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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks to bring the streak to 50. Had my Louisiana Naval Orange for evening snack. When done my first thought was another one would sure be tasty right now. When I become enlightened, my first thought will be, Sure was good, I'm satisfied. Dinner was lentils again. If I had to commit to only one food for the rest of my life, lentils would surely be it.

Almost no exercise - Ouch. I allowed the cold to justify sticking to minimal activities outside and never had the thought to do something inside - Duh!

onebyone – Congrats for getting that flu shot. Ouch for having to wait despite an appointment - doesn't seem right. Hope you figure out the banana thing; I'm grown dependent on my breakfast banana and my lunch banana.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – 160 minutes is a lot of exercise for a cold day. Wish I'd done that.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – I know that decluttering step of a work in progress. Hats off for working outside with a heat gun in 17 degrees.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Now that I've seen your green pancakes I'll be on the lookout for them. Ouch for their pancake calories. Kudos for "Back on the horse tomorrow."

maryann - It's always a good day when a package arrives in the mail. I've felt that way ever since waiting impatiently for a magic ring from Battle Creek, Michigan a few decades ago.

nationalparker – Thanks for the insight, "away from what NOT to do and more toward what TO do." [Removing Angels' Share movie from my list.]

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Happy One Year Anniversary with Super Congrats for 50 pounds and three sizes gone forever. Kudos for focusing on (and savoring) the changes you've made in a year.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – Ouch for a bout of the flu-diet. I agree, it's not something to choose. Hope you get your sea legs back.

ForMyGirls - Super Kudos for working the program with "Acknowledging my errant behaviour without giving myself grief about it." Ouch for the lure of the iPad.

AZtricia - Welcome new dog with soulful stare. Congrats on a few pounds gone merely for beginning the recording of your food.

Readers -
day 9 Select an Exercise Plan
........Once I accept that exercise is
essential and start doing it consistently,
..;;;......dieting will be easier.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 112.
New Journey: 12 years and 6 months
In maintenance phase: 11 years
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Hi Coaches!

Yesterday had some twists and turns, but I used my Beck brain to sort it all out and and compensate. Credit. Appt. w/mom took longer than expected and I decided we should go to lunch. We went to her favorite mex. restaurant and I made a good choice. The waitress asked, "you don't want rice and beans? " "No thanks, just plain." She came back again...."Do you want guacomole? "No, thanks. It's perfect without." I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch.
Then the twist: I called our helper at the project to say I was on my way. She said, "Oh, good, because I brought you lunch today!" (We have shared our lunch with her many times). I said, "Thanks! That was very thoughtful of you!" When I got there she was ready to eat...the casserole had been warming on the oil stove all morning. I simply took a very small portion and enjoyed it. When I got home late, DH already had pizza made....I explained "why" I was declining and had some yogurt and a banana. Credit. The scale approved of my decision this morning.

BBE, I wasn't aware you had two bananas a day...I often do, too. Credit for only one navel orange.

Beth(from Dayton), thanks for the 1 year update! Logging progress over the long haul is important, too. Credit.

Seadwaters and AZtricia, thanks for pictures! MaryAnn, too!

everyone else!

Ok, I must head to the project! I have painting to do before the crew shows up.
Debbie R

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on the wagon
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Thumbs up quick stop


Just checking in to say I will have an OP day = tracking my food and making choices that support my health today. I am off to the ceramic studio to make something (insert vague idea here).

Back later.

PS *credit* scale said 265.2 this morning.
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Good Morning, Coaches.

Today ( as the doc predicted ) I feel better. I did not have take the antibiotics. I simply endured the same ten day illness that all other mortals must. A great lesson in humility.
OP yesterday. Almost all the weight from the holidays is off. Scale is two pounds from ticker. Exercise was dusting and vacuuming (sp?) The house is nearly through - just need to finish the bathrooms and kitchen and my winter clean is done. Credit.

