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Default Wednesday - less hot

Hi Coaches
Only a toasty warm 30C tonight at 8pm. The night time temps all last night were over 30 last night - unbelievably uncomfortable. We are going for a record number of days over 35 by Sunday this week apparently! I just got home and have to cook / eat so unfortunately I can't do personals but I have read all your posts and thanks for the ideas and inspirations

I ate on plan today. Last night it was too hot to eat so I found myself grazing. Not a good option as I always eat more than I plan. Tonight I am making a proper meal. I have planned lunch for tomorrow. I checked in here, I weighed myself, and I used the stairs. About all I can say about today.

Futurefitchick - you asked about "writing a subject for the semester" - I teach at uni (nursing and research) and I coordinate a subject that I am planning and writing the program for at the moment. Hope you get to jump back on plan and get back on track. I found my 60th birthday fairly distracting as well!

Stay well Beckies

Short Term Goal

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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - It's predicted to be Armageddon here today with sleet, rain, snow, and ice. I shoveled snow for exercise yesterday, CREDIT moi, having to toss the stuff up high on the stacks already there. My back is OK this morning; apparently I'm getting better at using proper form.

Eating was OP, CREDIT moi. I left work early as the snow began to get deep to get home to begin the fight. That meant that I deserted the lunch I'd taken and had a sandwich of peanut butter, banana, and toasted pecans on toasted whole wheat bread ends - my favorite lunch in the whole world.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for a DH stuck far away - even though stuck with friends rather than at an airport. And Ouch for low HDL readings. Mine were unbelievably low when I started out, my doctor being less concerned since the ratio to Total was still OK. But HDL went up with exercise and weight loss and Total Cholesterol went down. [Yep, I heat the dahl over broccoli slaw in the micorwave so both are hot - really tastey. The broccoli slaw is marginally cooked; I like it that way.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Admiring your mindful acceptance that losses will be slow as you approach goal. I had that same experience. In fact, since I had no weight goal - just an eating plan - it took me several months of no losses before I declared that I was done.

Shepherdess - Congrats for making it to the doctor in 30 below. Going from -30 to +30 within the week is one big swing. I know you've told me otherwise, but I shudder at all your sheep in that cold. Love that heart beat.

Beverlyjoy - Drooling over your home made mushroom and asparagus soups. The new gov't regulations call for reduced sodium - 1500 mg sodium for those over 51 - so we all should be tracking it. DW just pointed out to me that there's 300 mg in two slices of bread. Ouch.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yay for cooling down to 30C - albeit still "unbelievably uncomfortable." (He said, truly trying to sound sympathetic when the notion of a little warmth is so appealing right now, LOL.)

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ouch for frozen pipes. Kudos for "got back on track" - just like Beck's quote for today.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Yep, going to bed kills those munchies. BTDT.

Nature Girl - Sending supportive thoughts as you let your body heal itself back to healthy so you can become your vigorous outdoor self again.

MaryContrary - Congrats on "a burst of productivity" and for getting it all together at the same time. I'm still in awe at the Grey Whale birth.

ChefJoona - Love the image of a bright orange NO CHOICE right on the cupboard.

Carol (carols2) - Kudos for "Biking for 75 minutes" - stationary, I presume. Do you read or listen to music when doing that?

Ruby (RubyJan) - LOL at "awash in Beck Books" - Yep, starting with the Pink Pair sounds sane. My next door neighbor is from London; when out shoveling this snow with me he looked around and said, "It's a proper winter," LOL. His wife burst out laughing when I asked her if she'd arrived from London with the warm coat she was wearing; warm coats were purchased here. Don't rush to do personal responses. My take is that getting your daily accountability is the most important thing.

Andrea (masondixonmama) - My suggestion is to ignore writing personal responses for now. After a while, you'll begin to see individuals rise out of their posts - first will quite likely be the others who've just arrived - and then you can start responding to those few; you don't have to respond to everyone. You gotta avoid getting overwhelmed and then driven away by that process; the important thing is to post daily, or often, for accountability. With small children, time is scarce.

vibrantheart - Kudos for a list of credits in your first post. Walking is how I started doing exercise; I started by going around the block - that's what I could do. It got easier, fast; I was surprised. Glad you've joined us.

