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on the wagon
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Exclamation pre-trip bloat or something

Hi Coaches

Theoretically, I was supposed to be packed and ready to go so I could start the drive to Ottawa right after I dropped dh off at work.
Well, we still haven't unpacked the car from this weekend's shows.
I'm about to go do that after this check in with you guys.

I *expected* a loss on the scale this morning but saw a rise of 0.4lbs = 283.7 now. Oh boy. NOT WHAT I WANT!!!

I ate late and ate salty and I am thirsty even now so the great spongey body of mine is hanging onto its water again. I'll have to focus on getting the water in me in order to get it out of me once more. Same old, same old.

I *wish* I was thinner going back for the show but everyone knows what I look like so whatever. This weightloss business will be put on hold and I am striving to come back the same weight as today and not more! My plan to make this happen is to get to the swimming pools daily and to write down my food. I will go back to low carb eating as since I reintroduced the carbs the weight has climbed steadily upward.
Focus on salads when I can. Just try and eat smarter than I have been which will be tough in the face of a stressful week.

I will also check in with my coaches when I can which I hope is daily.

Better go. Have a great Tuesday...
Going to 150 5lbs at a time
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Hi Coaches!

Despite an incredibly long and busy day I managed to stay as close to the principles of my food plan as possible. I blended a green smoothie as soon as we arrived at our East house before I hit the road for the airport. Lunch was at a teahouse in Boulder...I ordered sensibly and left food on my plate. Dinner was at home, OP, until I sneaked an extra piece of coffee cake after dinner. I resisted all snacks at Whole Foods and skipped the afternoon latte, choosing a peach instead.

I've hit the deck running today. I pitched paperwork in a drawer last eve as folks were heading over for dinner. Now it's time to reorganize and ease my frustration which always helps me stay sane with food.
Debbie R

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Hello all! I am new to this whole forum/posting thing, but found you all and the Beck Diet Solution a couple weeks ago while rummaging through the 3fatchicks site. Over the years I have followed WW, and when I was actualkly following it, it worked. So I would lose the same 20 pounds, get bored/sidetracked, gain it back, and eventually start over.

All of which is why your discussions here about the Beck plan intrigued me. I bought the pink book (thank you all for your feedback on which book to look into!) and have been reading it for the last nine days. I know the book recommends to read/follow the first couple of weeks before you begin your selected diet, but I just couldn't wait. The book - and all of your good discussions here - has me excited to get back on track! So yesterday I went back to healthy eating.......credit me, right?

I am looking forward to continuing to read all of your stories/successes/hints! And I will do my best to chime in as well!

Maryann - Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Your post reminded me of why I want to try this - and why it is so important!
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Simply Filling Technique
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missyj -wonderful to see you joined our group. Look forward to having you with us.
lexxiss I just looked down at your ticker! Wow! Lady Lexxiss, you have lost quite a bit of weight. Have you used the Beck skills during all of your downward journey? GJ in managing your meals and schedule.
onebyone do you have access to either of the Beck books? I think now would be a good time to review the sections on Sabotaging Thoughts. Here's the scoop on dieting-everyone and I do mean everyone says they are on a diet. Grandmas,kids, young men, girls, I even had a vet tell me once to put one of my cats on a diet! His name was PeeWee but he was anything but.... So, settle your mind on that one. As for what people think? Well, you can't please everyone all of the time so begin by pleasing yourself first. People secretly admire people who have confidence (real or not). Start by believing in yourself. You can do this, GF! You can! We have your back!
BBE Trail mix is your siren. Maybe, the electricians can hide it before the plasterer comes. So you are having the walls plastered??? Wow! We had a hard time finding one in the Twin City area and he was near 90. It is a lost art although Northern European countries still have many.
rubidoux I find that the ARC cards are about talking back to that sassy voice we all have when it comes to wanting what we can't have and thinking we really know what is in our best interest when most of the time we don't until we know what really is in our best interest. GJ on following through with that. I feel it is the core of the Beck skill set.