Lexxiss; Your work ethic is very impressive to me.You are a "can do" kind of gal. Your mom, your dh and everyone else who is in your life is lucky to have you.

nationalparker: yeah for back to yoge. I started a new routine on Sunday and then descended into sickdom. My arms were sore for four days I guess this means I need to do it more often.

onebyone: Congrats on the decluttering. I have started a new routine. I keep a large brown bag in my closet. When I put something on that is old, faded, broken or when I find something around the house that is doubled, broken or unused for years, I put it in the bag. When the bag is full I take it to the Goodwill. No big push, no big deal and yet I have released maybe twenty bags over the last year. It is really making a difference.

bethfromDayton: Happy Anniversary. So inspiring!

ForMyGirls: Sleep is number one health step in my life as well. DH and I had to make the dificult decision of separate rooms at night becuase he sleeps like a roaring tornado. But it has made a huge difference in how I feel.

seadwaters: I hate when I forget and go to page 2. DRAT! Credit for continuing to track.

BBE: Thanks for emphasizing that a brain that continues to say "What Next" instead of "That was great" has not quite evolved.

vegansauras: I hope you are on the mend as well.

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My 100% OP streak count is 9.

Tonight we're taking a nephew and his fiancee to a French restaurant. I've looked at the menu. I'm also getting better at taking account the possibilities that we might share a bottle of wine, might split an appetizer, might split one dessert among the four of us. There could also be a special that sounds better than what looks like the best choice. So I've written a detailed plan that includes phrases like "if that still looks like the BEST choice" and "if desired." There's flexibility in there to eat a bit more in one place than I might have planned, a bit less in another than I might have planned.

I'm also giving myself permission, right now, to leave food on my plate. I don't need to eat as much as the nephew who is feeding muscles that can move snow at a rate 3 times faster than me. I don't even need to eat as much as his fiancee who is a tiny little thing but probably eats like a bird except when someone else is paying for it in a great restaurant.

WI: -0.1 kg, Exercise: +20 465/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

AZtricia: welcome to your new walking buddy -- what a sweetie!

bethFromDayton: Happy Beck Anniversary! You've made great strides -- good for you for taking stock of it all. I still don't trust myself at a buffet restaurant, either -- although, at this point, it's more a matter of no longer seeing the attraction.

seadwaters: I want to go to Australia for green pancakes this morning!
My goal story: Fifty and feeling fabulous!
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Enjoying la bella vita
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S/C/G: high water mark/working on it

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DH and I spent another riveting evening playing cut-throat Risk - the game of world domination (which one of us says in a James Earl Jones-ish voice). His attack announcements tend to be followed by me saying, "you're attacking the army of the woman who cooked your dinner?" I might not be a good strategist, but I rely on luck of the dice and have fun. The other day he noted that for us snowed in for several days, the tv had only been on to try to stream that movie, which was a failed effort.

Working on day 6 on my streak. I need to write that on a card each day, as a visual might be a help. At work with small donuts on the kitchen table, along with homemade cookies, and chocolate dipped pretzels. Our staff went out to a pizza joint for lunch, but I brought soup, and stuck to that for $ and calories. Hard to pass up pizza.

During the holidays, I suggested we enjoy a game night once/week and a hobby night and DH was all in. I want to learn to sew, to do mosaic work, and to knit better (just scarves, nothing like a sweater). Tonight I need to figure out what I need for mosaics ... OneByOne, I might be checking in with you via PM on that if you don't mind, so I don't buy something I won't need/use.

Lexxiss - What Maryann said - you have such a committed work ethic - I admire you. You see what needs to be done, prioritize, delegate what needs to be, and set to work. And credits for graciously handling the extra bit of lunch when she thoughtfully provided it.

Maryann - I wish I remembered more of the yoga that I did for more than five years! It's like it entered a black hole in my mind. The angle of the tv in a front room is such that from the floor, I cannot see anything on the screen, so I need to watch it through, so hopefully the verbal stuff will be enough of a cue as I get restarted.

And now, to the awards section:
Beth - One year, 50 pounds and what a transformation in your thinking. Great job! I like how you've taken stock and noted about the no sweets at work. I'm wondering if an "only fruit" for a snack if I need it at work would be a good option for me. I like that you made the rule and stuck to it.

