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Default Tuesday night

Hi Coaches

First afternoon back at work and it was nice to catch up with everyone. It will get serious soon! Work is a stimulating place to be / activity to be involved in. This morning I saw the surgeon for one year follow up and to check scans etc. And everything was OK. I am really good at repression and suppression so can ignore things but driving away I allowed myself to be a bit tearful so I must have been a bit apprehensive and a bit vulnerable - and it was obviously a relief! I saw the rheumatologist too - and he thinks I will need a knee replacement real soon now. This is sort of a major irritation but not an existential crisis so I will try and put it off. A girl can only take so much sick leave (but I still have another 45 weeks worth so that is reassuring to say the least). Food for first day at work was good and dinner was all planned so now I will go and get it ready

AnneWonders - Waving - hope you are doing well - sounds like you are off to a good start to the day

AmberPr - Grilled chicken and asparagus looks good! Great list of credits. I totally identify with your need to make it simpler and I spend ages looking for recipes when I don't need to. A while back we talked about having a list of a few go-to meals that you can rotate through and that made sense to me so that is what I have been doing. Same breakfast and basically the same lunch every day and a few (5-7) options for dinner to rotate through. It has made my life easier

BeverlyJoy - I'm really sorry about the new health concern - hope you can get on top of it. Hope the pre-op appointment went well and that your on plan day progressed as planned

BillBlueEyes - Very wise avoiding Trader Joe's - from a diet recipe type group I kibitz on they seem to have a wonderful variety a food (no doubt for sample FREE tastings!). I am very jealous - we don't have the population to have anything like this store or whole-foods - sigh. A cucumber glut - hmm-mm. Love with yoghurt, lots of garlic, salt, lemon juice and lots of mint. But sure your DW knows that one. Very tasty. Also really nice in Asian stir fry without the seeds. Your Aussie sounds like she was special - and yes - Aussies of the dog variety do tend to be very friendly

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Hope you manage to get organised for the influx! I can understand about the cherries - I have carefully measured my allocation the last few days - the US ones are irresistible at the moment and not too jet lagged!

Donna (new2me2) - Good planning for baked goods! Hope they materialised. Electronic response cards are good to handle

Futurefitchick - So glad you got some sleep - insomnia is just awful. Yay for trainers who push us to do our best. Great list of goals and credits

Gardenerjoy - I love the idea of dreaming about resisting food temptations - maybe it means that the precepts have filtered to the unconscious level and have become a part of your being! Wouldn't that be nice. Thanks for the explanation of the rainbow - I so want a Wii Fit. Maybe I can buy one instead of clothes with all my credits!

Houston2Command - Its lovely to "hear" your enthusiasm and excitement. I am a great believer in the BIG shop where you get everything stocked up (and on plan)

Maryblu - I am so depressed thinking of your ospreys going to the gulf - I hope the news I heard today that they might have capped it is true! I can't even look at the news of it as it is just too awful to be borne

Mikkijoe - Great to hear from you

Nuxmaga - Yay for staying under the calorie goal, and ouch for some off-plan eating. As they say to me - forgive yourself and move on

Onebyone - Are you out there - are you OK?

- Sounds like a spectacular couple of days - great to see you back. I am / have been a drug and alcohol specialist. This fact plus the fact that I stopped smoking myself when everyone thought I would be the last person smoking leads me to say that stopping smoking is really quite difficult (bit of an understatement). I know that things are different in the States to Australia but if available maybe the nicotine patches are useful for you - no gastrointestinal upsets etc. Or over here they are suggesting both the nicotine gum and the patches - go talk to someone. It is difficult and it will derail your weight loss. There is a HUGE grief response to not taking nicotine - at this point not smoking is the goal - the nicotine is a separate goal maybe. You seem all organised for the next few days - planning, planning and more planning. Great to see.