*over one full week of 8-9 hours of sleep during the night. I am up and down visiting the bathroom but, at least, now I have a fascinating night light in there to view. It has 3-D tropical fish and the LED light changes from blue-green-purple-red-white, etc. Even DH said he stopped to watch it change colors before going to bed. $8 of pure fun! (P.S. my bathroom is so beautiful I wish I could live in--it is done in a beach theme and the colors are so soft and soothing--I went for the spa feel and GOT IT!)
*restarting my aerobic part of this journey again. I am crossing my fingers that all the self-knee physical therapy will prove to me "I can do this".
*asked DH to forego his monthly chapter meeting with the PTG and go to a live chamber music performance tonight. "Feeding my soul and not my stomach." That's the way you do it, ah ha, ah ha.

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Had a plan and stuck to it. It was a good reminder that things are simpler when I have a good plan. I got my weights workout in while DD was napping yesterday and got my run in this AM while DH watched her. We had another good night last night. (BBE, if baby is wailing mom and dad are too.) Crossing my fingers that I’ve stumbled on the answer. I can handle middle of the night feedings if I haven’t endured hours of inconsolable baby crying.

For those who are curious, I’ve started feeding her and putting her to bed at 6 or 6:30 PM, before she starts getting fussy. All feedings and changings after that are done quietly with low lights. It’s probably obvious to veteran parents, but it was a new idea for us. During the day she’s able to doze when she needs to in the middle of the action, but in the evenings it’s too much stimulation. She was getting too worked up to get to sleep and our attempts to soothe her only made things worse. These last two nights she’s gone right to sleep early in the evening and she goes right back to sleep after she wakes up to be fed and changed. There has been almost no crying. I hope this is the solution!

Gardenerjoy, great job weighing in and turning over a new leaf for August. Yay for finding the solution to the new diet problems and it’s great that the new normal is a lot more fruits and veggies!

Maryann, happy Beck birthday! It’s great to take stock and see how far you’ve come. Congrats on all the healthy habits that you’ve acquired over the last year. Great job celebrating by making a food plan and recommitting to work through Beck.

Welcome Rubidoux! I know all about waning commitment to a new diet and constantly battling those same lbs. Kudos for giving Beck a shot. She has some great solutions that helps me stick with a healthy lifestyle over the long haul. My DD is a month old. I came to this without much baby experience and the books could only prepare me so far. It’s a learning process.

Onebyone, ouch for being worn out from a show that was a bust, but it’s great that you got some good contacts out of it. Great job planning for exercise on your trip—wishing you a good one! Hugs while dealing with a disappointing weigh-in and frustration over your weight in general. Good job identifying carbs as the culprit.

Eusebius, ouch for the yo-yos and roller coasters. It sounds like you’ve had a lot going on. Great job getting back in there and making a plan. Yay for the tried-and-true “Hunger is not an emergency!”

Pamatga, congrats on moving your workout to the next level. It’s such a great reward to see that progress. Yay for lots of good sleep! Thanks for “Feeding my soul and not my stomach.” I love the sentiment.

SuperChick, ouch for missing that AM surf, but great job being flexible enough to figure out a different workout, even if it doesn’t sound like as much fun. Yay for realizing that chocolate doesn’t soothe troubling emotions. It’s so hard to remember. Hope your romantic dinner went well and your BF was in a good mood.

BillBE, ouch for house-renovation tension. Great job keeping the food damage to a minimum and for finding solutions to the problems.

Lexiss, great job sticking so closely to your food plan on such a busy day. Yay for reorganizing so you can stay sane with food!

