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Good morning everyone!

In addition to my walk in the morning, I did 1 hour of Walk It Out yesterday afternoon. I was tired by the end of that, but I'm almost finished with this "Island" so I really wanted to get in as much as I could. I finally just pooped out, lol.

Eating continued on plan and even got some of the planning done. Nothing specific yet, just getting things down on paper so that I have it all there...by the end of the week I will have a plan for something though.

CeeJay Yay for being on a roll! Major credit for feeling okay about travel and for knowing that focus and sticking to the plan are important!

maryblu Yay for life being good and full of surprises! Keeps things interesting!

seadwaters(Cheryl) Thanks for reminding me that things like painting doesn't all have to be done at once, lol. I need to do so much around my place that it's overwhelming and so I end up doing nothing. A little at a time is a good way to go!

Alma4343 Major credit for staying on plan with all that! Congratulations on the too-big jeans!!!

MissVitality I have to go back and read about Body Pump, but it's funny it was mentioned because Friday I looked up to see where I could take a class locally, lol.

AmberPr Yay for a list of credits after a tough week!

Lexxiss Great job on staying on track!

BillBlueEyes LOL on the birthday melon! Major credit! As for decluttering...my place is overwhelming, so I'm going to have to do it in very small chunks, lol.

newbebop Welcome!! Yes, the cards are really important, and for exercise, maybe at first just do something that isn't normally considered "exercise" that you like to do.

Shepherdess Your trip sounds wonderful!

synger Major credit for getting in some laps! The burgers sound really good!

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I was discouraged this morning to see a higher number on the scale. Trying to remind myself that it is just information, not a statement about my value.

Yesterday I ate everything sitting down, except for 2 strawberries.
I also read all of the Response cards I've made so far.
I'm having a hard time coming up with a diet and an alternate diet to follow, as I'm pretty much not a believer in diets. But here I am, so I guess what I've been doing (or not doing) hasn't worked, recently anyway.
I am thinking about just doing portion control and pre-planning and having calorie counting be my back up plan.
Any ideas or opinions?

The past 4 days have been very stressful with a family crisis. My schedule has been chaotic and my emotions have been blasted. However, I chose not to eat to soothe myself, or because I was very tired. I was also much more aware that my emotions and fatigue were causing cravings and I was able to let it pass. (credit)

That's it,
PS: I will try to post about today, this evening. That's my goal.

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Hello all, the weekend is over and once again I have time to post.

Credit this weekend: Planned and ate according to plan! No additional snacking, drank only morning coffee and water. No sugar other than fruits, no flour, no grains etc....

To work on: did not work out with Wii as was planned

My new food plan started Sunday. I am doing the Primal diet since low fat and calorie cutting does not work for me at this time.....now I say at this time because there is nothing wrong with that plan, and it has worked for me in the past, and I am sure will again in the future. I just need to change things up and get my metabolism in order. ALOT of that has to do with insulin (I am not diabetic) and the primal diet deals with whole foods, no sugar, no flour, and low carbs (not atkins effect-my-brain-function low lol)
Yesterday was quite a trip, retraining the brain that YES I could have butter, no I could not have the low fat salad dressing.......quite the trip! But I hit my targets pretty much right on spot, which was good since I was still in the process of figuring out the formulas to get my target numbers.

Skydiving????? just reading that made me want to crawl under my desk in fear (and count that as a workout too) BUT WAY TO GO, and better you than me LOL

Sounds like August travels have been great for many of you. Here is a challenge for ya.....find some kind of fresh, in season veggie you have not had before (or lately) our new favorite if rainbow chard!
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hey everyone. is it friday yet? (jk)

stress is high. got a lot going on at home & work.

nothing bad just a lot.

had two "mistake" moments yesterday.
credit for acknowledging them and moving on and not turning them into a day of garbage.

I don't know why but all junk was calling my name this weekend. i was feeling weak to fight the food demons. thank goodness my daughter said no to going to eat on saturday for lunch. i was so weak I wanted crap crap crap to munch on. instead we shared a small chicken quesadilla. not too bad.

i'm swamped and need / want some relief. I promise to eat on plan the rest of the week and not let work/home stress change good eating decisions. Apples & Oranges so no need to eat to peace.