Wendylan - Great idea to work on the advantages cards. You sound really insightful and it is sensible to translate that insight into some diet action as you are doing
Credits -
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Yes - $1
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - $1
- Ate mindfully and slowly - Wasn't thinking about it!
- Put down fork occasionally - sometimes
- Weighed myself - Yes - down 0.2 - 215.4 - $1
- Drank water - YES - not enough
- Exercise - No

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $6; Week = $18; Grand Total = $250 + $57

Working on -
some sort of work-life balance so I don't ditch it all

Have a good day Beckies

Short Term Goal

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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had cucumber spears with my lunch (in my man-salad), dipped cucumber slices into hummus for afternoon snack, and cucumber with basil vinaigrette with dinner. Did I mention that the cucumbers are arriving all-together? There's a CREDIT moi in there somewhere, LOL.

maryblu - We've had the same thoughts about our migrating birds headed toward the Gulf of Mexico. Big Ouch. Thanks for sharing your friend's attitude, "big deal; I'm alive." I like that.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Welcome home. I do love that "Glad I'm back" feeling after a vacation.

Wendy (wendylan) - Yep, "Why cant I be addicted to eating healthy and working out?" Maybe we should start HA - Healthy Anonymous - to give it credibility, LOL.

FutureFitChick - Kudos for leaving food on your plate at lunch.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for applying for your passport and other good uses of your newly available time.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Working your Beck strategies in your dreams is taking it to the next level; you've arrived, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Sending supportive thoughts as you juggle another health issue. And Kudos for "But - I got up and planned for a healthy day."

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Super good news that "everything was OK."

silverbirch - Yay for "a very good quality chair for a good price" which must have been a joy to lug up to your flat just thinking about your bargain.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - The major secret to success, "...acknowledged the associated emotions and moved on." Love the notion of FREE cherry picking; Kudos for planning a portion and sticking to your plan.

Donna (new2me2) - LOL at "semi-planned" for a treat that might arrive.

Overlord - Yep, I, for one, can identify with the struggling to get it all under control. The best advice I know is to do what you've just done - look it all over, acknowledge what's happened, and make a plan for tomorrow. It's so tempting to hide from your Diet Coaches/Buddies when you're off track; glad you're back. My own experience is that losing is much easier without the alcohol.

Houston2Command - Neat planning by preparing foods for two weeks in advance. Hope your hunger experiment went well yesterday.

Amber (AmberPr) - Yay for Hostas - especially for that part of the garden that doesn't get enough sun. We have a dozen varieties next to our house in the deep shade; they thrive enough to need splitting about every other year. Kudos for a bunch of credits.

Mikkijoe - 'corn fuel poisoning' is a new one for me. Thanks for the reminder that corn has lots of Potassium and Magnesium. Smart move to plan one ear per week.

Readers -
day 32
Prepare for Travel

How Not to Gain Too Much

These are some solutions dieters I've counseled use to help prevent gaining too much weight while they're away from home:

Exercise more. It will help counteract small amounts of overeating. You can either do formal exercise or take advantage of recreational activities that require a moderate to high expenditure of energy.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 224.
New Journey: 12 years and 6 months
In maintenance phase: 11 years
Following Dr. Judith Beck via 3FC's Beck Diet Solution Forum: 10 years and 6 months

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Default New here

Hi Folks,

I'm new to the Beck program and found you while looking for a diet coach online. I've been making my way through the pink book, in week 2 now, and have been making progress in some areas like recognizing sabotaging thoughts, but some things like eating slowly are harder for me.

I'm 58 yrs old, want to lose about 15 pounds. It's not a big number but I'm only 4'10" so it looks and feels like a lot! I've struggled with my weight all my life and kept it under control for many years with exercise. For the past 18 months I've had a hip problem and have had pain with almost all movement, sometimes bad and sometimes not so bad but always there. It was extremely depressing because I love exercise, movement and sports, and I moved less, ate more and gained weight.

Recently my hip has been improving, so now I need to get my eating and thinking in order

Credits for yesterday:
Stayed on plan
Planned exercise - yoga
Ate dinner more slowly
Walked 30 minutes after dinner

I've read some of this thread, will start trying to get to know y'all and post daily. Thanks in advance for your support!

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Good morning!!

Happy to report that yesterday was my 3rd entire day on plan!! Today I am away from home for 2 nights in hotels so major challenge, but I feel OK about that too.

I thought about my choice: either I work really hard at my new postition and eat away all the stress and find myself sad, worried and defeated OR I work really hard at my new postition but still make what I need to do the major priority (eat well, exercise). The key for me is planning and structure. So that's what I am concentrating on.

Credit yesterday for:

riding exercise bike 30 minutes
doing weights
eating on plan and healthy
planning the next 3 days in detail making room for exercise and healthy eating
packing up lunch for today
reading cards

Credit today for:

weighing in
eating a healthy breakfast
posting here.