Welcome MissyJ! I think you hit the nail on the head when you noted that WW works great; it’s sticking with it that’s the problem. I found Beck so helpful with the “sticking with it” part. I knew what I should be doing; I just wasn’t doing it. I hope Beck is the answer for you as well.
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Starting over
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Default Tuesday am

Hello fellow Beckites/coaches

I am in an odd place. The excitement of eating fabulous food is wearing off and I am getting bored. I've settled into a rut with my choices. I've planned all of my dinners for the month (I've done this for ages, so it's no big deal--the local Safeway offers 10% off the entire grocery bill the first Tuesday of the month. I like to get all the meat and pantry items we need for the month. I usually spend about $350 (after the specials. Don't judge. Food is very expensive, here.) I am very bored with eating, roughly, the same 30 to 35 dinners over and over again.

My daughter is home...and that's been something of an adjustment, too. My son comes home later today.

I haven't done any excercise for a few days--that is probably contributing to my feeling out of sorts. Could be the loss of my "alone" time. Reading Adler is stirring up thoughts of going to school--or at least reading a few books I haven't got to yet, like Thomas S. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolution. I'm curious about whether an argument can be made that this whole weight loss (and re-gain) conundrum is enough of a challenge to our current scientific paradigms to cause yet another revolution. It's all a whole lot more slippery than quarks. But when on Earth will I find the time?

OnebyOne--please do not give up. I don't think making decisions when you are discouraged and tired is good idea! (You may remind me of that when I get like that, too, OK?!) You want to stay the same weight this week. That may or may not work out--but can you focus on actions you will take? Like drink 64 ounces of water a day, eat slowly and mindfully, and choose healthy foods the best you can. All those things are within your control--much more than that pesky scale. Hooray for the pool!

I'll do my best to do the rest of the personals later today.
Have a great day everyone.
my weight loss blog: http://mypsychemysoma.blogspot.com/

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Welcome MissyJ and Rubidoux: This program works in conjunction with any diet. I have been a war weary veteran of Weight Watchers for years but truth be told I have a history of fighting and cheating on any program I haver ever been on. My favorite example is being alotted 23 points a day for WW and using 20 points for Laughing Cow Ice cream sandwiches (for several days in a row.) That is the thing about addiction- it is insane behavior - no peace. It is playing against the house - you might win a few hands in Vegas but in the end THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS!. With Beck, you leave the casino and STOP PLAYING. Life away from the game is sometimes painful, sometimes frustrating, sometimes filled with grief BUT YOU CAN PROGRESS and find success. (I am working on an MFA in Creative Writing so I am pretty heavy into analogies currently.)
Anyway for newbies who don't know my story. I was over 200 pounds twenty years ago and through a discovery of a love for exercise went down to around 175 but couldn't budge below it until I looked at my relationship with the food.
Today: Last two days I have weighed and measured just for kicks ( I am on the Zone Diet) and because I have to pack all my food for the day in a cooler because we are at Strings Camp. I can't say it enough, "I am constantly astounded what constitutes a serving. I think I will keep weighing and measuring all week just for practice. OP Yesterday. I did weigh myself (-.8) when I told myself to wait but it has become such a habit it was difficult to not. I think I'll let it go and see what happens tomorrow. Food was also extra veggies (sautee'd zuke, peas, fruit) because I had been slipping in that area. I also had my old evening snack of a Rees' cup and cottage cheese. That was my snack for all the months I lost weight so I an re-initiating it.

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Green Tomatoes
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Remember a couple of weeks ago I said that I had a sabotaging thought associated with our saltiest meal of the week (a greens dish that I'm not willing to give up because it's so healthy otherwise)? The sabotaging thought was: the scale will go up tomorrow, so I might as well eat what ever I want. After some thought, I discovered that the response that gave me the most pleasure was "What if I'm wrong?"

Turns out, I am! We had the greens dish last night and I had an ever so small down tic on the scale this morning. I credit sticking to my plan at the 90% level and my 50 minutes of exercise. So happy that works!

WI: -0.1kgs, Exercise: +50 50/1300 minutes and 3/33 miles on treadmill for August, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: I also find it useful to measure everything for awhile to recalibrate my eyeballs for my normal eyeballing of serving sizes. They creep up over time! Yay for extra veggies!