Bill - 50 days on your streak - that's superb! While I enjoy lentil soup now and then, that food would never have entered my thought stream if allowed only one food for the rest of my life. Ever. Too funny and way healthier than what I was thinking.

So close ... now so far!

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Default Checking in

Hi Coaches

Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I have been doing pretty well with everything . I still have eaten every meal sitting at the table which is HUGE for me! I have strayed a little from eating without distractions though. I need to weigh myself and I am afraid to get on the scale. Usually it doesn't say what I want it to say and I get bummed out. I think I will commit to doing it on Saturday morning. Also, I'm throwing a surprise birthday party for my husband on Saturday night and I am a little anxious about the cake. I don't know if I should just obtain completely or allow myself some. What do you guys think? I have been off sugar since Sat or Sun. It would probably be best if I didn't have it. Then I will get those deprivation thoughts.... Ack! Thanks for listening and being an inspiration
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Hi all,

Today was OP and makes for a 30 day streak. I had a good picture this evening of what a healthy OP dinner can look like--it was a full meal, I felt quite satisfied--and it was totally OP.

Exercise still not happening. I have to change that. I am going to change that and I will feel good when I do.

I went to the grocery store tonight for produce even after going last night--because last night they were out of celery. Yes-out of celery--and lots of other produce, too. I assume it was weather related delivery issues.

I also bought deli meat. I first ordered roast beast--the clerk offered me a slice and I declined. Then I ordered Virginia ham, and he offered me a slice of that. I declined. I saw that they had Pesto Parmesian ham, which I'd never heard of. For a brief second, I thought of asking to try it, but no, that's not an option. So, I asked for one slice of Pesto Parmesian Ham. He was perfectly willing to give me a slice to eat right then and there, but that wasn't an option. (He didn't even put a price on it--said it was too light for the scale.)

I told DH that he couldn't eat the whole slice or I'd be upset. So, the smart aleck asked "but it's okay if I eat half the slice?" And it is, of course, because I only need half a slice to try it!

It was really easy to say "I don't eat at the grocery store"!

Tomorrow is a bit "up in the air" because I'm taking DD for a college visit (she is likely to transfer for next year). So, we'll be eating en route--but I feel strong and able to make good choices!

Moebug: Credit for sitting at the table--that is huge! As for cake at your husband's birthday party, there are lots of different ways to handle that and we each have to decide what works. For me, I'd have a small piece because I would feel too deprived--I tend to have at least a small sweet every day. Other people would be concerned it would set them back into eating too much sugar and wouldn't want to risk that happening. I know that's not a definitive answer, but I really don't think there is one.

nationalparker: I see you're tracking on MFP again! YAY US!! Big credit for sticking to soup when pizza was in the offering! I do have a snack at work every day (right around 3:00). It is normally a carb/protein mix--cheese and crackers is my most common snack. "Snack" isn't the problem--"high cal" and "quantity" were my problems!

onebyone: I love your keyboard! I think you're right about bananas--and perhaps buying them in smaller quantities would help. It's hard to overeat them if there aren't that many there!

gardenerjoy: I hope the French restaurant trip was delicious--it sounds as if you planned for it really well. I love the way you looked at it in terms of tradeoffs. How did it go?

maryann: I'm glad you're feeling better--it's no fun being sick. And cleaning isn't a fun way to get exercise, although it's satisfying when it's done!

Lexiss: I think of you everytime I see organic bananas at the grocery store. Credit for balancing food and kindness--and then adjusting accordingly in the evening!

BillBE: Lentils wouldn't even be on my list! I wonder if 'enlightened' is achievable? I'll settle for 'not a struggle'!

seadwaters: Credit for recoding what you ate--and treating it as a mistake that you move on from. Btw, I type my longer responses using Notepad++ so that I can scroll up and down in the browser to view earlier posts.

ForMyGirls: The iPad is dangerous (does yours have a name?) Credit for recognizing what you're having trouble with. (Would it help to commit to leaving the iPad charging in the lounge room?)