Have a good day, will be checking back in on Thursday

Highest Weight: 304

One for every 5 pounds:
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Hi Beck folks - just 'running' by - I need to take my mom to the doctor, etc.

I think my family doctor is not talented, uncommunicative, never pro-active and an uncaring person - I think she's an idiot. I have thought all of these things at different times over the last couple of years - and my appointment with her reinforced these thoughts again. (I got 'put' with her when my dr. left the practice) I never say things like this lightly or easily at all, ever. I won't go into detail what transpired with her- but, after discussing it with 5 friends, they agreed (I asked them to judge the situation objectively). But, I did the pre-op stuff and am addressing things I need to do to get ready for the surgery.

I have been thinking of changing family doctors for a while now - this is it for me.

Yesterday was not a good food day. I must turn it around today! So far so good.

rbp - Welcome - I am 58 too! Dr. Beck's techniques are a wonderful way to learn to have a healthy and sane relationship with food. I am so glad you posted.

Have a good day, friends/coaches.

Move ticker, move!
Next Mini Goal - 214

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." - Margaret Thatcher

I can't lose 100 pounds....but, just maybe I can lose five pounds twenty times.

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Good morning friends/coaches!

The maybe treat didn't come, lol. The store didn't have the gluten-free Bisquick, so no baking. That worked out well, lol.

I'm still struggling/warring with myself on trying to make the points fit with my plan, but I'm getting closer to just forgetting them (the points, lol). I keep saying that, but eventually it will be true, lol, so bear with me, please, lol.

I didn't quite meet my exercise goal for yesterday; by the time I got home I had a terrible stomach ache, so played around on the computer for a while to see if it got better. By the time I WAS better, it was getting pretty late, so I just did 45 minutes on Walk It Out at an easy pace. Today's goal is to do the WW Punch DVD or Zumba...if I'm feeling great, I'll do Zumba, if I have some problems I'll do the WW Punch beginner workout and Walk it Out.

I forgot to wear my new pedometer yesterday, but it would have been a GREAT day to have one! It was VERY busy at work, and a lot of it required that I walk to a printer farther away from me, and I had to make SEVERAL trips, but alas I forgot to wear it. SIGH, lol. I've got it on today though, and it may be just as busy judging by the two people who left work for me for today.

gardenerjoy LOL on your dream! Credit for practicing Beck even in your dreams!

Houston2Command Major CREDITs for all your pre-planning! Great job! You said "mentally, it gets to me more than if it were to just happen"...gosh, isn't that the truth! It's such a battle sometimes, but it IS really mostly in our head, lol.

silverbirch Your day out sounds fun and great find on that chair!

Overlord I think we must all have compulsions of one sort or another...and, that's probably why we're all here! Smoking and dieting are two HUGE life changes, so don't feel bad about having to pick your battles. I can certainly identify with what you've been through although my compulsions are different than yours. You've really got a great plan though, so major credit to you!

wendylan Yay for having met one of your previous goals!

maryblu I think a lot of people across the country don't think the spill affects them, but in one way or another it affects all of us.

Mikkijoe Um, your corn sounds wonderful!

AmberPr Yay on decluttering your yard!

Nuxmaga Ouch on the donut! You reminded me I haven't done Zumba in a while...I'm going to try for that today!

FutureFitChick Glad you were able to get some sleep!

Lexxiss Um, cherries...one of my favorite fruits! I'm SOOO happy your pup is up and around!!! Great news!

seadwaters (Cheryl) Glad your first day back was good! Yuck on the knee replacement! You're reminded me that I have my cards on my iPhone...now I just need to remember to look at that, lol.

BillBlueEyes LOL on man-salad!

rbp (Randi) Hi! I'm 55 and my story is a little bit like yours. I had about 25 pounds to lose though, but struggled most of my life with it. Some health issues side-lined me from exercise for about 3 years, and I medicated with food, lol. The combo of no exercise and extra food did a number on my waistline! Glad your hip has been improving!

CeeJay YAY for 3 days on plan!!! Major credit! Very profound realization you came to!

Beverlyjoy Ug...doctors, lol. I've had to fire a couple but fortunately have now found a really great team! It took a while, but I've been very happy with them (and I've got a few, lol).