Alana: can you augment your regular menu with seasonal veggies and fruits? That's been a continuing pleasure for me on this journey.

Shepherdess: glad to hear that the great baby sleep experiment worked for a second night

pamatga: hope the chamber music performance is wonderful!

Welcome, missyj!

Lexxiss: yay for staying close to principles!

onebyone: have a great trip and enjoy the pool!

BillBlueEyes: yay for acceptable solutions!

SuperChick: good job recognizing the desire for soothing and that food isn't doing it.

eusebius: glad to see you back with a new plan!

rubidoux: I'm sure you'll find some way to deal with your ARCs. It doesn't have to be physical cards. Some people put them in their smart phones so it will look like they are reading email!
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Managed to make it through a drama filled vacation at the lake with my family with only a slight amount of off plan eating. Although my plan right now is to just eat when hungry only and no sugar. I am at the "start your diet" chapter now.
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Hi Coaches/Buddies!

So far so good. The new plan is working splendidly and I am starting to see lower numbers ... woot! It is nice to be home with my family, my cat and my piano My stomach is starting to grumble and I am looking forward to a very healthy dinner packed with veggies.

pamatga - happy feast day to me, LOL. I'm hoping no one is going to drive me out of town anytime soon. You are doing awesome with the strength training and gardening sounds like a great workout also! Good to see you are getting back into the aerobic side of things.

SuperChick - congrats on reaching onederland!! Good job not dwelling on minor slip ups and keeping on track. You are definitely finding what works for you!

BillBE - ouch for high reno-related tension but kudos for keeping on track!!

onebyone - (((((hugs))))) Sounds like you have a good plan for the trip. The swimming pools will feel really good in this weather!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - terrific work staying OP while traveling!

missyj - Welcome!! This is a great group. Indeed, big credit for recommitting to your healthy plan!

Shepherdess - Indeed, planning is everything and big kudos to you for using your nap and DH time productively! Sounds like you are figuring out the sleep thing. I hope it's easier for you than it was for me, LOL.

Alana - I can relate big time to the boredom issue and also the adjustment to not having a lot of alone time. LOL that weight loss is more slippery than quarks!!

maryann - wise words about addiction and how Beck helps. You are a shining example of success on this plan!

gardenerjoy - credit for sticking to your guns and your exercise plan!

Becky (anotherchick) - Nice job surviving the drama-filled vacation - I can certainly relate to that scenario!!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: will do a bit this evening
Qi Gong: yes (short session)

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Hello all! Well, I am very happy with the Beck Diet so far! Yesterday I completed day 6 ( I think that was the day) where I skip lunch and see how my body feels. Well, I ended up not eating for 12 hours. I couldn't believe this for many reasons:
1. It was while I had a 12 hr flight and my flights have been my biggest struggle thus far
2. I really didn't think I was going to last, I think I've only gone 5 or 6 hours without eating before
3. I wasn't STARVING after the 12 hours. Mostly I had a bit of a headache and was really tired.
Well, I'm so so glad I did this exercise. I learned that my food/craving/hunger doesn't control me. I also learned to start realizing when I am truly hungry and that I don't want to eat if I am not truly hungry. I'm so glad I did this exercise, and I think I may try doing it every once and a while if I feel like my food is controlling me. I realize now that I'm in control!!
Thanks for the support!!
"The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize."
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Red face Hello I'm New!

This is day 2 of the Beck diet and I just joined this blog.


I'm curious what diet plans people are doing on this?

AND....i'm excited to have a team to do this with!