Readers -
chapter 1
Beginning a New Way of Life

You Will Change Your Mindset
By the time you finish the Beck Diet for Life Program, you will notice how different the "new" you is from the "old" you.

. . .
The old you thought: I just cheated on my diet. I've blown it. I may as well continue eating whatever I want and start again tomorrow.
The new you thinks: Okay, I made a mistake. No big deal. I'll start again right this minute so I won't gain weight.

. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 18.
New Journey: 12 years and 6 months
In maintenance phase: 11 years
Following Dr. Judith Beck via 3FC's Beck Diet Solution Forum: 10 years and 6 months
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Thumbs up Welcome vibrantheart


And, on the occasion of your first post,

How did you hear about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this forum on 3 Fat Chicks?
New Journey: 12 years and 6 months
In maintenance phase: 11 years
Following Dr. Judith Beck via 3FC's Beck Diet Solution Forum: 10 years and 6 months
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Winter wonderland here in the Green Mountains!

Work is closed today, which was a BIG suprise. I work at a human services agency and we NEVER close. The snow is piling up, and its continuing to come down.

I'm at a bit of a loss of what to do with myself today. Usually when I'm bored, I cook, but I have a supply of healthy things prepared in the kitchen, and it would be wasteful to make more, and lead to nibbles off plan. I'm going to go out and snow shoe or x-country ski around the neighborhood before they clear the side walks. I'll do it soon, as I know if the day progresses I'll get stuck to the couch and not want to move.

On-plan eating day yesterday! Well, I did substitute my morning and afternoon snacks with some "sour patch kid" candies someone put out in the office, but I think at least the calorie exchange was about the same. I entered the danger zone after dinner when I found myself unmindfully making a cup of hot chocolate (not on my plan). I took a few sips then dumped it- remembering that it will either go to waste down the drain, or in my body.

I have decided to introduce a second weigh-in mid-week- I think Thursday mornings. I am hoping this will help me get more information about how my week is going and allow me to make changes rather than waiting until Sundays and getting a suprise.

I'm recognizing I'm not that great with personals yet. I find I get overwhelmed with just being honest about my own report. I do read all your words and appreciate them, and definitely appreciate the personalized comments to me!

Hoping for a strong day, only feet from my kitchen!

Hope everyone going through this weather stays safe!
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Our historic snow storm was oversold. Although, three inches of accumulated sleet would have been impressive had we not been expecting more wintry weather. We went out to shovel sleet late yesterday, but discovered a sheet of ice underneath so decided to leave it be. I'm not quite sure what we're going to do now that there's an inch or two of snow on top of that. If the best we can do is scrape it down to ice, we may just walk and drive over the snow until the weekend when it gets a bit warmer.

Credit for meeting my exercise goal in January and starting off February with a bootcamp video that included strength training.

WI: +0.15kg, Exercise: +50* 50/1300 minutes for February, Food: 85%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, vibrantheart!

FutureFitChick: The Wine Merchant (http://www.winemerchantltd.com/) is the wine and cheese shop we use in St. Louis

RubyJan: it's fine to talk about Weight Watchers here. I'll be curious to know how it goes for you. WW is kind of a perennial backup plan for me.

BillBlueEyes: I'm guessing that your snowstorm will live up to the predictions. Most of ours slipped north--there were parts of Missouri that got a foot or more of snow, just not here. Glad you're finding a way to shovel that doesn't cause pain.