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I bought some more new clothes (on sale) that actually fit. Before long, I'll have enough to give away the majority of what's in my closet that's now two or three sizes too big!

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +35 865/1800 minutes for July, Food: 85%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Lexxiss: good job with the once-a-year dessert! Hope all goes well with your company.

FutureFitChick: So glad you were able to work out with a trainer and got some sleep!

Nuxmaga: Ouch for the donut! Hope you find a way to avoid the French bakery and that the CSA box is good compensation!

AmberPR: yay for all the reasons to cheer! Your grilled chicken dish sounds lovely!

Mikkijoe: thanks for the corn-on-the-cob info. Potassium is a big deal for me, too, so it's nice to know that summer treat is getting me some!

Houston2Command: Interesting to realize that old friends were relationships built around vices that no longer work for you. Yay for all your prepping and freezing and packaging!

maryblu: yeah, I hadn't thought of that connection between the Minnesota lakes and the Gulf. So glad your friend injured in the tornado is able to laugh and enjoy a long conversation with you.

wendylan: exercise works for me, too, not an addiction but a very worthy substitute if I can get myself to just start -- and the more I do it, the easier it gets!

Overlord: sounds like you have a great plan for getting back on track! I've found it helpful to prioritize my vices. I wish I didn't play so many computer games, but it's better than overeating, so I allow it for myself. I definitely understand the need to keep something physically-addicting like nicotine going for awhile as you get other parts of your life under control.

Silverbirch: yay for a good day and all of your credits!

seadwaters: so glad that your first day back to work went well in so many ways including food. Bummer about the knee, but putting it off for awhile sounds good for now.

BillBlueEyes: yay for finding many ways to use cucumbers!

rbp: welcome!

CeeJay: yay for another good on-plan day and for thinking out how work and health can go together for you!

Beverlyjoy: good job recognizing that your family doctor isn't working for you -- that is such a difficult thing. Yay for making a plan to get back on track!

new2me2: hope you like your new pedometer! Walk It Out should add lots of steps!
My goal story: Fifty and feeling fabulous!
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good morning! I was so excited for Day 1 that I woke up at 4 am. (diet dork). I wanted to do a workout dvd but I couldn't get the dang dvd player to work so I improvised with the punching bag and jump rope for as long as my lungs could handle it.

I know Beck is all about the 5 lb. increments but my mind is focused on 7-10. I keep thinking how awesome it is going to be when I am even 7 lbs less.

Gardenerjoy - congrats on the smaller clothes. feels good, I'm sure!
I have been trying a trick lately where I force myself to where clothes a little too snug and just a little uncomfortable (only on the weekends). It reminds me all day to be mindful of eating and I get to look forward to these clothes hanging loosely on me.

many credits to myself for getting to Day 15 - first diet day. I am thinking and eating like a thin person!
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Still waiting for my book, oh how that UPS man takes his time! I think they will come today though. Tonight I will lock myself in my room and READ, and Tuesday night is the only night I have things I like to watch on TV, but I have better things to do tonight!
Proud of myself for turning down treats lateley, and the one treat I have allowed myself (Lime Slushie from Sonic) I have gone to the small size. Also giving myself credit for eating lunch and breakfast, two things that I struggle with while at work, and it one of the key elements in my metabolism issues! I know what I know, but I dont do what I know I need to do!

Gardenjoy Its such a blessing to give clothing away! How exciting to be able to help someone else out. I am thankful you posted about Walking It Out, I was not aware there was a program like this and I am going to look for it.

new2me2 How exciting to see you ticker on the half way mark, that has to be a huge pat on the back for you

Beverlyjoy Praying for peace of mind and trust in the medical professionals while you have your surgery!

CeeJay 3rd day on plan --GREAT success! I like your attitude about taking on the challenge of being away from home

rbp Sorry to hear about your hip pain. my husb dealt in horrible hip pain for over 2 years, to the point of walking with a cane at the age of 54. He fell 3 months ago and ended up having a hip replacement because they discovered his hip was riddled with arthritis--just one side. But the reason I tell you this is a couple months before he fell he finally started to get some relief from the pain, because he quit all artificial sweetners--no lie. He used to drink 4-5 diet pepsi's a day, and the asparatame was a poisoning to him. It effected the way his brain received pain, once he got it out of his system his pain level went from a 7-8 out of 10, to a 4-5.....just thought I would share that, dont know if you use alot of artificial sweetners or not, but it is worth a try.