I'm glad I can be accountable to y'all my internet beck coaches.

hope everyone is doing well. back to work!
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"Happy" Monday y'all!

I lost more weight this weekend, until my sabotaging thoughts kicked in and allowed me to overeat. Even so, I didn't gain or lose this weekend. It seems like just when I'm getting the hang of it, I sabotage myself and give-in to eating off plan. It happens in a span of 15-20 minutes when I've found myself in front of the open refrigerator with a half-eaten deli-flat roll or a spoon an the yogurt! I just don't get it...it happens so quick that it feels impossible to catch. <<sigh>> The only thing I can think of to do is make out the eating plan every day and stick to it like glue.

I'm on plan today...gonna have a piece of hawaiian pizza and a corn on the cob for dinner-which should put me at the mid-point of my calories-then hope I don't falter because I'm too tired to keep alert! HRH is still waking up every three hours! My other two were sleeping through the night at 3 months...this one is four months and we're still going through "baby boot camp!"

Enough griping....thanks for listening!
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Default Tuesday Morning

Hi Coaches

I am trying to keep up a morning check in. Yesterday was on plan until I stopped for petrol and bought chocolate. I then ate it all on the long drive home. At least I was sitting down . I ended up within calories as I had no snacks last night but a little over carbs I imagine. Yep - a good idea to have no food in the car and fill up in the morning I think. I did go to the markets and get the food I needed for the rest of the week on the way home so I am somewhat organised

Bonnie ate really well last night and seemed happy. This morning she seems sick and old and her breathing is not good.

Progress -
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise
behaviours - Yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - No
- Made food plan - Yes
- Logged food soon after eating - Yes
- Food on-plan - No
- Ate seated every time - Yes
- Ate mindfully & slowly & put down fork occasionally - 70%
- Weighed myself - Yes - down 0.2
- Exercise - no

Working on -
Staying calm

Have a good day Beckies

Short Term Goal

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Default Hello Coaches

Doing great so far this week. Haha, it is only Monday, I know. But, I am feeling confident and motivated. I am on Day 23 in the book (I have not done a chapter a day usually miss a couple a week). Counter the unfairness syndrome. This is something I worked on in the past so I really don't have this problem. I do have several friends trying to lose weight and I hear this from them a lot. I think unfairness is the fact that I did not do the right thing a long time ago so I have to do it NOW. So, it is really only an exchange within myself. I know I have a very good life and I am very fortunate. (Even if I am not thin and rich, haha)

I really have had a change in attitude with this book. I WILL keep up the work. Other programs talk about it being a lifestyle etc. However, this book has helped me say "Oh Well" to the slow weight loss. I know that this is the way I need to eat and exercise for life. There is no end to a routine of good eating and exercising. I think that is finally sinking in for me. OH WELL!

Exercised, body pump
Planned food
Ate on plan
Read ARC's (posting here reminds me to do this)

Hello All:

MissVitality: 5 years of bodypump is excellent. That is really sticking with it. I agree, when I get a layer of fat off, you will really be able to see my great work That thought was one of my big motivators to get ON PLAN. And, yes, I am enjoying it. It has been the best weight for me to get a good workout with weights. My heart rate monitor needs a battery, but I cannot wait to find out how many calories I burn during a class.

AmberPR: Good job on the salads. As a former road warrior, I completely understand you struggles. It is really hard to stick to a plan when you usually have no plan around times, dates etc. You have done so well though.

BillBlue: I can't believe you passed on the steak BIG CREDIT. It is great you now have a Birthday melon instead of a cake. I am going to have to find a new tradition like that. I will have to see what is in season in March

newbebop: Welcome, I recently joined here to and it is really helping me stick to the plan.

Shephardess: Your trip sounds amazing. I live in Seattle, I love it hear. I need to plan a trip like yours sometime.

Synger: I really hate to hear about your tendonitis. I have battle with plantar fasciitis for 4 years. I don't think mine is as bad. But, it really would get me down. I did learn to work on exercise that did not hurt it. One thing I noticed was moving helped a lot as long at I found ways to move that didn't hurt my feet. That took a little work.

new2me: Eating on plan and lots of exercise. Good work.