Hello to everyone else!
My goal story: Fifty and feeling fabulous!
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Well, now I do have something to say to two of you: Seadwaters and FutureFitChick, because I, too, noticed the 'semester' reference, and I am a University Prof. over here in London -- so I can relate to the write/eat dilemmas of working at a laptop -- for me, my new plan is going to involve trying to do all my writing at the British LIbrary so I learn to write without eating! Many years ago, about 27 in fact, I had exactly the same problem with writing and smoking. When I gave up smoking I had to learn to write all over again, and did it by making myself write in the Library. Today is day 3 of the PINK BOOK, and I didn't have much trouble sitting down to eat -- I expect the tasks to get a bit harder as the weeks go by. Ruby
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Coaches/Buddies, my pup and I are still snowbound and my husband is still stuck in Denver. Iím feeling better about my health and am grateful for an extra day without other appointments that I can work at home. I am in a bit of pain today and Iím not sure if it is weather or new exercise trainer related.

Todayís Essentials:
Weigh-in: -1 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: once
Read Response Cards at least two times: once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes, spit out food when started to eat standing in kitchen
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: not yet Ė snow shoveling is likely in my near future
Did planned exercise: no, snowed in
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked todayís food: yes
Left food on my plate: yes
Ate only to normal fullness: yes
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: not yet

BillBlueEyes, your favorite lunch sounds delicious! Iím going to try the broccoli slaw instead of rice next time I am able to get to the grocery store.

ChefJoona, Iím really impressed with your tossing hot chocolate down the drain. Donít worry about the personals yet. Youíll get your footing soon enough.

GardenerJoy, fantastic job at meeting Januaryís exercise goal!

Maryann, sounds like you had a terrific day! Iím glad that working at home is working so well for you.

Rubyjan, your are getting off on the right foot. That is terrific. Feel free to discuss your diet here. No protocol saying you canít and everyone mentions it no and again. I was just commenting to Seadwaters that I find it interesting so many of us are university types here at the Beck forum.

Seadwaters, Iím glad you got in your dinner yesterday rather than grazing. That is a tough one! I find it interesting that there are so many university-types on this board.
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More E-N-E-R-G-Y
Buying stylish, not oversized clothes
Being a healthy role-model for my nephews, students, and godson
Horsebackriding without guilt
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I'm such a random poster here but Ruby, you mentioned the British Library. It's one of my 'safe' places to eat when I'm working in London and I've bored people rigid on the Operation 5-10 thread over in Maintainers about it. So great to meet a fellow user and diner!

This is a great board, full of great people. Thanks for letting me call by from time to time. I lurk daily.
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Thank goodness for new days! I am so happy to put yesterday behind me. The nice thought of the day came from DH when we were finally sitting down to a late dinner: ďItís always a good day when it ends in a warm house with a hot meal, even if itís a pain in the *** to get there.Ē

Iím also so grateful for staying OP through it all. I had a bad weigh-in yesterday and had the thought ďwhy bother.Ē But I made healthy choices, on top of water problems, trucks breaking down and plans continually changing. Itís good that so many of my food choices have become automated so when itís meal time, I have a mental list of things to eat. Iím so happy I stuck to them because my weight is back to normal today. It would have been irrational to think I could have gained 2 lbs overnight, but Iím not always rational when I see that number on the scale.

It was too cold to spend more time outdoors than I needed to. I did some yoga and am happy I did. I could feel that tension melting away. I just need to tough it out through another cold day and it should be nice on Thursday.

Iíve been remiss in my personals lately, but feel like I have my feet under me this AM.

Beverlyjoy, yikes for ice storms and crazy weather. DH reminded me that we were lucky it was only cold, since cold is just frustrating, but weather like yours is an emergency. Great job staying OP and realizing the candy wasnít worth it in the long run. Yum for mushroom and asparagus soup!

Lexiss, great job sticking to your plan through all the crazy winter problems. I can certainly relate to that. I love the idea of jumping jacks while waiting for your dogs. Itís such a creative way to slip in some exercise.

Carols2, kudos for getting in your biking. I think you already answered this question for BillBE, but do you bike outdoors? There were lots of great biking and hiking trails in Phoenix. Great job on a long list of credits.

Welcome Vibrantheart! I love the name. Great job on a good list of credits. Which book are you working from?

Nature girl, good to hear that a good nightís sleep has helped eased your pain. Itís probably what you need right now. Great job making plans and sticking to them through it all. Youíll get back to where you were, but you need to get well first!