BillBlueEyes I wanted to thank you for you dedication and leadership to this post! I know you will be of great assistance and encouragment to me in this upcoming journey

Seadwaters Love your credit system, I might 'borrow' that idea

Debbie R Such good news about the pup, I am sure that takes a load of worry and stress off of you!

Great job on getting some sleep, it is very interesting to me to read articles about the huge benefits of getting 7-8 hours of sleep while trying to lose weight

Nuxmaga I am thinking about looking into CSA -- I dont know if they offer it in my area, I am in central Washington, where there is ton of produce

AmberPr Perfection is over rated--ever met someone who is perfect?

Wendylyn 20 pounds to go YEE HAW

Nicotine is so hard to kick, keep in mind it is a 2 part addiction. One is the drug itself, but the worst is the physical habit. The drug you can get out of you system in a week or so, but the physical habit takes alot longer. Its SO not easy!

Silverbird great credits, keep up the great momentum

Houston I too am excited to get started, love your comment about "going to the gym to face it" That IT is a huge scarey monster for me

Have a great day all!
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Default Tuesday

Dear friends and coaches

Some good achievements today. I am tired now.

Plan & log food: Y

Weigh: Y

Read ARCs: Y

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYY

Slow, mindful eating: PPNNY

Formal exercise: Y
20 mins yoga

Informal exercise: Y
About an hour walking round the shoreline & a small island.

Give credit: YYY
* flexible in adversity (needed to get to work, had to wait for freezer to get down to temp to reload after defrosting)
* did not develop full blown migraine working on annual accounts with the DB. (I cannot multi-task to save my life.)
* flexible enough just to set up a skype account for a business call tomorrow. (Yes, it's easy but I've never skyped** and see my multi-tasking point above.)

** Reminds me of the joke about Rudyard Kipling (who wrote the Just So stories, the Jungle Book and much more)
Q: Do you like Kipling?
A: I don't know, I've never kippled!

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y

Bill - we live in a little house. Go along the lane, up the track and then along the path. It's the one at the end, with fields on three sides and lavender in the front garden.

Beverleyjoy - your doctor must be a nitwit for you to be so forthright. You strike me as someone who gives the benefit of the doubt. Change doctors. You deserve the best, not someone you were just allocated.
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I did manage to continue to resist the doughnuts on Sunday. Thanks BillBE for the reminder that they are probably cooked in lard. I’ll remember that next time. I did have to leave the house to get a salad. I had already planned to have one and it worked out nicely as a distraction. I’ve been working that resistance muscle pretty hard for a few days. I’m still trying to figure out how to fuel all the miles I’m running.

I went for a run this AM with my Jen dog. I had a hard time getting out of bed and didn’t feel much like running. I did it anyways, so credit for that. As always, it feels good once I’m up and out. I read awhile back that when training for a marathon, you not only have to schedule time for the extra miles you’re running, you also need to schedule extra time for sleep. I thought that didn’t apply to me, but apparently it does. It turns out I’m human after all.

I made the front cover of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup. It’s a small circulation, but I’m pretty excited about it. I don’t think you can read the article from their web page, but you can see some pictures of me and my sheep: http://www.wylr.net/.

New2me2, sounds like the WW plan is working well for you. It’ll take some practice, but you’ll eventually figure out how to juggle the point system and the Beck plan. Yay for a day at work that keeps you active.

Beverlyjoy, I love your card about striving to live sanely with food. I may have to steal that one. Sorry about a new health problem cropping up and the stress eating that followed. And sorry about the frustrations with your Dr. Best of luck finding a new one. Great job putting the stress eating behind you and recommitting to your plan.

SilverBirch, I love your new posting plan. It’s great to see you here. Looks like you are earning lots of credits—especially walking for 3 hrs while your car is getting service!

Maryblu, LOL that you have passions not hobbies. I would say 8 hrs of garden not-work is more than a casual gardener. If you’ve finished working on yours, maybe you can come by here and help me get mine under control.

CeeJay, congrats on 3 days OP! I love the reminder that staying OP is a choice and the consequences of going off plan are too severe. Best of luck on 2 days in a hotel.