Madrikh: I don't really have any diet suggests. I count calories because I felt it was the easiest most available information. Other diets I have tried did work, but I find calorie counting the least work to think about. I do try to make the calories count by eating really healthy stuff. Fresh, whole foods, non white grains etc. Good luck. All I need was a scale and a couple websites to count calories.

MikkiJoe: I tried to find information on the primal diet. It seems there are several places that claim to be primal and are very different (one suggested raw meat). Is there a website for this? I am curious.

Houston2command: I know what you mean about days where you think you are ravished and only junk will work. I recently read "I will care later" chapter and hoping this will remind me when I get in one of those moods.

Morganlefey: Great getting back on plan and recognizing your mistakes. It is excellent you are jumping right back in and not throwing everything out the window. That is success!

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Alma, classifying a way of eating (lifestyle) as primal is one thing...and there are all kinds of things out there, some with everything raw.....But I just bet those extremists use toilet paper!

Anyway what I am refering to is The Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson. His site is www.marksdailyapple.com There is also Paleo (I cannot recall the full title of the book, or the author, but he is a little too extreme for me, cuts out all dairy and eggs too I believe. There is a forum on 3fc under carb counters, and the first of every month they post, like Bill does for Becks, a reference to the website. Hope that helps, would love to answer any other questions you have.
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on the wagon
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Talking From a balcony overlooking a lake

Good Evening Coaches

I'm on vacation. I'm in a deluxe room overlooking a lake just outside Parry Sound Ontario Canada.

BIG credits to report:
1) wore shorts in public
2) wore my bathing suit to the indoor pool, swam, and then left the pool to swim, outside, in the lake, to which I had to walk in front of the other guests, outside, in my bathing suit, into the water. Then I swam to the floating dock, climbed up and sunned myself there for a while. DH swam out to me and encouraged me to do my first (yes first) jump off a dock into the lake. After I got over the water going up my nose, I decided that yes, that was fun. (BBE I relate to your skydive! YAY to you btw...)

More later. Just checking in.
Going to 150 5lbs at a time
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Hello everyone,

Wow am I crabby today. I have no patience for anyone and it makes me feel crappy to be that way. I wish I could hide in a hole all week (yes, it's THAT week -- does it really have to last all week?)

It's 7 p.m. and it's still 84 degrees out there. I'm gonna give it other 8 degrees before I head out on my walk (what a baby huh?-- see, no patience even for myself)

I ended up have an unplanned lunch out today (I choose a salad with protein) and it seemed to throw off the rest of my eating today -- which I was adjusting on my tally. A little bit ago I decided I was wanting some cherries for an evening snack. There didn't appear to be enough for two servings, so I threw them all in a bowl - It was looking like a pretty big bowl, so I decided to write down all the afternoon calories I'd had just to see where I was at - then I weighed my cherries…. 270 calories of cherries and I had enough of a calorie deficit to enjoy those and still have a couple hundred calories of buffer for my unmeasured lunch. I'm really glad I checked so I don't have to feel guilty all night -- which could've turned into a free for all the rest of the night...

  • Weighed myself: 204 - oh the agony!
  • One walk this evening
  • Eaten my usual on plan breakfast
  • Adjusted for my eating out lunch
  • Faced up to the tally sheet even when I thought I was headed over my allotment of food
  • Checked in with all of you
  • Began to plan my day - hey, my lunch and afternoon snack are already in the fridge for tomorrow

Debbie (Lexxis): Great job pushing past the extra food. I bet there's a lot of variety tempting you.

BillBE: What an awesome way to celebrate 5 years. I remember doing that when I was 19.

newbebop: Hello! Fairs are cruel. You did well planning ahead.

Shepherdess: What a fun vacation. Sounds like you did well keeping on plan.

Synger: Hope your tendinitis gets under control, that has to be irritating.

New2me2: I'm definitely gonna get that game for the winter - nothing like exploring an island in the middle of a snowstorm.

Madrikh: I hear ya on the numbers on the scale. I'm holing my breath this week hoping my excess last week is all water weight… I've been following the plan in the Green beck book. This is the first time I've weighed and measured my food and done the preplanning. The preplanning has been key for me. (You can check back on my past posts, I've only been doing this for a month or so)

Mikkijo: Love the gals! Wow! Weekends are the hardest for me. Great job!