FutureFitChick, it sounds like wild weather across the country. I hope you stay safe through all the storms. Thereís nothing like a family event to send you off track. It sounds like your health assessment was a mixed bagósome good news and some bad. I think youíre asking all the right questions. Yay for a trainer that you like! Ouch for the pain. Hope you're feeling better soon.

MaryContrary, itís great that working from home is helping with your productivity and itís so wonderful that a side benefit of your healthy habits is keeping you on track workwise as well! Kudos for getting in an intense workout and your cheetos resistnace.

RubyJan, yay for coming out of being awash in Beck books to having a good plan (and back-up plan). Weight Watchers is a great plan! Itís been incredibly successful for lots and lots of people. Sounds like youíre getting well organized. No pressure on personals. You just need to do what you can. Iím so jealous that you do your writing in the British Library! What do you teach? LOL at learning to write all over after giving up smoking. I smoked during grad school, but just havenít felt the need since I finished my thesis. Iíd better not get back into academics. It might be bad for my health.

Seadwaters, yuck for a record number of days over 35. (I donít have much of an idea of what that temp is, but it sounds miserable!) Great job realizing the pitfalls of grazing and avoiding it.

BillBE, yikes for Amageddon weather! Sleet, rain, snow and ice sounds like a dangerous combination so stay safe. Great job perfecting your shoveling technique this winter and keeping your back healthy. [We give the sheep and the cows extra food on cold days. Their digestive systems work like furnaces so as long as they are well stoked, theyíll be OK cold. Unfortunately, that excuse doesnít work for me so I just need to bundle up.]

ChefJoona, I imagine a storm has to be pretty serious to close things down in Vermont since you guys know a thing or two about snow! I love the idea of snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing. One of these winters Iíll try to pick one of them up, but we donít get the snow you do. Great job compensating for the candy and dumping the hot chocolate. Extra credit since itís always hard to stop the train when it has already left the station. Donít worry about personals. Everyoneís post is useful, whether or not they have the time for personals.

Gardenerjoy, glad to hear the storm wasnít as big as expected, but a sheet of ice can still be dangerous, so watch out when walking/driving on it. Great job staying OP during weather uncertainty. Hereís to warmer weather coming your way!
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Hi friends/coaches - yesterday was healthy (credit)..... until at midnight when the power went out. That's when I remembered that 'eating will make the power come back'...NOT. However, after doing a little stress eating the power came back on an hour later. I will not, however, use this coincedence to eat if the power goes off again!!

Today I have been having cravings. I am shouting back to all but one - did have a nibble of Dh's last candy cane. Going going gone.

Yesterday - until the power went out...
left a bite
exericses/rec. bike
lots of water
tasted the food
no sescond helpings

This morning I started cleaning out drawers in the guest bedroom. These drawers were full of things we moved in them ten years ago. Three piles: trash, keep, give away. You have all inspired me to get some clutter out of my life! Thanks.

Thanks for all your good wishes with this winter weather. There are 50,000 folks in my county without power. (many more further out) I am so, so grateful to have power and that ours was out for a short time. Many of you folks in North America are still dealing with this storm/blizzzard/ice & sleet fest... Be safe.

I'll try to get back. Our cousins have no power and they may be coming over to stay with the doggies and kitties.

Move ticker, move!
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Red face thanks for the warm welcome