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Onebyone, That sounds incredibly frustrating! I used to believe that I *could*not*lose*weight*, like it wasn't possible for my body to do it. My endocrinologist even backed me up on that, and said he had never seen a type I lose weight. I had tried *everything*, or at least everything that was recommended. And then, not in the interest of weight loss at all, but for my blood sugar, I decided to try a few days of zero carb. And omg!!! I just started losing. And so here I am four months later and almost 35 pounds down. And my life is so, so different because I know it's possible now. Anyway, I tell you this just to say maybe what everyone else does doesn't work for you, but that doesn't mean you won't figure out something that does. It is a terrible frustrating journey to be on before you figure it out, but I hope you keep trying! I do believe, btw, that you have every right to accept that you can't lose weight and actually, I am kind of happy that I made it to that point myself, though it was painful. But there is real joy in getting past it and I really hope you get to have that.

eusebuis, If you find something that works to get you through a week (that's just about forever, in dieting terms, as far as I'm concerned) with family that would be revolutionary. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself.

Pamatga, Ooooh, I bet fresh sweet potatoes are wonderful. And it sounds glorious to have 3 months worth of fresh tomatoes. I hope that works out. I feel like I haven't had a great tomato for about 30 years, since I was able to eat off of my great-grandfather's farm. And if I was you, I'd be patting myself on the back for just getting a chicken sandwich at wendy's. I hope you enjoyed your chamber music!

SuperChick, I hope you had a good workout and a nice dinner. I'm jealous that you surf! I'd be too scared to try (I'm not even much of a swimmer), but it looks so adventurous. Plus, Eddie Vedder does it, which is just plain cool. And yay re the food processor. I've been wanting one for ages, but when I started dieting I stopped cooking altogether, like I became allergic to it.

BBE, Yes! That's a great idea about refining your ARC. I think mine can be streamlined a bit so I don't have to spend all day reading it. There are certain words or phrases that are powerful enough that they don't need a whole lot of explanation when I'm the reader. Sorry about that dratted trail mix! Sometimes I feel like there's trail mix lurking around every corner.

Lexxiss, It sounds like you did great in a stressful situation!

MissyJ, Welcome! I know what you mean about wanting to get on it when you feel it. I wouldn't wait the two weeks either. That would probably leave me stressed out for two weeks waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hope you have great success!

Shepherdess, It sounds like you are on the right track with the baby-sleep. With my two, I found that they were so different that it was just trial and error all the way through both times. So, no, you don't sound like a newbie at all. One thing that worked really great with both of mine was co-sleeping, which they are both still doing. I know that's not for everyone, but it got me a lot of good sleep. Congrats on your new little one!

Alana, Good luck finding new exciting foods. Boredom is no fun.

Ok, I think I have to move to another post to continue. It's hard keeping track of where I am in this thread!

type I diabetic and mama to ds1 (9/14/03) and ds2 (2/11/09)
sometimes vlc, sometimes pure carnivore, always once-a-day feeding

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maryann, Thanks for sharing your story. I'm so curious about what exercise you fell in love with. I once lost a good amount of weight on a diet that included a snickers every night. I was like 22, though. lol I don't think it would work now since my issues are all carb-related.

Gardenerjoy, I'm so happy you were wrong! Ya know I'm aways surprised when people malign salt (though I am getting used to it). I actually swell up if I don't get enough, and I need quite a lot. Plus, if you eat a lot of salt *every* day, I don't think you'd gain past that first day, kwim? I suppose I love salt enough that a couple of pounds are worth it to me. Did I say all my issues were carb-related?

anotherchick, Family is about the worst trigger for me. Kudos for getting through in tact!

ovwgirl, Congrats on your progress today! It's kind of liberating to skip that meal, I think.

happygoal, Welcome! I'm on day four, so we're in this together. I do a kind of crazy diet, which probably would only work for me (as nothing that anyone else does has worked for me, lol). I eat once a day, usually between 6 and 7 and I eat fatty meat and 2-4 cups of whole milk yogurt. During the day I have iced coffee with between 2.5 and 5 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream, depending on how many I have.