Take care, all!
Goal: Back to where I was!
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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Default Checking in for Thursday

Hello coaches Credit: eating OP, just realized checking in that I missed my ARC completely today...so will read before bed. Ate sitting, but with homeschooling 3 boys I was somewhat distracted! Will miss my exercise tomorrow because the boy's swim team was canceled, so I need to exercise at home (note to self!) A funny credit: DietPower, the computer program I use to log my food came up with 3 oz of raw kale as being worth the most "points" today, so I had that and earned an A+++ for my eating today.

Lexxiss Congrats on maintaining during your 3 month project , funny about your iPhone...I still have an old flip phone! Great on your wise choices at the restaurant and for your flexibiliity in dealing with the rest of the day's meals in a healthy way. happy face for the happy scale.

veganasaurusrex Welcome back! Hope you are feeling MUCH better.

nationalparker Great job on changing your plans for a walk to the yoga dvd! I admire you for cutting your fur friend yourself, don't know if I'll be able, so far he growls if we mess with his legs... My boys just purchased Risk recently and I have refused to try it because it takes SO long! Learning to knit sounds like fun. What material are you going to use for mosaics?

onebyone Hurray for flu shots! We all did them this year. Sounds like you have a good plan for bananas. Do often paint? I admire artistic skill (have none! but like to look). What did you make at the ceramic studio? I saw the cutest fused glass snowmen at Christmas, that would be fun if I had a kiln.

bethFromDayton Happy Anniversary!!!! Congrats on you 50 lbs and 3 sizes!! And great job on the diet changes, adding fresh fruit and veggies. With all your progress, I'm sure you are ready to tackle social eating and exercise. A 30 day streak is amazing! Your progress really gives me hope for the future, thanks for sharing! Your dh was funny about the ham, sound like something mine would do!

ForMyGirls Great job recommitting to get back on track with sleep, it will make a huge difference to your ability and attitude.

seadwaters How frustrating to loose everything. The pancakes sound yum, love vanilla! Hope your kefir works well. A funny about the new dog, he takes walks for a purpose...when he's done his thing he turns arround to go home!!! Hoping it is just because today is cold, but I laughed every time.

BillBlueEyes Mmmm, oranges are delicious this time of year. Just went to get more as my boys ate all we had. Lentils were our dinner too, in a chili type soup.

maryann Glad you are feeling better. Good job on getting back to plan after the holiday.

gardenerjoy WhooHoo for 9! Hope you enjoyed your great food and the company.

Moebug Glad to hear you have been doing pretty well with everything . As far as cake, I do better when I avoid sugar completely, but if you will feel deprived and it won't cause you to stumble then having a small amount is not bad.
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Wink Saturday

Hi Coaches/Buddies

I have realised today that I need a backup plan. Yesterday and the day before I had a plan for a restaurant visit - had even looked at the menu. But in both cases I had to changes for some reason. I wasn't able to adapt. So I need a back-up plan in case this happens. Plan A - eat what I have decided from research on the venue. Plan B - eat a sensible main that will satisfy me without introducing foods that I avoid so that I can goodnaturedly refuse foods I don't want to eat.

Today has been an on plan day:
Credit for steps - and kilometres
Credit for food - planned for the day and on plan so far
Credit dinner is planned and is cooking - lamb chop stew (not really summer food but I had a craving)
Credit all food is logged
Credit for new sauerkraut - the last one was a bit dodgy
Credit for making dill pickles
Credit tracking my food

BillBe - Wow for a streak of 50. LOL I always wonder how I would respond when I reach enlightenment
Debbie(Lexxiss) - I know that restaurant - was there yesterday. "Do you want fries with that" - this epitomy of food pushers! Well done for staring them down. Well done to graciously accept the food from your helper - it could be accommodated
Onebyone - good luck with the ceramic studio and staying on plan
Maryann - glad you feel better in predicted time - it's nice to be average sometimes.Yay for completing a routine clean - I totally identify
Joy (gardenerjoy) - great planning for a night out - really detailed and guides the way thank you. I certailny didn't plan this meticulously/ Malaysian pancakes (with coconut stuffing and icecream) are indeed special. I am sure you could find something a little closer
Nationalparker - I like the sound of that game! Will have to go and have a look! Credit for passing up pizza - really an achievement
Moebug - Glad you are out there. I get it with the deprivation thoughts - have to reframe those ("didn't want it anyway!"). Cant help with the cake - depends how much of a trigger it is for you. If it will lead to uncontrolled eating it might be good to stay away from it!
Beth(fromDayton) - Great streak! 30 days! Good luck with getting exercise started - I have every sympathy! I use notepad to do personals but sometimes I start my progress in the response box - obviously not a good idea! I have not seen notepad++ so thanks for letting me know.
AZtricia - A dog with a mission - sounds interesting to live with! But they are good for keeping us mobilized and on our feet. Interesting that you homeschool - how can you turn that to your advantage in terms of keeping active!