Thank you to all for the welcome. I hope to become a buddy for you, and it sure is helpful to see how much you all (we all) are connected. I went to Judith Beck's workshop recently in Philadelphia, and purchased the workbook. I had previously checked out her book (on Amazon) and joined the Beck Diet Institute workshop. So I have only the workbook at this time, don't have any other books. I am trying to move toward a vegan diet, a la President Clinton and Rip Essenstyn, to control high cholesterol.
Today's credits: meditation, yoga and some upper body work. I didn't make it to the gym as planned, but at least I got a bit of exercise at home. Walked to work (20 minutes or so). I stuck to my diet plan (so far) and resisted the allure of the new French bakery. I started the day with lemon water, which is one of my goals. I am successfully resisting the siren call of chocolates in my coworker's office. I read my list! I am going to read it again if those chocolates start yelling!
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Hi Coaches! Another frigid day but it's supposed to be warmer tomorrow. I feel a little caught up here...although I did have to spend time at Mom's with her frozen pipes.
~walked a mile before leaving the house this AM
~refused more than once to take home stale donuts from the food bank (or to eat any on site
~got home late and reminded myself hunger is not an emergency while preparing my OP lunch.
Not so good: just had 2 sm muffins for a snack instead of one. Analysis: food doesn't fix tired. I've been up since 3am and a cat nap is in order. Hope everyone's weather improves!

BillBlueEyes, thanks for sharing your favorite lunch in the whole world. I am going to have to try it! I'm glad to hear your back is holding up to all the shoveling!

vibrantheart, I loved your post! Simple and to the point. I'm shifting towards vegetarian. It's been at least 6 months and I'm interested to see how my numbers are in April.

FutureFitChick, great that you noticed you were eating while standing and spit it out. It is becoming less and less automatic. Too bad you aren't stuck in Denver with DH, I'd come down and say Hi.

RubyJan, what an interesting post regarding eating/working/smoking, etc. It's great to recognize and revisit a location where you have already had success. BTW-My bro lives in London part time.

ChefJoona, *credit* for recognizing old patterns with an unplanned day off and making plans for exercise.

gardenerjoy, great that you didn't have a storm of historic proportions! Yay! for meeting your Jan. exercise goal and for being fired up for February.

Beverlyjoy, Yay! for shouting back at cravings! Me, too, today. *credit* for all that decluttering, too.

Shepherdess, I'm glad that yesterday is behind you, too. What a nice dinner thought from your DH. As to jumping jacks while waiting for dogs...it was self preservation. I'm sure we weren't as cold as you.

silverbirch, waving back!

everyone else! I'm off to a nap while I can still fit it in!
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Default Storm of the Century Greetings to my Beckmates

'Lo, all.

To those of my Beckmates in the 30 out of 50 states impacted by this storm, I hope you are doing well. For once, Minnesoda did not get the brunt of it. I was snowed-in in St. Paul on Monday, but once on the road Tuesday, no big deal.

Have seen the stories on the news, and me thinks BillBE is still digging out. Beverlyjoy, nothing more frightening to me than the power out. As many blizzards and storms as we get, it is always safe if tucked in at home..until the unthinkable..the power goes out. I have to give great credit to my rural electric cooperative; it is rare that I am out of power for more than a few hours. Of course, there are storms more powerful than anyone can overcome, and seemingly more of them all the time.

Shepherdess, glad you have things back on track in your neck of the woods.

Welcome to our new coaches/buddies.

Am happy to report a great and healthy day of Beck behavior. My second session with my Pilates coach was great..she watches my form like a hawk, which is what I need.

Best to all.
/weight-tracker/] [/url][url=http://www
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on the wagon
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Hi Coaches

The train ride home yesterday was much busier than the week before. Seems the talk of Snowmagedon, or Snowpocalypse, or even Blizzardilla made people change their travel plans filling up my train and depriving me of the window seat.

Oh well, I consoled myself I was leaving the city due to be walloped behind and going to a city that was supposed to miss the storm, for once. Alas. I woke up to lots of snow, very high winds and cold. Blizzardilla had arrived inspite of the predictions. I called my dermatologist's office in the afternoon to find out when my appt was and they said "it was at 9:45 am this morning". Yikes. "But if you can come right now we can take you". I'm in the neighbourhood from this dr. so I walked over. This appt was made in July 2010. I heard the secretary scheduling someone for Oct 18th. So I am grateful for the snowpocalypse as it prevented people from meeting their appt's and I could get mine done ("I passed" the Dr. said. yay.)