I had such a great day! I am trying to transition to only one meal a day every day (I had been doing it just a few times a week) and today was day 4 in a row and I felt just great! I made a lot of good choices for myself and gave myself lots of CREDIT . Today was the credit day, after all. I decided to get myself a diet coke at the mcd's drive through because my little guy was asleep in back, which was a safer choice than starbucks since I have no idea how much cream they'll put in, CREDIT!, and I made it through the drive through having purchased nothing but the diet coke, CREDIT! I also decided to go ahead and exercise even though I had plenty of good reasons to back out of it, CREDIT! For dinner I picked up some buffalo wings, and rather than get my favorite strips, which are dredged in flour, I got wings, which are not, CREDIT! And they were VERY yummy, anyway.

In the last hour or so I've realized that I'm getting a cold and I actually kind of wonder if that somehow affected my mood today or made things easier for me, maybe it affected my appetite. It was also really hot, and that can be helpful, too. I'm actually thinking now that I will take a day off and eat twice tomorrow. I don't think I ate enough today, especially if I'm sick. And I don't want to force it.

Oh, and I finally, finally, have made it down to a NEW low weight. It's only .2 pounds below my last one, but still. I'll have to fix the ticker tomorrow.

I stayed OP, read my ARC, gave myself a bunch of credit... and now I'm going to look up what tomorrow's work will be.

Goodnight coaches!

type I diabetic and mama to ds1 (9/14/03) and ds2 (2/11/09)
sometimes vlc, sometimes pure carnivore, always once-a-day feeding

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Unhappy In a bit of a funk...

Morning Team *long post alert!*
Like Alana, I too feel like I’m falling into a bit of a rut, or more so a bit of a funk. Monday and Tuesday have both been a bit strange, tired, gremlin-y days. By gremlin-y, I mean that little sabotaging voice has been a lot more present this week than any other time so far on my Beck journey. I think it’s mainly because I’m tired, and my house / garden / work desk / mind is cluttered and untidy… Like someone else said recently, it’s much easier to stick to my plan if everything else is in order – I know however that this not a realistic plan for life! It’s always going to be a bit messy at times. What I think I need to do is take some time for myself (luckily DB is away this weekend, although I’m going to miss him) and tidy up, go through Beck, make some new response cards (I’ll get to that in a minute!) and get my head straight.

So last night, food out was lovely, and the restaurant served quite small portions so portion control wasn’t really an issue. I also managed to avoid having any dessert (BBE, this is my demon when it comes to eating out… I always want one even if I’m not hungry… so a small victory!) however I drank way too much. One glass turned to two, then three, then stopping at the pub on the way home… after a rubbish day yesterday (not food wise, just general bleugh) the little sabotaging gremlin was telling me it was ok… even though I knew it wasn’t. I’m trying hard at the minute not to beat myself up for my ‘mistakes’ but to learn from them… so I’m going to spend some time making some response cards (I have only made ARC and ‘no choice’ cards, I haven’t made any others yet as the need / time hasn’t arisen) to try to address this, and I think I need to think carefully about drinking when I’m in that sort of mood as I’m much more likely to drink more than I want to.

I typically only weigh in once or twice a week and I weighed in on Monday but I’m starting to worry about what the scales are going to say (like they can talk!) and I can already sense a feeling of avoidance coming on… I need to step up, banish that voice and get on the scales tomorrow morning.

Thanks for listening guys, it’s crazy how obvious things seem when I write them down, and how much it helps me putting it down in print and telling you all.

Credits: bike to work today, planned food, read ARC, putting myself first today (advance credit!), NSV – fitted into two pairs of trousers I haven’t worn since before Christmas

Hello to everyone and welcome to the newbies – stick with Beck, it’s such a good tool and everyone else on this forum is so supportive. I think that support network is what is missing in a lot of people’s life, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Right I’m off to put myself first and work myself out of this funk!

for every 5lb target hit:

I can’t change the past, and the future hasn’t happened yet, so I’m going to work on being mindful and living in the here and now.
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