thanks coaches

Short Term Goal

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I am back on track :-) I left the iPad in the lounge room last night and got a good night’s sleep. Which then led to 100% OP today. Feels like it is going to keep going in the right direction too - and relaxedly - so that is great.

Credits: had planned to have some fruit after dinner but was full so chose to keep it for the morning. Did some good relaxed guiding of my kids’ food choices today. Invoked Nike and “just did it” this morning with my health activities.

So - I have a streak of 1. Collectively we have a streak of 139!

Bill - 50 - WOW! On the topic of Beethoven’s fifth - my Dad listens to only classical music. A workmate of his was mocking him once and proclaiming that it “all sounded the same” (????) so Dad said “Alright then - pick one tape and I bet you I can tell you what piece it is just by listening”. By chance he chose the 5th and was VERY impressed when my Dad could identify it after 3 notes :-)

National parker - I love Risk! If you like Risk you might also like Settlers of Catan.

Maryann - my partner and I also don’t share a bed (or bedroom). He is an insomniac and I sleep like a roaring tornado so after 6 months of my not sleeping because I was so scared I would wake him and him not sleeping because I was breathing we decided life would be a happier experience in separate bedrooms. Didn’t work so well for the first few months when I was sharing a room with a 6 year old (who is very much an early morning person so would bounce on me at the first hint of being awake!) but is great now that we are in a bigger space and I have my own room. I actually really love it - I have always really valued independence in a relationship and find that having a space that is just mine helps me feel like I have my own emotional space too.

Beth - my iPad doesn’t have a name (though my bike does :-) - she is called Lucy - though with her recent change of handlebars and recreation as a hippie trip pie smell the roses kind of bike I have started to call her Lucy-Lou) Thanks for suggestion to leave iPad in the lounge room - I think it is essential so I am adding that to my requirements for being 100%OP. It will make all the other bits so much easier.

Moebug - one of the features of the first diet I was on is 3 ‘indulgences’ a week. I kept that part of the diet (though I have veered from it lately because while on leave I have been getting far more exercise than normal so have an increased calorie allowance that has allowed me to have more treats). The 3 indulgences works really well for me because it means I know that I have some ‘treats’ but I am learning that they are not an everyday thing. It also means that I can partake of celebratory things like birthday cakes guilt free. It also means I am disinclined to ‘waste’ an indulgence on something mediocre - rather I save them up for something really, really yummy! All of that said this is just what (I think) works for me. If being off sugar is important to you then it might be better to abstain. The one thing I think Beck would advocate though is that you should decide ahead of time what your plan is and then stick to it :-)
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S/C/G: 239/173/165

Height: 5'9"

Thumbs up Friday - Houseplant Appreciation Day (Really!!!)

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Did gym, CREDIT moi, and a walk later. My gym class included a spin on the stationary bikes - I could get into them. I returned the DVD Mary Poppins to the library after fast watching in 20 minutes. Good Grief! What saccharin we accepted in 1964 to accumulate 13 Academy Award nominations. When I become czar, it will be banned.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks; streak to 51. Only snack of the day was half a Louisiana Navel Orange - the last one of the gift box from Christmas. I had to hide my annoyance that DW wanted to split the last one since I'd been having my own whole one. Then had to fight the notion that I could, legitimately, have added some tangerines to make it a full snack. But I didn't, so second CREDIT moi. Have to confess that my brain is thwacked by the newspaper ad for a new Burger King opening nearby - a coupon for a FREE small soft serve cone. I can't throw it away. I don't often buy soft ice cream cones and can't imagine eating one in 15 F weather. But I can't throw it away. Perhaps I'll leave it in a stack somewhere until it expires.

onebyone – Hope you enjoyed some creative ceramic time.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Drooling over your French Restaurant trip. Kudos for planing wisely. (DW is in a quandary because a Primrose followed her home from a garden club event and all our window ledges are already full. We may have to carve extra windows in the house since, heaven forbid, the subject of limiting acquisitions isn't to be discussed.)