Houston & Morgan: I'm with ya - This week is our week!

Seadwaters: Nice job modifying your plan after a slip-up. Isn't it great when it doesn't completely derail you?

Alma: Nice work reprograming your brain. It really does seem to happen one step at a time.

Onebyone: Lake Superior? Sounds like a wonderful trip.

Well, it cooled off to 74 and we went for our walk. Humid, but cooler.

Good night,
Hugs, Amber

Goal #1: 193 by September 30 (199/193/193) - achieved 9-30-10
Goal 2: 187 by October 30 (193/193/187)
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Just a word of coaching, MorganleFey,

"It happens in a span of 15-20 minutes when I've found myself in front of the open refrigerator with a half-eaten deli-flat roll or a spoon an the yogurt! I just don't get it...it happens so quick that it feels impossible to catch."

Remember what Beck says about that, "there is always a thought that precedes the act"..I wish I had not given my pink book away..I could find it highlighted in that..not sure what it says in the green one..drat...I *know my friend is not reading it..tacky to ask for it back???? Anyway, I know what you mean about that trance-like thing, but really, now, I *know I am doing it. Obviously I am not stopping (!)..but I do have the awareness...keep working on it...you will get there. :-)
/weight-tracker/] [/url][url=http://www
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Thumbs up Welcome newbebop


And, in case you didn't get one of these four months ago,

How did you find out about the Dr. Judith Beck books?

And how did you find the Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks?
New Journey: 12 years and 6 months
In maintenance phase: 11 years
Following Dr. Judith Beck via 3FC's Beck Diet Solution Forum: 10 years and 6 months
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Thumbs up Welcome Marci (madrikh)

Marci (madrikh)

And, in honor of joining 3FC this month,

How did you learn about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find 3 Fat Chicks and the Beck Forum here?
New Journey: 12 years and 6 months
In maintenance phase: 11 years
Following Dr. Judith Beck via 3FC's Beck Diet Solution Forum: 10 years and 6 months
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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Choose a few small slices of the leftover steak for my dinner last night (abandoned by DW); CREDIT moi for a rational portion - less than 2 ounces. It never ceases to amaze me how much I can enjoy a small portion of good food.

maryblu - Another option is to push the little button on the Amazon web site and the pink book will show up at your door, LOL. Thanks for the reminder, "there is always a thought that precedes the act."

onebyone - What a happy post. Monster Kudos for strutting about in shorts and bathing suit just like you're a human being entitled to be yourself. And Congrats for that first jump off the dock - we jumpers gotta stick together.

Shepherdess - Ten days of vacation, with indulgences, yet maintaining! What an example for all of us. It's terrific that vacation means that much more walking. Do you worry about all your animals when gone that long?

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ouch for gas station chocolate. Kudos for getting your food for the week. And Ouch that Bonnie seems to have her good moments and bad moments.

Donna (new2me2) - Neat for visualizing that you'll have a plan by the end of the week - a plan for a plan so to speak. Yep, the de-cluttering needs to proceed in "very small chunks" - just beware of my little trick of simply moving clutter from one space to another as if that's an improvement.

Houston2Command - Yep, T.G.I.F. - must be Friday on some planet in the universe, LOL. Kudos for acknowledging small mistakes and moving on without letting them drag down your whole day.

Amber (AmberPr) - You jumped out of an airplane when you were only 19? Whatever motivated you to do that? Tell more!

Mikkijoe - Yay for rainbow chard - gotta add that to my list of veggies to try. Kudos for the weekend planned and executed according to plan. Look forward to hearing how the Primal Diet works for you; that way of eating appeals to me.

Alma (Alma4343) - Kudos for accepting, "I know that this is the way I need to eat and exercise for life." Feels good when we just accept that.

synger - Drooling here for those "Italian-style hamburgers." Thanks for the tip from The Four Day Win to visualize a room full of the food I'm currently lusting for. I like that. I frequently wish that I could think of food the same way I think of crystal clear water in the stream along side a hiking trail; I dip my cup into as much as I want without any angst about leaving a whole stream behind.