Nuxmaga, great idea to use knitting to avoid snacking while watching the World Cup. Ouch for the stop at the donut shop, but kudos for identifying the problem and for making a plan to avoid another possible pastry mishap.

Seadwaters, yay for a good 1 year check-up. Hugs for feeling vulnerable. It sounds like you have a great plan to keep up those water work-outs you have come to love. You’ll figure out how to fit in the weights as well. Finding a balance is life-long pursuit.

BillBE, yay for all those cucumbers! It’s such a great summer treat. I have not had much luck growing cucumbers—not sure my problem. I can grow winter squash like nobody’s business. I’m appreciating your daily Beck quotes on travel. We’re planning a trip soon and it’s a helpful reminder that I need to figure this stuff out before we leave.

Lexxiss, great job hanging in there while your life is busy. Kudos for identifying the problems that bring on unplanned eating and taking steps to avoid it in the future.

AnneWonders, glad you had a good vacation and returned home safely. Best of luck getting back to that routine.

Gardenerjoy, LOL at resisting candy in your dreams. Yay for Beck permeating your unconscious. Congrats on a closet full of clothes that don’t fit! Great job racking up all those exercise minutes. Your July goal is going to be a breeze!

Houston2Command, LOL at waking up at 4 because your so excited to start your diet. You’re like a kid at Christmas. I love the enthusiasm. Yay for “thinking and eating like a thin person!”

Overlord, I think you’re smart to recognize that you can’t tackle all these problems at once. These are all big changes and it can be a bit overwhelming to face them all that the same time. I once read a column that suggested making one change at a time and keeping it up for 2 weeks to a month before making the next change. It can be frustrating to go so slowly, but it’s better to ensure that each change will stick for the long haul.

Wendylan, congrats on being able to walk into a store and pick up “regular size” clothes! Thanks for the reminder to “suck it up. . .” It is true that we all have our challenges and we can either face them and deal with it or we can let them get the better of us.

Mikkijo, I had never hear of “corn fuel poisoning,” but it just goes to show you that too much of anything can be toxic. Distance runners are warned of “hypotremia” which is water toxicity. Thanks for the tip about the Mexican seasoning. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. It sounds great. Hope your book arrives soon!

AmberPr, great job doing all the planning for the week. It’s so much easier to stay on track when everything is well-planned (says the girl who is having a hard time planning). The longer you stick with your plan, the simpler it becomes. I have a number of meals that I know will work, I know what I need at the store and I can make them without thinking.

FutureFitChick, yay for getting sleep. It is interesting how much easier it is to eat well when I’m getting enough sleep. We live in a society that doesn’t properly value sleep and sees it as wasted time. Kudos for keeping up with your gym workouts.

Welcome rbp! Glad you’re here and I’m looking forward to getting to know you. You’re right that 15 lbs on a smaller person can be a lot. It’s a struggle no matter the number. Ouch for the hip pain. It’s frustrating to be sidelined when you’re used to being active.
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Shepherdess, wow very cool. Front cover star! You look great!
dump the doughnuts! You're better than them!

I am looking forward to tomorrow as much as today. And with no guilty acts today, I can't wait to step on that scale. (don't worry my expectations are reasonable).

I give myself credit for talking myself out of every sabotaging thought today. As excited as I am, I really did not expect a single one. But they are just looming around stinking up the place looking for a crevice to come out and get me. Today my resistance muscle said NO.

wrote down every bite - credit!

now, i just need me and my daughter to be done with these chest colds!!!

a manana, becksters
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Hi All,
I drove right past the French bakery--yay! I need to plan ahead in the future--I would've much rather had the French pastry than the doughnut I had yesterday. Went to the gym to walk, credit. Tracked food, credit, and stayed under calorie goal, credit. dh and I are in frugal mode with my job loss, and it's kind of scary to think of all the money that was going into snacking.

Shepherdess--what a cool front page story! Those coated sheep are just too cute. You look at ease.

Beverlyjoy--I'm sorry your family doctor is deficient in so many important human skills. I'm glad you are able to focus on what you need to get done to get your surgery. I worked with doctors at my job, and the variations in ability to relate as a human being were huge.
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Height: 5'6"

Default Checking in: July 13th

Hello everyone!

Good news! We already filled the sales position that came open late last week. Funny how that happens. I'm feeling pretty blessed.