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Stellar food responses all. day. long. Super Kudos. [I got excited about bananas eight years ago when I (again) became aware that our heartbeat is controlled by sodium-potassium balance. I've never read that it would be beneficial to increase potassium to match the increased sodium in my foods - so I just made up that notion. If I live to be 110, I'll declare the experiment to be a success and publish a paper, LOL.]

Cheryl (seadwaters) – I like the simple sanity of your Plan A and Plan B. LOL at "Credit for new sauerkraut - the last one was a bit dodgy."

maryann - Yay for holiday weight leaving the premises.

nationalparker – LMAO at, "You're attacking the army of the woman who cooked your dinner?" Kudos for passing on that pizza.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Three resists at the deli is impressive - Super Kudos. I'll consider your notion of 'not a struggle' in place of 'enlightened' since the latter truly eludes me.

ForMyGirls - Yep, Kudos for avoiding the fruit salad just because you were full - it's a challenge for me to remember to ask myself that when facing a healthy food.

Maura (Moebug) - Yep, sitting is "HUGE" - HUGE Kudos for that. One plan is to take two bites from a family member's slice of cake and savor them at your DH's birthday party.

AZtricia - That is funny that kale is your high points for the day. Can imagine that it's hard to get your hands around any food with three boys in the house.

Readers -
day 9 Select an Exercise Plan
.....Although you probably don't
want to hear this,
the rate at which
........you should try to lose weight is
.............the slower the better.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 113.
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My 100% OP streak count is 10.

I'm declaring the French restaurant meal within bounds of a special meal out, even if it's not something I'd want more than once a month. We split a few side plates -- the best was a goat cheese tart with shaved fennel.

For my main dish, I ordered the roast chicken on the advice of a neighboring customer who offered it when she heard this was our first visit. One of the reviews I read praised the chicken as well. It came out in a small black iron skillet -- half of a chicken. That's four times the amount that I consider a serving these days. Since it came so well recommended, I gave everyone at the table some. That whittled the leg quarter down to about a serving. I brought the breast home for sandwiches. It was good – tender and flavorful. But I can guess the secret: brining. Which rendered it a bit too salty for me. Keep in mind that I bake my own bread in a bread machine because commercial bread has too much sodium, so I don’t have the normal American taste buds for salt.

For dessert, after talking about the book Julia Child Rules by Karen Karbo, with Rule Number 10, Every Woman Should Have a Blowtorch, we ordered crθme brulee. So good that the fiancee is putting a blowtorch on her wedding gift registry. Even with four of us eating it, we left a bit behind.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +55 420/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: This is my solution to the "not enough windows" problem: http://www.gardeners.com/Compact-2-T...g_LightGardens
My goal story: Fifty and feeling fabulous!
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Good morning, Coaches.

Yesterday was OP calorie-wise. This has been the pattern for the last few days. I am eating spontaneously and sparingly and then eating one smoothie for a meal replacement. I am staying away from processed foods.

Could this be called maintenance? Weight continues to inch back toward ticker. I would love it if I could continue to eat like this. Small amounts and unstructured. "Me thinks something is up, however." But I am willing to experiment a little. I have never been in maintenance. All the literature says that maintaining is truly the hardest thing to do but I can't believe anything is harder than losing the darn weight.

Plan is to up exercise as well now that I am on the mend. Step class is soon. Credit.

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Coaches Thank you for all of your suggestions on how to handle the cake at the party. I've decided I'm going to allow myself this treat . While I may be setting myself up for a fail, I want to see if I can make this commitment to have just one piece and not stray off into sugar oblivion!
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