We saw the apt, put an offer on it and found out she rejected us today. She didn't like the 6 month probation period on DH's contract. I think she just didn't like us and she was weird. So DH is relieved and I still can't get started packing. I'll try again tomorrow when the current landlord comes for a "pre-vacating inspection" equipped with camera to take pictures of the place. Stupid.

Food is bad, weight is up to 284 again. I did cook from scratch tonight so I am set for tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening.

Beverleyjoy I think you asked me about icestorm artwork. My mom actually did a great watercolour of a broken branch caused by the Storm of the Century a 6 day ice storm event in 1998 we survived. I vividly remember the sound of the ice storm: it was like thunder claps as the trees cracked and broke beneath the weight of the ice. It is very very beautiful and incredible to see even stalks of grassy weeds coated with ice. I was always worried about the squirrels. More here: http://canadaonline.about.com/cs/weather/p/icestorm.htm
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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Predicted to be Armageddon and it was. Lots of shoveling snow, one hour shoveling while it was raining. CREDIT moi for good arm exercise - and another CREDIT moi for being mindful of form so I didn't hurt my back. There's only an inch of new snow this morning. I'll do that quickly then take the subway to work. Don't want to even think of driving on the sheet of ice under that inch.

The juggled schedule of shovel, do anything else, shovel, repeat ... left me twice with the notion that I was hungry. Just had to have a handful of nuts from DW's jar. Sure I did. So I tried a glass of water instead and went upstairs far away from the pantry. Did that both times, it worked both times. Amazing that the Beck strategies work when you use them. CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Hard to believe that I want to visit Minnesota in February to get out of my bad weather. I do admire the attitude, "snowed-in in St. Paul on Monday . . . no big deal."

onebyone - Congrats for grabbing that dermatologist appointment and Super Congrats for "I passed." That landlord was indeed weird; even if you became a six month renter, that would get the apartment on to the September school schedule which is much better for him than trying to rent mid-winter.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for your DH still stranded in Denver; but better than Cairo at moment. BIG Kudos for "spit out food when started to eat standing in kitchen." That's so much more dramatic than a quite "Oooops."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - You were right, our storm lived up to predictions. Glad yours was "oversold" - but sorry that you've got that same sheet of ice problem.

Shepherdess - Kudos for automated food choices when plans are thwarted. Love your DH's quote that's all's well that ends well. Good luck adjusting your thinking about scale readings with all the real weight and water retentions of pregnancy.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for your power outage and for power outage nibbling. But Kudos for acknowledging that, perhaps, eating to make the power return might not have been the real cause, LOL.

silverbirch - Should you and Ruby (RubyJan) pass in the British Library she'll immediately recognize you by your distinctive hair and perfect posture. Now I have to add dining at the British Library to my Bucket List.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for the afterthought, "Analysis: food doesn't fix tired." I just love it that taking home stale donuts was even a consideration - because I would have wanted to do that and my DW would have laughed at me, "They're stale, silly" as if that were a useful observation, LOL.

ChefJoona - I so need to be reminded, "it will either go to waste down the drain, or in my body" - yeah, I know that in my head, but my gut forgets and I think of those starving children in Africa.

Ruby (RubyJan) - Love the thought of heading to the British Library for eating therapy. The "sitting down to eat" caught me by surprise when I discovered myself taking a sample from my plate as I carried it to the table.

vibrantheart - It's a big deal to resist "the allure of the new French bakery" - Kudos for recognizing that you don't have to follow your nose. Make it to Boston and I'll take you to a dynamite vegan restaurant near my house.

Readers -
chapter 1
Beginning a New Way of Life

You Will Change Your Mindset
By the time you finish the Beck Diet for Life Program, you will notice how different the "new" you is from the "old" you.

. . .
The old you thought: This is too hard. I'm giving up.
The new you thinks: It feels hard right at the moment, but this feeling is temporary. I'll go distract myself and in a few minutes, I'll be really glad I did.

. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 18.
New Journey: 12 years and 6 months
In maintenance phase: 11 years
Following Dr. Judith Beck via 3FC's Beck Diet Solution Forum: 10 years and 6 months
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