I haven't been staying completly on my written plan, but I have been staying within my calories, so I'm feeling pretty good. The scale hasn't been very reflective for the past week or so-- keeps jumping around from 205 to 208-- I'm pretty sure it's salt., but it's irritating!


Overlord: I cut down my alcohol consumption about 2 years ago. From 2-3 bottles a week, to maybe a couple glasses a month. I know that contributed to my first 40 pound loss. I felt better, walked more, wasn't consuming all those extra calories--- I don't even really miss it too much.

Seadwaters: So glad things went well at your check up!

Rbp: Hi Randi! Glad you are here!

CeeJay: Wow! 3 days! That is so awesome.

Beverlyjoy: Congratulations for the clarity and conviction to change your doctor.

New2me2: I hate those cruddy days, but you get major credit for pushing through it and doing your exercise!

Gardenerjoy: I love new clothes. I just got rid of my last size, after having kept that off for a few years. It's really hard to get rid of them because 1) I wonder if I'll need them again and 2) because I spent good $ on them and I hate to just "give" them away...and I'm too lazy to iron the up, take a picture and sell them on ebay.

Mikkijoe: Great job making the small changes! And your right, the only perfect person I know is the one I "think" I need to be. I'm so much better than I was, but it's funny how it pops back up again.

Silverbirch: Great list of credits

Shepherdess: That's so cool that you made the front page! (You look great BTW)

Houston: Sounds like you had an awesome day! Hope you feel better and that the scale is good to you.

Nuxmaga: Great job passing up the pastries!

• Plan my meals in advance : mostly
• Log calories : yep
• Check-in : yep
• Take my vitamins 2x a day: yep
• Read response and advantages cards : nope
• Weigh myself : yep:
• Eat sitting down : yep
• Exercise twice a day : yep
• Always have water/tea ready to drink: nope
• Give myself credit

Extra Credits:
  • Mixing Stevia in with my honey for breakfast and getting use to it.
  • Stayed out of both my husbands ice-cream and my daughters cookies.
  • Haven't felt like a need more after I have a snack. Was really surprised when I had a 100 calorie Yoplait choc/raspberry, enjoyed it and felt it was enough.
  • Chose a salad for lunch even when my date was ordering a chocolate shake.
  • Not giving up even when the scale wont budge.
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'Lo, Beckies,

I continue to be grateful for, but amazed by all of you who can do personals and never miss a person! Even our new Beckies can do it. The fact that BillBE can do it doesn't surprise me; I just expect it (no pressure there!), but am very much in awe of all of my dear Beckies who do. It just seems like too much pressure for me, being sure I don't miss anyone. That said, I try to "cherry pick" the themes that really speak to me for the day.

Beverlyjoy, I just had a great experience today with my neurologist, who correctly diagnosed my dizziness. It *is due to the fall 3 weeks ago when I sprained my ankle and focused on that. I am sure he is correct that I dislodged a bit of calcium one of the cilia in my inner ear canal; it is floating around and making me dizzy. We all deserve the correct diagnosis and treatment, not a best guess, and certainly not a best guess delivered with *attitude. The good news is, it can be treated with physical therapy, not a drug. We also went over the lab results of my physical. He was laughing, shaking his head, saying, " I wish these were my numbers". Triglycerides 46..Cholesterol..good to bad ratio 2 to 1..that is unheard of...I will share with my Beckies what I told him; it is the fish oil supplements. My cholesterol was troublesome until 10 yrs. ago when I started fish oil supplements. I take 2000 mg. daily, but do alotta salmon and tuna and fresh caught fish as well.

Ceejay, sista, glad you are consoled with 2(!) nights of Neil Young. I am getting my solace for the S and G cancellation by getting to see Duke Robillard late in July. I have followed his website, and he is such an east coast boy..this is the farthest west I have ever known him to be..and only 60 miles from me: I am *so THERE!!!!

Shepherdess,thanks for sharing this part of your extraordinary life with us! Way cool.

Houston2command..way cool for annihilating every sabataging thought..you are so in the zone!

To all my dear Beckies. last night was one of *those Minnesoda lakes summer nights..I woke up at 2:30 and had to shut off my satellite blues channel to listen to the loons ..they were just irrationally exuberant...not sure what it all means, but it was as if they were trying to tell me they would be alright. *sigh, I hope that is true, and that it is all going to be alright for all the wildlife (including humans)
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