my mouth so they wouldn't count.

6crowsgold - Super neat that you have "olive oil on order from Italy." I've avoided getting vested in the different olive oils since there seems to be no upper bound in their prices.

Readers -
day 15 Monitor Your Eating

The Benefits of writing Down What You Eat

Several studies show that keeping a written record of what you eat increases the likihood that you'll lose weight and keep it off. One study conducted at St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois, found that dieters who kept detailed food logs were even able to lose weight over the winter holiday season. Dieters who didn't keep a log gained weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 142.
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Hello to all,

Another OP day here plus tennis lessons. I love tennis lessons so much. I hope I can find a way to continue. Diet Fix is not speaking to me so far. I don’t identify with the guilt and shame that he is going to help me overcome. I do very much agree with his premise that you need to enjoy life while dieting and it is a good reminder to do more tracking.

BBE: I like classes too. That’s one thing I’m looking forward to when I get back to the States. I hope step aerobics is still a thing.

Cheryl: Thanks for your encouragement. Getting organized is so helpful, so credit to you. I will think about what I can do to be more organized.

Tricia: Well done on getting your kid what he needs. Glad to hear that it is responsive to therapy – that’s great! Good on you for walking that pup. Here’s to a better tomorrow.

Nationalparker: Yay for an on track day. You sound relaxed, it’s nice to hear.

6crowsgold: Applause for rocking the fast.

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6crowsgold continues to shine a light on my bugaboos - of the 26 points I get in a day (W.W.) I am spending 12 on candy. This is embarrassing but the truth. True - fruits and veggies cost no points and I am really bulking up on those for which I give myself credit. It is protein that is suffering. I am making a list of sweet things that are better than candy that I can nibble on at work. I have some Kashi cereal and I will try that. I also have discovered a wonderful choc banana milkshake - frozen banana, cocoa powder ( unsweetened) 3 T. nonfat dry milk, 2 ice cubes, ice water and a little stevia. Vitamix it up. Yum!

onebyone: I love the print!

AZTricia: Wow! Needed to remember the difference between hard and impossible. I have yet to have a perfect OP day - meaning eating exactly what I planned. I can do this, it is just hard.

Credit for continuing to exercise more: step class, a thirty minute walk, a twenty minute walk. Credit for tracking my food.

A good day planned with errands including new glasses and maintaining some jewelry pieces. I was never a jewelry girl. Now I have a nice small collection of quality pieces that I actually wear and enjoy. Taking care of them and planning outfits takes up some of that time I used to spend thinking about food. Beck tells us to get a life outside of food and I think that is important.

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