MorganleFay - Neat, "The only thing I can think of to do is make out the eating plan every day and stick to it like glue." - you've just invented the Beck Diet Solution, LOL. Ouch for HRH still waking up every three hours; that's supposed to end at some time. LOL at "baby boot camp!"

newbebop - Kudos for jumping right into identifying what's going on in your head when you're wandering off track - that's a big time Beck strategy. Just love the thought of "smuggling" rational food into a county fair, which, I presume, offered the standard fried everything of standard fairs. That nibbling from the kids plates is a shocker to discover; I was surprised to find out that all parents do that, LOL.

Which of the Dr. Judith Beck books are you reading?

Marci (madrikh) - Sending supportive thoughts as you deal with the emotions of a family crisis - it's so easy to fall into the Sabotaging Thought that food would help to resolve the tension. Kudos for avoiding that.

So good to be reminded, "it is just information, not a statement about my value" - so many of us respond to the scale like it was the final judgment, LOL. Portion control is the major component of my food plan; works for me.

Readers -
day 34
Solve Problems

Identify the Problem

To solve a problem, you first have to define it. Sometimes, this is easy: Perhaps your boss put a lot of pressure on you, you bounced a check, or someone made a negative comment about you. Sometimes, the problem isn't so easy to pinpoint. You might notice the emotion but not feel sure about what led to it. Consider asking a friend or your diet coach to help you sort things through.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 232.
New Journey: 12 years and 6 months
In maintenance phase: 11 years
Following Dr. Judith Beck via 3FC's Beck Diet Solution Forum: 10 years and 6 months
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Height: 5'3"


Im happy to be back to my regular, healthy eating. It was fun to relax for a little while, but I my healthy eating is comfortable. I know Im taking care of myself. Besides, I still eat plenty of good food. Last night I cooked a spaghetti squash I picked up at a farmers market in Montana. It was delicious. Ill definitely have to plant some next year.

Welcome Newbebop! Youre right that reading the cards is important, even when you know what they say. Actually looking them over keeps them fresh in your mind.

Welcome Madrikh! Great job remembering that the number on the scale is just info. There are so many reasons for fluctuations! I think either portion control or calorie counting are good plans. Youll figure out pretty quickly what works for you.

Synger, ouch for tendinitis, but great job finding some exercise that works! Sorry Im a little behind, but are you seeing a Dr for it?

New2me2, yay for finding a good motivation to exercise. Great job doing some planning. Planning is such a key concept in Beck.

Mikkijo, I love that summer challenge. It is so much fun figuring out how to cook unusual veggies. Kudos for finding doing so well on a new plan. Best of luck getting that metabolism in order.

Houston2Command, ouch for high stress. Hope everything calms down soon. Kudos for recognizing minor eating mistakes and moving on.

MorganleFay, ouch for off plan eating. Youre right that a good plan is a lifesaver. I dont know what Beck book youre using, but the Green book has a list of questions to ask yourself when you go off-plan. It really helped me identify some thought patterns and catch them before I wind up reaching for the cookie jar.

Seadwaters, yay for organization! Youre always such an inspiration. I can sympathize with the urge to eat on a long drive. I can only have pre-portioned snacks in the car. I can eat a whole bag of chips while driving and not really even notice.

Alma4343, yay for facing the week feeling confident! I love the attitude. Its great that youre finding an eating and exercising plan you will stick to for life and not letting slow weight loss bother you.

Onebyone, yay for the courage to wear shorts in public and a bathing suit. Its great that it led you to such a wonderful swim!

AmberPr, ouch for feeling crabby. Hope your walk helps you feel better. I dont blame you for waiting until it cools down. Im a wimp about exercising in heat. I get up early to avoid it. Kudos for figuring you unplanned lunch salad into your days eating plan.

Maryblu, thanks for the reminder that there is always a thought that precedes the act. I dont think Beck says that in so many words in the Green book, but its very true.

BillBE, yay for discovering that a small portion can be satisfying! The animals dont need us much this time of year, but we still worry while were away. One of the ranch hands was checking on them while we were gone and we had to check on them first thing.
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